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Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

Who doesn’t want a flat belly? Better looks, more confidence and plenty of health benefits. Find out the best exercise to lose belly fat.

Losing belly fat isn’t only advantageous for looks. Fat in your abdominal area is also strongly correlated with plenty of negative health consequences.

Can you make your body burn belly fat first?

The first thing you need to know is whether it’s possible to do certain exercises or eat certain foods that make it so you burn away belly fat first.

The first thing people think about when trying to burn belly fat is a magical exercise routine. Sadly enough it’s a common myth that you can focus fat loss in certain places with certain exercises.

The amount of fat on your body is one whole collection of stored energy. Doing for example an ab exercise makes your body use energy in the form of body fat from other places too. Not only from the area you are targeting with the exercise.

For most people their belly is the first place they gain fat and the last place they lose fat. The human body is just made that way. Once the fat storing cells on your belly are full, fat get’s stored on other body parts too.

This makes it so the first body parts that change a lot if you have a lot of weight to lose are things like your face, hands and feet.

One thing doing ab exercises can do is making your ab muscles bigger. Visually this can make the fat stand out less. This mostly applies to when you’re losing those last few pounds.

Foods that increase belly fat

Some foods produce more belly fat than others. If you cut them out you might see less fat appearing in your abdominal area.

The first kind of foods are foods that contain fructose. Human bodies don’t process it well. Candy, cookies, soda,.. produce more belly fat than the same amount of calories consumed in the form of let’s say fatty foods.

The second category is alcohol. Alcohol also makes you store more fat on your belly than other foods. You’ve probably seen the beer bellies. This is not just something you are imagining, it is an actual thing happening.

beer increases belly fat

How to lose belly fat

So how do you lose belly fat as fast as possible for the least amount of effort?

The solution is to decrease the amount of belly fat producing foods you eat, burn as many calories as possible in general and finish off by doing ab exercises to make your abs stand out more.

Best gym exercises to lose belly fat

So you want to burn as many calories as possible, preferably for the least amount of effort and time. What are the best gym exercises to make this happen?

Some people think cardio or HIIT is the way to go but weight lifting is actually a lot better for long term calorie burning.

The reason for this is that more muscles equals more calorie burning 24/7. Cardio and hiit might burn more calories during exercise but once you stop doing it, it stops burning calories.

So, to burn the most amount of calories you want to do gym exercises that build the most muscle.

This means that you want to do exercises that target the bigger muscle groups like legs, back, chest and shoulders. These muscles groups are more voluminous which means it’s easier to build more mass there.

After you have built enough muscle you can add in some cardio and high intensity interval training to help you burn the belly fat even faster.

Best gym exercises to lose belly fat

Best exercises for abs

After you’ve started the calorie burning process you can also start focusing on exercises that make your abs bigger. Add in some crunches to your workout and you will see more and more results.

Don’t fall for the “special” exercise routines

Chances are that you will hear some people say that they have the best exercise to lose belly fat, some special exercise. Don’t fall for this trap. In terms of exercise this is these are the things you need to focus on.


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