100 Glute Bridges A Day: What Results Can You Get?

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Glute bridges done in the right ways can offer valuable benefits. Find out whether doing 100 of them every day can get you the results you want.

The first thing to note is that the main results you get from doing glute bridges will be muscle-related since they are a resistance training exercise.

With that in mind, workouts with 100 glute bridges could be challenging enough for glute, hamstring, and lower back muscle growth.

This will generally be the case if you can barely complete the 100 repetitions in between somewhere around 2 sets of 50 glute bridges and 6 sets of 17 glute bridges.

That being said, for many people, doing 100 bodyweight glute bridges is too easy for growth and strength and only offers muscle endurance improvements. If/when this is the case, you want to increase the resistance with weights.

One important thing to note is that you likely don’t want to do these workouts every single day. It is generally a good idea to let the muscles you worked, especially the big ones, rest for at least a day extra.

Lastly, doing 100 glute bridges a day could also make daily activities easier thanks to the extra muscle endurance, burn a few extra calories, and offer more general exercise benefits like improved mood and sleep to a tiny extent.

You could grow and strengthen your muscles

In theory, you could do them for other purposes too but the main results of glute bridges will typically be related to the muscles you work since this is a resistance training exercise.

More specifically, many people are interested in the glute, hamstrings, and lower back muscle growth and strength progress glute bridges can offer.

To achieve these goals, the exercise you do has to pressure your muscles enough, you have to do enough repetitions, you have to consume enough nutrients, and you have to rest enough.

What is enough depends on things like your current strength level and individual body but there are some general guidelines to find out whether 100 glute bridges a day will be enough or too much.

Is 100 glute bridges challenging enough?

The first two muscle-building conditions are pressuring your muscles enough and doing enough repetitions.

If you can barely complete the 100 bodyweight glute bridges in between somewhere around 2 sets of 50 repetitions and 6 sets of 17 repetitions, a workout like this could help you grow and strengthen your muscles if you really push yourself to muscle failure.

When you are able to do more than 50 glute bridges in a row, the exercise will start to become more of a muscle endurance exercise.

Even before that, glute bridges with weights where you hold resistance against your hips or one-legged glute bridges are often a good idea.

This makes the movement more challenging and in turn, offers more muscle growth and strength progress potential. Especially for strong muscles like your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back muscles, this is important.

So a workout with 100 bodyweight glute bridges could temporarily be challenging enough for muscle growth and strength progress for you.

However, fewer repetitions of weighted or one-legged glute bridges will generally be more convenient, comfortable, and effective. Especially considering the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back muscles are so strong.

Is it too much?

First of all, if you can’t complete 6 sets of 17 glute bridges with 3 minutes of rest in between each set, this number of repetitions is likely too much for you right now.

Luckily, you can also see results from these workouts with fewer repetitions if that is the case. Another option is starting with other glute exercises.

Another reason 100 glute bridges a day could be too challenging is the every single day part.

During resistance training exercises like bridges, you damage the muscles you work. This sounds bad but starts a variety of internal processes that can grow and strengthen the muscles.

Even so, your body still needs time to go through these processes. Especially when the muscle groups you worked are big as is the case for the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back muscles you work with glute bridges.

In simpler words, you may need to implement rest days in between your workouts with 100 glute bridges to let your body repair and grow the muscles you worked. This could actually improve your results.

Don’t forget non-exercise habits

Lastly, to repair, grow, and strengthen your muscles, your body needs building blocks aka nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals.

If you are implementing the repetition ranges above, pushing yourself hard enough, resting enough, sleeping well, and you are not seeing improvements in the amounts of glute bridges you can do, you likely need to take a look at the things you eat.

You will burn a few extra calories

The explanations about when and to what extent 100 glute bridges can help grow and strengthen muscles were somewhat longer because these things are the main benefits of the exercise.

At the same time, by moving your body more intensely than usual, you will use up more energy aka burn more calories.

One thing you do want to keep in mind is that this will generally not be that much. If you do 20 glute bridges per minute, 100 repetitions will only be 5 minutes of actual exercise.

You do get a bit of calorie burning from the extra glute, hamstring, and lower back muscle mass you build but this is hard to put into specific numbers.

On the flip side, your workouts are not the only things that will influence what your before and after weight loss pictures will look like. You can even lose weight without exercising.

So if you are not seeing weight loss results while doing 100 glute bridges a day, you either need to make your exercise routine more intense or look at other lifestyle areas like nutrition.

Other exercises and activities may become easier

Even if your repetition ranges and resistance are aimed toward muscle growth and strength, glute bridges will likely also improve muscle endurance in your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back to some extent.

When 100 glute bridges because somewhat easier for you, this will definitely be the case.

Muscle endurance in these areas can come in handy when doing things like walking, standing up, and climbing stairs for an extended period of time.

One thing to note is that implementing habits that improve oblique and ab muscle endurance on top of the glute bridges can also be helpful for situations like this.

More general exercise benefits to a tiny extent

The first thing to emphasize about these last results is that they will only take place to a tiny extent.

As mentioned before, doing 100 glute bridges is only 5 minutes of exercise. Doing this every day is a good start but if the effects below sound good to you, you likely want to make your workouts longer and more challenging.

With that in mind, by moving more instead of sitting still, you get some standard exercise benefits like better mood, better sleep, and better cognitive function to at least a tiny (but potentially not noticeable) extent.

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