The 6 Best Multi-Grip Swiss Bars On The Market

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Swiss bars are a type of specialty that influences a few important weight lifting aspects. This article will help you find the best model for you.

Swiss bars, also known as multi-grip, football, and neutral grip bars, are basically a barbell with multiple neutral and angled grips. This piece of equipment can be used in a variety of exercises with the main one being the bench press.

Using a Swiss bar for bench presses can be easier on your shoulders and wrists, works your muscles in a slightly different ratio, and some people just prefer the feeling of this bar.

Best swiss bar picks

When the angle (and whether the bar is cambered) of the handles is not clear from the product name, we mentioned it to make it easier for you to find your preferred type of multi-grip bar.

Keep in mind that you may prefer certain features and dimensions over others. For certain individuals Swiss bars lower on the list are better for their personal situation and preferences. Additionally, brands can change their products and prices over time.

How we selected our top picks

Our fitness experts spent a lot of time looking at and comparing all the different important factors of Swiss bars. Some of the things that were taken into consideration when making our selection include:

  • Material, weight capacity, number of grip handles, etc.
  • User reviews
  • Anecdotal reviews from fitness experts
  • Price
  • Brand trustability

If a pick seems interesting click it to see the online prices.

6 Best Swiss bars reviewed in depth

Besides the quick overview, it can be helpful to look at the best Swiss bars a bit more in-depth. This way you can make sure the model you want is the best multi-grip bar for your personal situation and preferences.

1. Titan Fitness Hybrid Multi-Grip

When it comes to Swiss bars, the Titan Fitness Hybrid Multi-Grip is definitely one of the best, if not the best, models currently on the market.

This Swiss bar is a hybrid model which means it has both neutral and angled grips. Other things that stand out in this Titan Fitness Swiss bar are the high weight limit of 1900 pounds (861 kg) and powder coating finish.

One tiny downside is that the weldings are not always completely perfectly smooth. However, as one customer mentions this can often be fixed easily with some filling.


  • High weight capacity of 1900 pounds (861 kg)
  • Budget-friendly
  • Powder-coated
  • 3 handles on each side
  • Both angled and neutral grips
  • Knurled handles


  • In some cases the weldings can be just a little cleaner

The Titan Fitness Hybrid Multi-Grip is 82.25″ (209 cm) in total which includes two 14″ (35.6 cm) sleeves. This is more than enough for most types of weight plates and individuals.

Without any weights, this football bar starts at 45 pounds (20.41 kg).

This Swiss bar comes with 3 handles on each side so 6 in total. The inner two handles are angles and the outer four are for neutral grip exercises. All of these handles are knurled for extra grip during exercises like the bent-over row.

Because of the powder coating you should get fewer scratches and a longer-lasting Swiss bar. Something to remember is that this does not mean the Titan Fitness model is completely scratch-proof. However, even with scratches, you can get in an excellent workout.

The Titan Fitness Hybrid Multi-Grip has a high number of happy customers. There are a few individuals who mention that their bench press has become a lot more comfortable and less painful.

2. Rogue MG-24 Multi Grip Bars

Rogue MG-24 Multi Grip Bars
Product image from Rogue Fitness

Rogue Fitness is a popular fitness equipment brand that is known for the quality of its products. This brand also offers a few different multi-grip bars. The model that gets the top spot on our list of best Swiss bars is the MG-24.

This model has four angled handles on each side. If you want to have both neutral and angled handles you could also consider the Rogue MG-3.

One thing to keep in mind is that the quality products from Rogue often come at an above-average price compared to other brands. The same goes for this multi-grip bar.


  • Rogue brand reputability
  • 4 handles on each side
  • Very positive reviews
  • Powder-coated


  • Pricier compared to many other Swiss bars
  • No handle knurling
  • No weight limit mentioned (but with Rogue brand in mind this should be high enough)
  • The bar requires specific collars

Rogue offers two Multi-Grip MG-2 models, the MG-23 and the MG-24. The main difference between these two is the number of handles and in turn the unloaded weight.

The MG-24 offers four handles instead of three at the same price and starts 6 pounds (2.7 kg) heavier at 45 pounds (20.4 kg).

Additionally, the sleeve length and distance between the inner three handles differ a small amount. However, for most people these differences will not matter in any significant way.

One potential downside of the Rogue MG-24 Swiss bar is the lack of handle knurling. This is mostly a downside if you plan to do Swiss bar bent-over rows or like the feeling of handle knurling in other exercises.

