5000 Jump Ropes A Day: What Results Can You Get?

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Implementing more exercise can offer valuable benefits. Find out what types of results you can get from doing 5000 jump ropes a day.

Before going into the more positive effects, you need to keep in mind that doing 5000 jump ropes (around 62.5 minutes) can be relatively challenging for your body.

If this is too much and leads to overtraining, you want to start with lighter jump rope workouts and potentially other exercises.

That aside, one of the benefits of jumping rope more often and longer is burning calories. A 185-pound (83 kg) person will burn around 911 calories while doing 5000 jump ropes at a moderate pace.

Besides that, you can also expect improvements in cardiovascular health, sleep, mood, coordination, bone density, etc.

Something to note is that it is generally smart to implement weight lifting workouts too. Doing 5000 jump rope skips on days with these workouts may be overdoing it.

Results of 5000 jump ropes a day

Doing 5000 jump ropes does not only sound challenging. An exercise routine like this can potentially offer a variety of health benefits to a large extent.

One thing you do want to keep in mind is that this many jump ropes can be challenging for your body. Make sure you are not overtraining since this leads to negative effects.

Smaller amounts of jump ropes may be better for your situation.

That being said, here are a few of the most important benefits of doing 5000 skips a day if your body can deal with an exercise routine like this.

Calories burned with 5000 jump ropes a day

Many people know that jumping rope can be helpful for burning calories but it can be interesting and motivating to see more precise estimations.

As a first example, a 155-pound (70 kg) person will burn around 763 calories when doing 5000 jump ropes at a moderate pace.

You can find more estimations for different body weights and jump rope speeds in the table below.

One important thing to note is that numbers like this are very rough predictions.

In reality, the number of calories you personally burn with 5000 jump ropes can vary because of differences in body composition, hormone levels, exact intensity, etc.

Additionally, whether these are enough skips to lose weight also depends on other lifestyle areas like your diet.

Jumping Rope Speed
Weight Person
Slow PaceModerate PaceFast Pace
125 Pounds (56 kg)984 calories615 calories492 calories
155 Pounds (70 kg)1221 calories763 calories610 calories
185 Pounds (83 kg)1457 calories911 calories728 calories
215 Pounds (97 kg)1693 calories1058 calories847 calories
Calories burned 5000 jump ropes different intensities

Your cardiovascular health will likely improve

While you do use your muscles to a nice extent, jumping rope is still mainly a cardiovascular workout. That means this activity will mainly challenge your cardiovascular system which includes your heart, lungs, and blood vessels.

These body parts are responsible for extracting oxygen from the air and moving it, nutrients, and waste products to the right places.

Because you move more intensely than usual while jumping rope, these processes will also have to happen to a larger extent. In turn, your cardiovascular system has to work harder.

By challenging your cardiovascular system enough (but not too much) you can strengthen it. This tends to be helpful for reducing the risk of a variety of related conditions (1, 2, 3).

Even if you don’t do them in HIIT-style workouts, the 5000 jump ropes (about 62.5 minutes of exercise) will likely be enough to improve your cardiovascular health.

You may sleep better

You likely know that sleep quality and duration have a big impact on your mood, productivity, and general health. However, not everyone is aware that you can influence your sleep with your daily habits.

More specifically, implementing a good workout routine can positively influence sleep quality and duration (4, 5, 6).

One thing you do want to keep in mind is that overtraining can also lead to the opposite.

If you are sleeping worse after implementing 5000 jump ropes a day, this may be a sign you need a workout routine that is less challenging.

Your coordination will likely get better

When you’re first starting out, even something smaller like 200 jump rope skips a day will likely not be possible without hitting the rope.

However, your arm and leg coordination are fitness components that can be trained and improved.

By working up to 5000 jump ropes a day and sticking to it, your arm and leg coordination will likely get better.

This is not just helpful during jump rope challenges like this. These skills can also help you avoid misstepping, bumping into things, and all the negative consequences of these things.

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