4 Habits For Permanent Weight Loss

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Some people are able to get the weight off temporarily but soon they regain it. Use these 4 habits for permanent weight loss to avoid this.

It’s time to say bye to yo-yo dieting and change your body forever. This means getting in the shape you want to be in and staying there.

For some people this sounds like dream but these 4 habits will help you make your dreams reality.

1. Don’t deny yourself the foods you love

This is probably not the first tip you were expecting but it can be extremely helpful.

To reach your weight loss goals it might be helpful to temporarily remove some foods out of your diet. The thing is some people have trouble permanently removing certain foods out of their life.

Psychologically it can make a difference too. Saying you will never have a food again is different from saying you won’t have it for a while. And it becomes even easier to say no to it if you make a deal with yourself to have it at planned times in a planned quantity.

Let’s say you really love pizza and you decide you’re never eating it again. Now, chances are you will think about pizza sooner or later. When you do it will probably be a real struggle to get it out of your head. But when you know you will have a piece of pizza this saturday, that craving for pizza disappears a lot faster.

So the message is, you can have your favorite foods but try to plan it in at certain moments and time in a way that makes it still able to lose weight.

Ice Cream With Blueberries as habit for permanent weight loss

2. Fast regularly

You might have heard that you need to have breakfast or that you need to have 8 meals a day to lose weight. The problem is that more and more research is finding out that this isn’t the case.

It’s quite the opposite.

Eating less often and maybe even fasting will help you more with losing weight.

Fasting does not only help you reduce the amount of calories you are eating each day.

It’s also one of the best ways to drop insulin levels, which helps with losing more fat. You won’t slow your metabolism down, you won’t lose a lot of muscle mass and you won’t starve if you simply don’t eat for a period of time.

But you will have more time to do other things you will also be able to have fuller, more enjoyable meals when you actually do eat and you’re going to enjoy your fat loss journey a whole lot more.

3. Practice lowering sugar consumption

You might have expected this one but it’s not only because it helps you reduce the amount of calories in your diet.

Sugar is also highly addicting. The more you eat it, the more you start craving it.

The human body is wired to seek out high calorie foods. Because of this refined sugar lights up reward centers in your brain in a way that you just can’t match with real food and water.

Due to this, your brain and your body literally get hooked on the sugar.

On top of that sugar spikes your insulin levels, ultimately increasing your fat storage while blocking fat loss while adding a lot of calories to your diet.

The less sugar you’ll have, the less sugar you’ll crave and the more you will begin to reset your taste buds to enjoy natural real food sources.

lowering sugar consumption as healthy habit

4. Stick to single ingredient foods

Single ingredient foods are extremely important for your health. Micronutrients and calories in their natural forms are great for your long term health.

It’s pretty simple. If it looks like it is made in a factory you probably should avoid it.

And if what you are buying has a label, make sure that there is preferably just 1 ingredient in it or a combination of whole foods like for example and pre-prepared salad (without dressing).

Your body has evolved to digest real food. It has built in mechanisms to help you avoid overeating. The thing is when you do and eat too much unnatural things, these mechanisms stop working as well.

These 4 habits for permanent weight loss will help you make a positive difference in your life if you follow them.

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