6 Top Benefits Of Air Rowing Machines

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All rowing machines help you stay active and healthy but they come in different types. Find out the benefits of choosing air rowing machines.

Air rowing machines work in a way where you make a fan turn with your rowing motion.

This air resistance leads to a few relatively unique effects and more general ones that do deserve a mention because they are so important.

1. You may like the feeling

While there are also more tangible benefits, a lot of people choose air rowing machines because they like the feeling of them.

This ranges from the breeze you get from the air fan to the feeling of pulling the drive connected to the fan.

Enjoying the feeling of your workout is not only something nice to have.

If you really don’t like using magnetic rowers but do like to use air rowing machines, this second option could help you skip a workout just a bit less often.

Since consistency is needed to get other health benefits, it may be worth going for this type of rowing machine.

If you have never used a rowing machine with air resistance you could take a trip to a local gym that has one of these.

2. Works lower and upper body muscles

For most people, (air) rowing sessions will be a cardiovascular workout. That being said, you will still work a variety of lower and upper body muscles.

You should not expect too much, if any, actual muscle growth but working muscles can still slow down degradation, improve muscle endurance, and make the muscles healthier.

An air rower mainly works some of the following muscles:

  • Latissimus dorsi (middle/upper back)
  • Trapezius (upper back)
  • Variety of scapular muscles (upper back)
  • Biceps
  • Quadriceps (front thighs)
  • Glutes (butt)
  • Calves

To work these muscles to a larger extent with an air rowing machine, you can focus on really increasing how fast you row.

Some air rowing machines also have some way to adjust the amount of air going through the fan to make the workout more challenging.

That being said, even if you do this, you likely want to turn to weight lifting exercises if you are serious about growing and strengthening the muscles above.

3. Does not require electricity

The next benefit is definitely not completely unique to air rowing machines but there are magnetic rowing machines that require an outlet to work.

This limits the number of locations you can put the machine in and involves more steps if you want to move the machine.

On the flip side, air rowers do not require electricity for their most essential functions since the resistance just comes from a fan turning against air.

One small thing you do want to keep in mind is that the monitors of air rowing machines generally still require electricity in the form of batteries.

4. Has resistance adjustment built-in

While they are the exceptions, an interesting fact is that some air rowers do not come with an option to switch between different resistance levels.

However, due to their air resistance mechanism, there is still a way to adjust the challenge of your workout.

More precisely, the harder you row, the harder the pulls will become.

So just because an air rower only has fewer resistance levels on paper than other rowing machines does not mean you will not be able to train at a variety of challenge levels.

This built-in resistance adjustment is also a reason for the unique feel of air rowing machines.

5. Can help you lose weight

It is possible to overdo it but many people would benefit in terms of health by losing weight. More specifically, losing excess body fat which can cause negative effects.

One popular way to try to lose weight is doing workouts like air rower sessions. By moving your body more intensely, you use up more energy measured in calories.

A rough estimation is that a 155-pound individual will burn around 256 calories during 30 minutes of moderate-intensity air rowing.

Something important to note is that the actual rowing stats for your situation can vary. This is due to differences in body weight, hormone levels, body composition, exact speed, resistance, etc.

That being said, the numbers above do show that the air rower is a good form of exercise, can help you lose weight, and offers a variety of other rowing benefits.

At the same time, you do want to keep in mind that it is not always possible to get in shape by just rowing. Other lifestyle areas like nutrition still play a big role in weight loss.

6. You may like the sound

Something important to note first is that many people consider the sound air rowers make to be a downside. These rowing machines tend to be noisier than the other resistance options.

At the same time, there are some individuals who actually have a personal preference for the relatively unique sound (although not necessarily the volume).

In the video below, compare the sound and volume of an air rower with water rowing machines which many people like for their sound.

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