The Best Concept2 Rowers For First-Rate Workouts

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Concept2 rowers are some of the best options when it comes to rowing machines. There are different models that could be better for certain individuals.

Rowing can be a great workout that offers many health benefits. Choosing the right machine can make your workouts both more convenient and more effective.

Best Concept2 rower picks

Concept2 offers two different rowers so this list of the best models is relatively short. Some people find the Concept2 rowers too expensive. For these individuals, there is also an off-brand model to consider.

Depending on things like your personal situation, training habits, budget, personal preferences, etc. some of these concept2 rowers can be better than others.

How we selected our top picks

Our fitness experts spent a lot of time looking at and comparing all the different important factors of the best Concept2 rowers. Some of the things that were taken into consideration when making our selection include:

  • Material, weight capacity, stability, etc.
  • User reviews
  • Anecdotal reviews from fitness experts
  • Price
  • Brand trustability

If a pick seems interesting click it to see the online prices.

3 Best Concept2 rowers reviewed in depth

The top picks list can be helpful to make a quick decision. It can also be worth it to look at these models and all of their differences more in depth. This way, you can find the best concept2 rower for your personal situation and preferences even easier.

1. Concept 2 Model D

When looking for the best rowing machines on the market, you have likely stumbled upon the Concept2 rowers. This is for a good reason, rowers like the Concept2 Model D are well-known for their high quality.

Concept2 has two models of rowers, the Model D and the Model E. This Model D is the cheaper one of the two which makes it the best value for its money in combination with the great features it still offers.

Especially in an at-home situation where the rower does not have to work 12 hours a day like in a commercial setting.


  • Budget-friendlier than the Model E
  • Slightly lighter than the Model E
  • Performance Monitor arm can be adjusted
  • ‎Limited 2-year and 5-year warranty included


  • Still requires a decent investment
  • Lower seat than the Model E
  • Requires slightly more maintenance than the Model E
  • Chain is partially housed

One of the most important differences between the Model D and the Model E is the height of the seat. In the model D this is positioned at a 14” (36 cm) height. In the model E the seat is placed 6″ (15.2 cm) higher at a height of 20” (51 cm).

For the right individuals, this can make a difference but for most people, the Model D is more than good enough. By choosing this model you can then save yourself a good amount of money.

Another result of the slightly lower seat is that the Concept2 Model D is made with less material. In turn, this model is 8 pounds (3.6 kg) lighter. Again, not the biggest difference but this makes the Model D easier to move around.

Besides that, both models have dimensions of 96″ L x 24″ W (244 cm L x 61 cm W) and can easily be disassembled for compact storage.

Another difference between these concept2 rowers is that the holder of the Performance Monitor in the Model D can be adjusted. Some people like to check their rowing statistics during their workouts.

If the standard arm height of the Model E does not fit the needs of these individuals, the model D can be a more convenient choice.

All of the Concept2 rowing machines can be great choices but the Model D offers just a little more value for the price for most individuals.

2. Concept2 Model E

One model generation later there is the Concept2 Model E rower. This one is slightly pricier but it could still be the best choice depending on the individual and setting.

First of all, the slightly higher seat can be a valuable addition for individuals with more limited mobility. Additionally, some people just prefer this higher seat.

For one workout this personal preference reason may not be worth the price difference. However, if you plan to use your Concept2 rower multiple times a week for many years, you may as well get the model that suits your needs best.

Another feature of the Concept2 Model E that could make the difference is the fully housed chain. This will generally protect the chain better from dust and grim than the partially housed chain of the Model D.

In a commercial setting where the Concept2 Rower will be used multiple hours a day, this small reduction in maintenance requirements could be worth it.


  • Higher seat than the Model D
  • Requires slightly less maintenance than the Model D
  • ‎Limited 2-year and 5-year warranty included
  • Chain is fully housed


  • Performance Monitor arm cannot be adjusted
  • Pricier than the Model D
  • Slightly heavier than the Model D

As mentioned before, the seat height difference between these Concept2 rowers is 6″ (15.2 cm). The Model E has the higher seat at a total height of 20” (51 cm).

This is not the biggest difference but for individuals with suboptimal mobility this can make a difference. To take place on this Concept2 rower you have to go less through your knees and bend forward less.

Another good reason for individuals who plan to use their Concept2 rower a lot is simply a preference for this higher seat.

Besides the difference in seat height, the Model E has the same 96″ L x 24″ W (244 cm L x 61 cm W) dimensions as the Model D.

Again, the air rower can easily be disassembled and rolled away for compact storage. The Model E is slightly heavier but most people won’t really notice the small difference.

One potential downside of the Model E is that the arm that holds the Performance Monitor is in a fixed position. If you like to check the numbers of your rowing performance but don’t like the standard height, this could be inconvenient.

In short, the Concept2 Model E is slightly pricier but it could still be the best rower for you depending on things like mobility, personal preference, at home vs commercial, budget, etc.

3. Murtisol Air

With the popularity of the previous rowers, there are plenty of brands that offer Concept2 rower alternatives.

Sometimes these brands make a variety of adjustments but in the case of this Murtisol Air, it is clear where the designers got their inspiration.

The main benefit of these off-brand alternatives like the Murtisol Air is the price difference with real Concept2 rowers. This will vary over time but at the time of writing this can save you a few hundreds of dollars.

As you can expect, the quality of machines like the Murtisol Air is not at the same level as the Concept2 rowers.

Many people are still very happy with their purchase but if the rower will be used a lot the Concept2 models will likely be the best choice if they are within your budget.


  • A lot more budget-friendly than real Concept2 rowers
  • Lighter weight of 30.5 pounds (13.84 kg)
  • Basically the same dimensions
  • Air resistance with steel chain


  • Not the same trustworthiness as the Concept2 brand
  • Lower weight limit of 330 pounds (150 kg)
  • Monitor has fewer details
  • Users find it less smooth
  • Will likely last a shorter amount of time

When it comes to dimensions, the Murtisol Air is very similar to the Concept2 rowers. Its length is 98.4″ (250 cm) and width is 24.4″ (62 cm). The seat height is 14.6″ (37.08 cm) so a tiny amount higher than the Model D.

Where the difference between a well-known brand as Concept2 starts to show up is the weight capacity of the Murtisol Air. This is 330 pounds (150 kg) and thus a lot lower than the 500-pound (227 kg) of the Concept2 models.

Add to that the lighter weight of this Concept2 alternative and it becomes clear that the materials used are not of the same quality and/or thickness.

Some users also mention that the chain system just does not feel as smooth as the Concept2 rowing machines. If you value the rowing statistics during your workouts you will be sad to learn that the Murtisol model is less detailed.

Additionally, Murtisol seems to have more shipping errors compared to Concept2.

All in all, the Murtisol Air is not as great as the Concept2 rowers. However, the price difference is relatively big. For individuals who are on a budget and won’t use their air rowers as much, the Murtisol Air could be the best choice.

For individuals who row a lot or are choosing for a commercial setting, it is likely better to choose the higher price in the short term for a machine that lasts longer and feels better.

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