Average Axle Bar Weight Of 16 Models

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Axle bars, also known as strongman fat bars, are often harder to use than barbells due to their thicker diameter. Most brands compensate for this by making the starting weight of axle bars lower.

This article includes 16 axle bar models. The average weight of these is 27.63 pounds (12.53 kg). Additionally, their median weight is 25 pounds (11.34 kg).

Most strongman axle barbells will weigh somewhere between 20 and 30 pounds (9.07 – 13.61 kg) without weight plates.

That being said, there are a decent number of models that are outside of this standard range.

You can find a list of the 16 axle bars, their weights, and their weight limits below. Additionally, you can discover what the heaviest and lightest axle bars available are.

How much do axle bars weigh?

While they have similar distinctive details, axle bars can still vary in weight due to differences in materials and sizes. You can see just how much by taking a look at the table below.

The first option that stands out is the Fringe Sport Axle “Fat” Bar. This is the heaviest axle bar on the list with a weight of 44 pounds (19.95 kg), about the same as a standard barbell.

On the other hand, there is the Titan Fitness 60″ Axle Barbell with the lowest weight at 17 pounds (7.71 kg).

Besides that, the average weight of the axle bars on this list is 27.63 pounds (12.53 kg) and the median weight is 25 pounds (11.34 kg).

Knowing the weight of the model you are using tends to be helpful for getting the benefits of axle bars to the largest extent possible.

If you can’t find your model on the list, it can be helpful to ask the owner about this detail. This makes it easier to use the ideal weight in your axle bar deadlifts and other exercises.

Brand ModelWeight in LbsWeight in KgCapacity in LbsCapacity in Kg
Titan Fitness 84″ Axle Barbell2410.88660299.32
Titan Fitness 60″ Axle Barbell177.71880399.09
Titan Fitness Round Grip String Bar4319.50nn
Rogue Stubby Axle209.07nn
Rogue Branch Fat Bar3917.69550249.43
Gorilla Strength Bubba
Rackable Axle Bar
Power Systems Fat Bar3515.87nn
Valor Fitness Fat Axle Bar2511.34500226.76
The Rogue Axle2511.34650294.78
Fringe Sport Axle “Fat” Bar4419.951000453.51
Fringe Sport Short Axle Bar209.071000453.51
Edge Fitness Systems Fat Bar (Axle)209.07nn
American Barbell Axel Bar209.07nn
Black Widow Training Gear
Knurled Axle
Vulcan Strength Axle Bar3616.33nn
Vulcan Strength Shorty Axle Bar2410.88nn
Table with axle bar weights and weight capacities (lbs and kg)
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