All in all, this football bar from Rogue has many happy customers. If you really like the Rogue brand and what they are doing in terms of things like their USA-made products, this model can be worth its higher price.

3. Titan Fitness Multi-Grip Camber Bar

This next option is somewhat unusual compared to the other Swiss bars on the list in that the bar is cambered, not straight.

The main benefit of this is that you can go through a larger range of motion during exercises like the bench press and bent-over row. This is generally beneficial for muscle growth and strengthening.

Two small downsides of the Titan Fitness Multi-Grip Camber Bar are that not everyone wants a cambered bar and that this model costs a few tens of dollars more than the straight bar hybrid.

All in all, this model can definitely be worth the extra dollars if you like the cambered design. A larger range of motion generally means more effective workouts.


  • Larger range of motion due to cambered bar
  • High weight capacity of 1000 pounds (453 kg)
  • Powder-coated
  • 3 handles on each side
  • Both angled and neutral grips
  • Knurled handles
  • Very positive reviews


  • Not everyone wants a cambered bar

This cambered Swiss bar is 82″ (208.3 cm) overall which includes two 13.75″ (35 cm) sleeves. That means a tiny amount shorter in both areas than the hybrid Swiss bar from Titan Fitness but not in any significant amounts.

Another difference with the other model is that the cambered Swiss bar has a lower limit. Again, this should likely not matter that much. 1000 pounds (453 kg) is still plenty for most people.

Something similar is that the Titan Fitness Multi-Grip Camber Bar has 3 knurled grips on each side. This includes two angled handles in the middle and four neutral grip handles on the outside.

On top of the great features, the high number of positive customer reviews of this Swiss bar shows that the people from Titan Fitness deliver on their promises about this product.

4. Rogue MG-1 Multi Grip Bar

Rogue MG-1 Multi Grip Bar
Product image from Rogue Fitness

As mentioned before, Rogue Fitness offers a few different football bars. The MG-1 model is mainly unique in that it has three knurled neutral grips. Most Swiss bars on the market are either hybrid or full angled handles.

Similar to the previous Swiss bar from Rogue in this article you have to keep in mind that you do pay a little extra for the brand reputability and quality.


  • Rogue brand reputability
  • 3 handles on each side
  • Powder-coated


  • Pricier compared to many other Swiss bars
  • No weight limit mentioned (but with Rogue brand in mind this should be high enough)
  • The bar requires specific collars

The Rogue MG-1 Multi Grip Bar is 82″ (208.3 cm) overall which includes two 14″ (35.6 cm) sleeves. One small downside of this model is that you need separate collars to keep the weight plates in place if you choose to do so.

Additionally, the weight limit of this Swiss bar is not mentioned. However, with the 39-pound (17.7 kg) unloaded weight and the Rogue brand in mind the weight limit of this bar should be more than enough for most people.

This Swiss bar is a bit less popular than the other models from Rogue but the customers that did buy it are overall very happy with their purchase.

There are not many full neutral grip Swiss bars and the Rogue MG-1 is definitely one of the best options.

5. Yes4All Multi Grip Barbell

The Yes4All Multi Grip Barbell is by far the most budget-friendly Swiss bar on this list. If you are on a budget and don’t lift that heavy, this price point could make up for the less sturdy construction.

This football bar has an upper weight limit of only 400 pounds (181.4 kg). Part of the reason for this is the low weight of the bar at 22 pounds (10 kg).

A low starting weight can be helpful in exercises for weaker muscles. However, the bar still needs to be strong enough to hold the weight you lift.

Something else you need to know is that the knurled handles are slightly thinner too. The Yes4All model handles have a diameter of about 28 mm (1.1″) instead of the typical 32 mm (1.25″) like most Swiss bars.


  • Very budget-friendly
  • Starts light at 22 pounds (10 kg)
  • 3 handles on each side
  • Both angled and neutral grips
  • Knurled handles
  • 1-year warranty and 60-day return
  • Barbell collars included


  • May not be as sturdy as other models
  • Only holds up to 400 pounds (181.4 kg)

The length of the Yes4All Multi Grip Barbell is 82″ (208.3 cm) in total which includes two 14″ (35.6 cm) sleeves.

Similar to many of the other best Swiss bars, this model has three handles on each side with both angled and neutral grips. A nice addition is that the barbell collars are included in the package.

Customer reviews are generally positive but most of them include the words “for this price”. If you lift heavier and have some extra money to invest you likely want to go for the sturdier Swiss bars on this list.

