6 Weight Loss Hacks Everyone Should Know

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Losing weight is not always easy. Luckily there are weight loss hacks that can make your journey a lot easier without too much effort.

These hacks have nothing to do with any weight loss supplement or magic fruits. They are simple adaptations you can make to your day. They probably won’t do everything necessary to hit your goals but if you do them consistently on top of your normal routine they will certainly make an impact.

1. Shorten your time window of eating

Your time window of eating is the amount of time between your first bite of food of the day and your last.

For some people this is literally from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep. The human body is not made to consume food that long.

Shortening this time period can help you with improving insulin sensivity and you will probably automatically consume less calories throughout the day.

Some people think they will get too hungry to do this. It’s true that you will probably feel a bit hungry in the beginning but after a short transition period you will be surprised that you ever did it different.

2. Eat something before you go shopping

When you get hungry your body gives all kinds of hunger signals to your brain. This can make the calorie-seeking part of the brain take over at the wrong moment.

It’s a lot easier to resist eating and buying unhealthy foods high in calories if you don’t feel hungry. And if you don’t buy these unhealthy foods, you can’t eat them.

unhealthy foods in the supermarket

3. Have a specific goal in mind

Take a moment and write down what you actually want in terms of weight loss. “Getting less fat” usually doesn’t bring you far.

When you actually sit down and write your goals down, not only becomes the result reality, it also gives you a number to works toward.

From then on you can look at what smaller steps it will take to achieve that goal. When you approach a big goal divided in smaller chunks the big goal feels and is more achievable.

The more specific you get with your goal the better. Some ideas are what date will I achieve my goal, how much kg will I weigh, what will my fat % be, how much will I be able to run,..

4. Don’t eat out of bordedom.

Way too many people eat and drink things just out of bordedom or out of habit. Swap in that coke for a water during your meal, instead of eating something as a brake talk to a friend, just watch the tv without food.

If you want some extra taste you can always opt for something healthy like for example lemon water and as a snack some munch-friendly vegetabels like for example grape tomatoes.

5. Move more during the day

Nobody has become slim by taking the stairs once. But when you take the stairs instead of the elevator every time these small extra efforts start to add up.

Consistently making the right choice in situations like this will increase the amount of calories you burn every day. Using a movement tracker might motivate you more to keep up this extra movement.

moving more throughout the day as weight loss hack

6. Make the healthy option the path of least resistance

This last weight loss hack might sound like a big and official but thing the concept is really simple.

Make the better option the easiest to do.

Store your healthy things where you can easily grab them and store away your unhealthy things as far away as possible. You can go even further with this.

If you don’t buy unhealthy things you will have to go all the way to the store to get them before you eat them. Who has time for that?

Also when you plan to exercise, don’t make it so you have to spend half an hour gathering your exercising clothes, finding the right shoes,… Make sure everything you will need is within immediate reach of you so you are all out of reasons not to go exercising.

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