4 Best Types Of Landmine Bases

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A landmine setup can be a powerful workout option. To set it up you have a variety of landmine bases. Which one is the best depends on a variety of factors.

You can use the landmine to train chest, core, shoulders, legs, biceps, etc. with exercises like a landmine chest press, shoulder press, row, curl, squat, etc.

Any landmine setup consists of a barbell, weight plates, a base, and possibly a handle. For both bases and handles, there are many options to choose from. Each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Whether certain of these landmine bases are a worthwhile investment ultimately depends on things like your training goals, personal situation, budget, and personal preference.

In any case, this article will give you an oversight of the different options and explain what the different types are used for. Some of these can also be used in multiple ways.

1. Weight plate insert anchor

The first and definitely one of the most popular landmine base types is one that you can insert in heavy weight plates. After that you simply insert the barbell in the base, tighten the know to keep the barbell in the anchor, and your landmine setup is ready for use.

In terms of overall functionality, most of the models available are relatively similar. Most of them allow you to use a standard two-inch cap barbell and rotate it 360 degrees.

Some offer the option to anchor both one- and two-inch cap barbells. Besides that, the weight capacities can differ too.

Weight plate landmine bases are relatively portable and thus easy to bring with you to your local gym. Another of its upsides is that this base is easy to install. To top it off, weight plate landmine bases are generally the cheapest type on the list.

A potential downside is that you need enough weight plates. Both to anchor the landmine and then to make the barbell heavier. If you are putting together a home gym on a budget this may not be the best option for you.

Besides that, weight plate landmine anchors will obviously not be as sturdy as a landmine base that is screwed onto a heavy power rack. So if you plan to lift really heavy weights this option may again not be the best choice.

In short, weight plate landmine bases can be good to take to your local gym if it does not yet have a landmine setup. More advanced lifters may need a sturdier base.

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2. Power rack anchor

The next type of landmine base is one that you screw onto a power rack, a steel construction made to hold weights. Besides the anchor point, these landmine bases are relatively similar to the weight plate anchored ones.

You can anchor two-inch cap barbells and rotate them 360 degrees as long as the power rack does not get in the way. Some models also allow you to anchor one-inch cap barbells.

Also similarly, weight capacities will vary from power rack anchor to power rack anchor.

One important difference between power rack landmine bases is that not all bases are suitable for all types of power racks. If you plan to invest in a power rack landmine base make sure it fits the power rack you intend to use it with.

The upside of this category is that you can use relatively heavy weights on your landmine. You also don’t need any spare weight plates to anchor the base.

A downside is that it takes a bit more time to set up the landmine this way. Power rack landmine bases can also be slightly pricier compared to for example a weight plate anchor.

Power rack landmine bases will generally be the best for a home gym where you don’t have to re-install the anchor after each use.

Additionally, individuals who want to do landmine exercises with very heavy weights may need a power rack anchor, even at their local gym.

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3. Wall mounted landmine base

Next there are landmine bases that are mounted to a wall. These are not that popular but there are still a good amount of models available. Often power rack landmine bases can also be mounted onto a wall.

An upside of these barbell attachments is that if you find a good wall, these are very sturdy landmine bases. Do keep in mind that the steel bases do still have an upper limit when it comes to weight capacity.

The obvious downsides are that you need a sturdy wall you can drill holes into and that the installation can take a good amount of time.

Besides that, you have to decide on one spot for your wall mounted landmine base, moving it will take a good amount of effort.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to turn the full 360 degrees. For most of the landmine exercises this is not a problem but still something to remember.

The best place to use these wall mounted landmine bases is in a home gym. Especially in case you want to do landmine exercises with heavy weights and don’t have a power rack (suitable for landmine bases), a wall mounted landmine base can be a good choice.

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4. Free standing landmine station plate

The previous options required other objects to set up. Free-standing landmine plates are made so this is no longer a requirement. These are basically the standard form of landmine bases attached to a heavy steel plate.

There are some differences between the models. Some have a rubber foundation to prevent the platform from sliding away, others have a simple steel surface.

Some models have a handle that makes it more convenient to carry this landmine workout equipment option, others don’t.

The main advantage of a landmine base plate is that in theory, you don’t need any other equipment. Additionally, similar to the weight plate anchor you can move around 360 degrees without a power rack getting in the way.

The downside of this option is that you likely do need some extra weights to hold the plate in place. Even then this is not the sturdiest type of landmine base on this list.

Besides that, these plates are also relatively pricey. It may be more budget-friendly to just get a weight plate anchor with weight plates if you can use these in other exercises.

Lastly, while some models do have a handle, these landmine base plates are not that convenient to take to the local gym.

This platform category is more for if you don’t have a usable squat rack or wall available and the weight plate anchors are not sturdy enough for the weights you intend to use. Additionally, personal preference plays a role too.

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How to pick a landmine base type

The end goal of all of these bases is the same, allow you to do landmine exercise. Even so, there are a few different ways to get there. Some options are better for certain situations.

Keep some of the following things in mind when picking a landmine base.

Easy to use

Even if you do generally like working out, there will likely be days where you do not completely feel like doing it. Making sure you can exercise without having to take too many steps can help you stick to your routine.

Another reason to choose a landmine base that is easy to use is simply to save yourself some time.

How easy to use certain types are depends a lot on where you want to work out. You will obviously not take a wall mounted landmine base to your local gym and back.

When doing landmine exercises at your local gym your best bet will be a weight plate anchor and if you lift heavy possibly a free-standing landmine station.

On the other hand, if you already have a home gym with a squat rack, the wall mounted and squat rack bases can be a great choice.


Not all landmine bases have the same weight capacity. Both when it comes to the type of anchor and the brand differences. Especially at high weights, this can become an important thing to keep in mind.

Weight plate landmine bases can be convenient to set up but a few weight plates will not be as sturdy as a big steel power rack or a wall.

The free-standing landmine stations may need to be made more sturdy by putting a few weights on them.

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