Something that could be helpful is the 1-year warranty and 60-day return policies. If the Yes4All Multi Grip Barbell turns out to be insufficient you can return it and give other Swiss bars a try.

6. Titan Fitness Angled Multi-Grip Barbell

The next Swiss bar is another model from Titan Fitness. This time the bar is straight, the handles are angled, and you get an extra handle on each side.

On top of these things, you get the same positive qualities as the other Titan Fitness Swiss bars.

Some of these positive qualities include a sturdy bar with high weight capacity, powder coating for longer-lasting fitness equipment, knurled handles, and a budget-friendly price to top it off.


  • High weight capacity of 1918 pounds (869 kg)
  • Budget-friendly
  • Powder-coated
  • 4 handles on each side
  • Knurled handles


  • In some cases the weldings can be just a little cleaner

This football bar is is 82.25″ (209 cm) in total which again includes two 14″ (35.6 cm) sleeves. Because of the four handles instead of three like the hybrid, the starting weight is slightly higher at 48 pounds (21.77 kg).

With four knurled handles on each side you will likely find at least one way of holding the bar in a way that feels comfortable to you.

Similar to the other Swiss bars from Titan Fitness, the customer reviews are very positive overall. If you are looking for a multi-grip bar with angled handles only this is definitely one of the best options available.

How to choose a Swiss bar

Different Swiss bars from different brands can look very similar but they vary in certain key areas. By considering the most important ones it becomes easier to make a good choice. Below you can find some of the most important factors.

Rack compatibility

One of the main exercises Swiss bars are used for is the bench press. Since bench presses are done with relatively high weights you want to be able to rack the bar so you can easily get it in position.

Something to keep in mind is that racks can vary in distance between the bar holders. Most Swiss bars should fit most racks but you do want to double-check the model you intend to buy fits your rack of choice.

Angles of the Swiss bar grips

A different name for Swiss bars is neutral grip bars but the handles are not always completely neutral (vertical compared to a regular bar).

Some models only come with handles in 45-degree angles, some only neutral, and some a combination of both.

Which one is the right option depends on your personal preference, what muscles you want to focus more on, and the strength of your shoulders and wrists.

Generally speaking, in multi-grip Swiss bar bench presses, the more neutral the grip, the more shoulder and wrist-friendly and the more you focus on your tricep muscles and less on your chest muscles.

Weight of the bar

There is no standard starting weight for Swiss bars. In some cases, football bars start as light as 22 pounds (10 kg). In other cases, this starts at 58 pounds (26.3).

For some exercises for certain individuals, the heavier models will be too much to get started. If you plan to do certain exercises with the Swiss bar it can be helpful to do them with other weights to figure out how low you need to start.

After that, you can check the weight of the multi-grip bar you are considering to make sure it really is the best option for your training goals.


Money put into your health is often a good investment but sometimes you can get a better Swiss bar at a lower price. In other cases, the small benefits you get from a higher price are not worth it to some individuals.

By taking the price and your budget into account you can make a better decision.

Grip texture

The handles of Swiss bars are typically knurled (engraved) to improve the grip. However, in some models like the ROGUE MG-23 and MG-24 this is not the case.

If you only plan to use the football bar for bench presses this mostly matters in terms of personal preference of how the bar feels. Some people like the feel of no knurling too.

For an exercise like a bent-over Swiss bar row, knurling can come in handy to improve your grip.


Is a Swiss bar worth it?

If you are on a tight budget and looking for one piece of fitness equipment for all your workouts, you likely want to start with a regular barbell. If you have a budget and like the benefits and feel of Swiss bars they can definitely be worth it.

Are Swiss barbells good?

Swiss barbells are good for shoulder and wrist comfort and injury prevention in exercises like the bench press and a few others. Additionally, some people just like the feeling of these bars.

What muscles does the Swiss bar work?

What muscles the Swiss bar works depend on the exercise. In the bench press using a Swiss bar instead of a barbell tends to work tricep muscles a bit more and chest muscles a bit less. Depending on your grip during the barbell bench press, the Swiss bar may also work your forearms less.

Can you squat with a Swiss bar?

You could squat with a Swiss bar but it will not be effective since there is no position where you hold the bar with a lot of weight where your leg muscles fatigue first. This is generally required for an effective squat workout.

What exercises can I do with the Swiss bar?

The most popular exercise for Swiss bars is the bench press. Additionally, you can use Swiss bars for shoulder presses, bent-over rows, hammer curls, skull crushers, floor presses, front raises, etc.

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