Airex Balance Beam Mini Pad Review

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Airex is a popular brand of fitness products. Among their products, there is the Balance Beam Mini Pad. Check out the review on this option.

Some of the products Airex offers include balance pads, yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga shoulder straps, and the Balance Beam Mini Pad.

You can describe this product as a balance pad in trapezoid form. At first, it can be hard to imagine this is something useful but in certain situations, the Airex Balance Beam Mini Pad can definitely be a good purchase.

Airex Balance Beam Mini review in short

Matt holding the Airex Balance Beam Mini Pad

The Airex Balance Beam Mini is a great type of balance pad to get into balance and coordination training or to maintain balance for elderly individuals.

Additionally, this piece of equipment can be used for rehabilitation exercises.

If you already/still walk around a good amount and do tasks that challenge balance and coordination somewhat, something like Bosu Balls or balance boards are likely more effective balance equipment.

Airex does come at an above-average price but the sturdiness and brand trust can definitely make that worth it.


  • Airex brand name
  • Water and dirt resistant
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Great option for rehabilitation
  • Good option to build up low levels of balance and coordination


  • A bit pricier than other brands
  • The mini beam used in this review can be a bit short for certain exercises
  • If you are more intermediate when it comes to balance this pad will not be that challenging

I used the mini-beam for this review since this is the equipment I have available. At the time of writing, the big online retailers mainly offer regular pads or the long beam. That is why I link to the long Airex Balance Beam throughout the article. This is similar but longer.

What is the Airex Balance Beam used for?

The Airex Balance Beam (and the mini-version) can be described as a balance pad with a trapezoid shape.

Compared to a regular balance pad this makes the beam more challenging when it comes to balance and coordination. This is because you have a smaller surface to walk on.

The main ways to use the Airex Balance Beam are for rehabilitation for regaining walking functions and restoring or maintaining balance and coordination at a relatively easy level.

To make the balance exercise more challenging you can put the Airex Balance Beam on its short side. This can lead to more progress faster but make sure you try this out in a safe way with backup support if needed.

I am personally a 23-year old who does workouts like running, lifting weights, and soccer. This means my balance and coordination are relatively good already.

When I use an Airex Balance Beam it does feel slightly more challenging than the same movements on the ground. However, simple movements like walking or standing with two feet on the pad feel a bit easy to me, even with the narrower part on the ground.

The balance beam does definitely feel softer on body parts like my ankles and feet compared to walking on a regular floor.

You do feel a difference so I can imagine that people who recently had an injury or elderly individuals can benefit from using this piece of balance equipment.

Using the Airex Balance Beam Mini with two feet
Using the Airex Balance Beam Mini on one foot

How long does the Airex Balance Beam Mini Pad last?

The Airex Balance Beam Mini from this review is about 2 years old. It is not used that often in the rehabilitation area it is currently in due to the lack of people who would benefit from it the most.

So in terms of personal experience, I cannot say much about how long the Airex Balance Beam Mini Pad will last and how much usage it can take.

However, user reviews do seem to suggest that Airex products similar to this one last a long time without losing their quality too much.

Showing the Airex Balance Beam Mini Pad in detail

Airex Balance Beam Mini Pad vs alternatives

Airex is not the only brand on the market with foam balance beams or pads. There are a variety of alternatives when it comes to these products.

Unfortunately, I currently have no access to other foam beams. The other brands of foam beams on popular online retailer sites also barely have any reviews.

When it comes to regular pads, off-brand alternatives often have overall positive reviews too similar to the Airex Balance Pads.

Buying from a well-known brand like Airex does give a certain quality guarantee and secure feeling that you will get a good product, and if not, that the support service will resolve your issue.

You can save a good amount of money by going off-brand with a balance beam. However, with the small number of reviews on similar foam balance beams of other brands, getting the Airex Balance Beam can put your mind at ease.

The many positive user reviews do make you think that you can get at least a good half-ball balance trainer from other brands, at a price that is in some cases less than 50% of the price of the Bosu Pro.

Is the Airex Balance Beam worth it?

An Airex Balance Beam can definitely be a worthwhile investment if you or your client plan to do a lot of rehabilitation or balance and coordination training at a low level.

For many types of fitness products going off-brand can be a good option at a lower price. In the case of foam balance beams, these other brands have a relatively low number of reviews and not the same secure feeling as buying from a brand like Airex.

For balance pads specifically, users are often happy with the balance pads they get, even if it is from a cheaper brand.

So for a balance beam, sticking to the Airex option may be smarter. For balance pads, you can consider other less expensive brands too.

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