10 Best Landmine Attachments & Accessories

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A landmine setup can be a powerful workout option. Find out what landmine attachments and accessories are essential or can make your landmine sessions even better.

The landmine setup is used to do a variety of exercises with a relatively unique range of motion compared to many other options in the gym.

Any landmine setup consists of a barbell, weight plates, a base, and possibly a handle. For both bases and handles, there are many options to choose from. Each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

While many of the handles are not necessarily essential, they can make many landmine exercises more comfortable or allow you to do the exercises with more weight.

Especially for landmine leg exercises some of the attachments and accessories will basically be essential if you want to see any significant muscle gain and strength progress.

In other cases, the right landmine accessory can simply make your workouts a lot more fun.

Whether certain of these landmine attachments and accessories are a worthwhile investment ultimately depends on things like your training goals, personal situation, budget, and personal preference.

In any case, this article will give you an oversight of the different options and explain what the different landmine attachments and accessories are used for.

1. Landmine base

An essential part of a landmine setup is a base to anchor one end of the barbell. All of these come with a holster to put the barbell in and a knob that can be tightened to keep the bar in place. The landmine base can then be turned in a variety of angles.

The main difference between the different types of landmine bases lies in where the other end is mounted.

Some of the landmine attachments are mounted in a few weight plates. There are options that have to be attached to a power rack. Ones that are screwed into a wall. And lastly free-standing landmine base platforms.

Which type of landmine base is the right choice for you depends on a few factors. Some of the most important things to consider are:

  • Where will you work out: Will you use the landmine attachment at your home gym or a local gym. Does have it to be portable and easy to install or not? Can you drill holes in a sturdy wall? Do you have room?
  • What exercises will you do: Some landmine exercises involve more swinging and pushing and require a sturdier base. For others you can get away with a less stable base.
  • How much weight will you use: The amount of weight you use in a landmine setup influences how sturdy the base needs to be. The heavier you lift, the more you want to lean towards the power rack and wall mounted landmine bases.

In the end, the best landmine base for you will depend on what your personal situation looks like in terms of the above and other factors like budget and preference.

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2. Viking press handle

This next landmine attachment is the first optional accessory on this list. You don’t absolutely need a viking press handle but it can allow you to do more landmine exercises with different grips.

The viking press handle is a barbell attachment that allows you to hold the landmine with a neutral, pronated, or supinated grip. Another potential advantage is that you can hold the landmine and do exercises with two hands at a time.

A typical exercise example for this option is the viking press. This is basically the landmine version of the shoulder press. Because of the different trajectories the arms follow, the viking press can feel more comfortable than the shoulder press.

Besides that, it is also preferable for many landmine leg exercises to be able to hold a lot of weight. This is easier if you can hold the bar with two hands instead of one.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your viking press handle. First of all, there are both skinny and thick grip options.

For a shoulder press this is mostly a case of personal preference. For other exercises like a landmine deadlift this influences how much your grip muscles will be challenged.

A potential downside, and something to keep in mind when choosing a viking press landmine attachment, is that the width of the handles is fixed. The handle position of certain models may feel too wide or too narrow depending on the individual that uses it.

In any case, the viking press handle can be a great landmine accessory to enable you to do a variety of extra two-handed exercises with different grips.

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3. T-bar row attachment

The T-bar row is one of the most popular landmine exercises out there. In this exercise you stand bent-over with the barbell between your legs. After that, you row the landmine up and down.

To do this exercise you need a T-bar row attachment. In its most simple form, these are two horizontal handles attached to an anchor that can be put on the end of a barbell. Generally with rubber handles. When attached your landmine setup has a “T” shape.

There are also more extensive versions with multiple grips at different widths and angles. Which type of model is the best depends mostly on personal preference and budget.

One potential downside of this landmine accessory is that it has a relatively specific use. For other exercises that target other muscles, you will likely have to invest in additional landmine attachments.

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4. Landmine squat attachment

The muscles in your legs are extremely strong. Especially individuals more experienced with resistance training need a lot of weight to see significant muscle growth and strength progress there.

A minimal landmine setup is not ideal for training leg muscles for two main reasons. First of all, one arm does not come close to the power two legs can create. Secondly, the amount of weight you can put on one end of a barbell is limited to a certain point.

