200 Jump Ropes A Day: Calories Burned & Is It Good?

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Implementing 200 jump ropes a day can help you with things like burning a few calories. Find out if it is enough to reach your fitness goals.

The first thing to note is that this is a very short exercise routine. Doing 200 jump ropes at a moderate pace will only take around 2.5 minutes to complete.

With that in mind, some rough estimations are that people with body weights ranging from 125 pounds (56 kg) to 215 pounds (97 kg) will burn around 25 to 42 calories while doing 200 jump ropes at a moderate pace.

This is not that much and you will definitely need more exercise or good habits in other lifestyle areas to lose a significant amount of weight.

That aside, 200 jump ropes a day can be a good starting point for people who are relatively new to exercise. Then over time, these people can consider increasing the intensity and duration of their workouts.

How many calories 200 jump ropes a day burn

Many people consider adding 200 jump ropes a day to their routine to burn more calories.

Even if a session like this only takes a few minutes, it does still increase how much energy your body uses by making your movements more intense.

As a first example, doing 200 jump ropes at a moderate pace burns around 31 calories for a 155-pound (70 kg) person.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a very rough estimation. In reality, the amount can look different for you due to differences in body weight, body composition, exact intensity, etc.

In the table below, you can find more rough estimations for a slow pace (about 40 skips per minute), a moderate pace (about 80 skips per minute), and a fast pace (about 120 skips per minute) for different body weights.

Jumping Rope Speed
Weight Person
Slow PaceModerate PaceFast Pace
125 Pounds (56 kg)39 calories25 calories20 calories
155 Pounds (70 kg)49 calories31 calories24 calories
185 Pounds (83 kg)58 calories36 calories29 calories
215 Pounds (97 kg)68 calories42 calories34 calories
Calories burned 200 jump ropes different intensities

Is 200 jump ropes good for weight loss?

Burning more calories can be useful but your goal with this is likely losing weight and more specifically body fat too. Adding more jump ropes to your routine may not be enough to do this.

To lose weight you have to make it so your body requires more energy (calories) than is coming in from food. At this point, it turns to energy stores like body fat to get the remaining needs.

However, that still means that no matter what exercise routine you do, other lifestyle habits like nutrition will still ultimately decide whether or not and to what extent you lose weight.

That being said, let’s say you have a routine where you stay at the same weight and decide to add 200 jump ropes a day.

With the knowledge that one pound of body fat (0.45 kg) is around 3500 calories, you can start to calculate how many days it will take to burn this amount and/or what amount of extra jump ropes you have to do.

You will notice that if you only want to stick to the 200 skips a day, it will take a long time to lose a lot of weight. Additionally, as you lose weight, the same exercise routine will burn fewer calories.

In short, 200 jump ropes can help you lose some weight in combination with the right habits in other areas. However, to see a lot of results from exercise, you likely want to implement more intense workouts.

Are there other benefits?

So this routine burns a few extra calories but the effects are not that impressive. Find out a few other reasons why you could consider (starting with) this routine anyway.

It can help you make exercise a habit

Doing 200 jump ropes a day is not the most impressive workout routine. It only takes around 2.5 minutes for most people.

In terms of pure health benefits, this duration is a downside. However, for people who are new to exercising, this could be a good routine to start building a workout habit.

Trying to go from 0 exercise to a workout of 30 minutes every day can be too overwhelming. If you don’t do the workout it does not give you any benefits.

Instead, you can start with 200 repetitions and only a few minutes. If that goes well, you can move up to 300 jump ropes a day. And so on.

General benefits of jumping rope to a tiny extent

Doing 200 jump ropes is not the most impressive workout but doing it can still offer some typical benefits of jumping rope to a tiny extent. Some of these include:

  • Better coordination
  • Mood improvements
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Bone density improvements
  • Better sleep

To really get these effects in large amounts, you generally want to increase the duration and intensity of your jump rope workouts (up to a point).

However, even in the beginning stages of your healthier lifestyle, you can see positive results.

Is 200 jump ropes a day good?

Doing 200 jump ropes a day can be good to create an exercise habit for beginners. However, to really get cardio and more general health benefits, it is definitely not the best routine.

The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion has general exercise guidelines for adults (1).

In terms of cardiovascular exercise, they recommend at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity a week. Preferably spread throughout the week.

The few extra minutes a day you spend doing 200 jump ropes will not even come close to these guidelines.

Additionally, even if you just have a goal like improving VO2 max (lung capacity), a short exercise routine like this will typically not be optimal.

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