There are accessories that come in the broad term landmine squat attachments that are made to overcome these challenges so that you can get in a good leg workout with a landmine setup.

The main point of these attachments is that they have soft pads that can be put on your shoulders and that you can load additional weight on them besides the room at the end of the barbell.

Certain specific models also come by the name wishbone attachments. These also have a variety of other handles to control the landmine squat better and do other exercises.

Both types allow you to do landmine leg exercises like squats, hack squats, sumo squats, lunges, front squats, seated calf raises, etc.

One downside is that there are not that many brands that offer this type of landmine accessory. This means less freedom to choose one that fits your personal preferences.

Something else to keep in mind is that landmine squat attachments are relatively pricey. Especially since you also need the next option on the list, a landmine support stand, to get the heavy weights up to shoulder height.

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5. Landmine support stand

For certain exercises, especially leg exercises, you preferably want heavy weights starting at about shoulder height.

When doing these types of exercises with a regular barbell setup you can use a power rack. In the case of a landmine setup, you need a more unique solution to overcome this challenge.

There is a type of landmine support stand with adjustable height that allows you to put a barbell in a landmine setup on it.

You can then load to the barbell, potentially put one of the other accessories on the barbell, and start with the exercise.

Keep in mind that when loading a landmine on the support stand with an attachment with room for extra weights, the barbell can turn when you load one side due to the weight difference on each side.

One potential downside is that there are almost no brands that offer this piece of landmine workout equipment. You may be able to use regular squat racks in a similar way for low landmine weights but these are definitely not as stable so be careful when using them that way.

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6. Eyelet landmine bar attachment

This next option is definitely more of an accessory than a landmine attachment on its own. An eyelet bar attachment is a tool that allows you to “attach” a variety of cable attachments to your barbell.

Especially in case you already have cable machine row handles and you want a more budget-friendly option than buying a new T-bar, this eyelet attachment can be a great option.

An eyelet attachment with a short straight bar cable handle can also be a great way to do exercises like bicep or wrist curls with your landmine setup.

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7. Hammer sleeve landmine attachment

The hammer sleeve, also known as a straight bar handle, is simply a straight bar, often with a round handle at the end, to make your landmine setup more grip-friendly.

This can make the hammer sleeve a good attachment for exercises like landmine presses, one-handed viking presses, lateral raises, and side bends.

One potential downside is that this can be a relatively expensive landmine accessory compared to the relatively small way it changes your workouts.

Even so, if you use a landmine setup often for exercises where this option can benefit the movement, a straight bar handle can definitely still be worth it.

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8. Double D row handle

A single D handle is a cable machine attachment that is basically a steel construction shaped like the capital letter “D”. This landmine attachment is two of these together in a way that allows you to put the handle on the end of a barbell.

Some of these double D row attachments come with steel-only handles. Others have rubber padding to increase comfort.

A potential downside of double D row handles is that they have a relatively specific use. Some users also find that it takes in a lot of barbell space which means less room for heavy weight plates.

That being said, this relatively inexpensive piece of landmine equipment can be a good option for doing close-handed neutral grip rows.

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9. Clean and jerk landmine attachment

The clean and jerk attachment is a landmine handle made to do the exercise with the same name with a neutral grip. This is mainly possible thanks to the unique rotating handles.

Additionally, these types of attachments have room to add additional weight plates. Some models even combine these types of handles with shoulder pads to enable landmine leg exercises like squats.

One potential downside is that these rotating handles are in a non-adjustable position. That means that their position may be too wide or too narrow for you personally.

You can use this option for a few other exercises as well but clean and jerk landmine attachments are also relatively expensive for such a specific use.

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10. Single hand row attachment

Landmine rows are typically done with two arms at a time. Even though one of the unique advantages of a landmine setup is that it turns a barbell into a unilateral workout option.

A single hand row handle is made to enable you to do single arm landmine rows in a comfortable way. You could just grab the standard end of the barbell for this movement.

However, with an exercise like rows where the weight is relatively high, your grip muscles may fatigue faster than your back muscles when doing it that way.

Especially when the solution is so inexpensive and easy to set up, a single hand row attachment may not be an unnecessary luxury.

One potential downside of this option to keep in mind is that it has a relatively specific use.

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