5 Best Weighted Vests For Walking

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Walking is already a great way to move more but with a good weighted vest it becomes even better. Find out what the best options are.

As the name implies, weighted vests are vests with extra weight built in. These can be used for a variety of goals and workouts but for walking you want to look for specific details.

Some of the main ones include being comfortable for long walks and being heavy enough to see significant benefits. Having reflective straps and being able to carry things like water bottles is a plus.

Best weighted vest for walking picks

Keep in mind that different individuals have different needs. Weighted vests lower on the list can be better for certain training goals, situations, and preferences.

How we selected our top picks

Our fitness experts spent a lot of time looking at and comparing all the different important factors of weighted vests for walking. Some of the things that were taken into consideration when making our selection include:

  • Material, weight capacity, weight distribution, can it hold other things, etc.
  • User reviews
  • Anecdotal reviews from fitness experts
  • Price
  • Brand trustability

If a pick seems interesting click it to see the online prices.

5 Best weighted vests for walking reviewed

A quick overview of the top picks when it comes to weighted vests for walking is a helpful start.

On top of that, looking at each of the weighted vests for walking picks in detail can help you make the best choice for your personal situation and training goals.

1. RUNFast Adjustable Weighted Vest

The RUNFast Adjustable Weighted Vest is definitely one of the top picks for walking. On top of all the helpful features and adjustability, this weighted vest is available at a very budget-friendly price.

Some of the things that really stand out when using this weighted vest for walking are the optional shoulder pads for comfort, water bottle holder, and phone holder.

One small downside is that some users find the phone pocket not that convenient in size and position.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Available in different models from 20 pounds (9.07 kg) to 120 pounds (54.4 kg)
  • Optional shoulder pads to make your walks more comfortable
  • Water bottle holder included
  • Adjustable weight
  • Adjustable circumference
  • Phone holder included


  • In a few cases, RUNFast forgets to add the shoulder pads
  • Phone pocket can be designed better
  • No reflective straps

The adjustable weighted vest from RUNFast comes in many different weight ranges. These start at a max weight of 20 pounds (9.07 kg) and go up to 120 pounds (54.4 kg).

When it comes to walking, a general is to start with a weighted vest that is about 4-10% of your body weight. So for example, if you weigh 150 pounds (68 kg) you want a weighted vest that can hold at least 6-15 pounds (3-7 kg).

That being said, most people do want to get a good weighted vest with a higher maximum weight so they can increase the challenge as they get stronger. This may sound too hard but initially, you can leave out a lot of the weights.

Additionally, if you also intend to use this weighted vest for things like calisthenics exercises, it can be helpful to get one of the models with a higher weight limit.

Besides adjustable weight, this weighted vest also allows you to adjust the circumference with the help of a velcro strap.

Something else to make your walks more comfortable is the optional shoulder pads. One potential downside is that there are a few cases where these are initially forgotten to add.

The RUNFast Adjustable Weighted Vest also allows you to take a water bottle with you in a hands-free way. All of these features combined make this model one of the best weighted vests for walking.

2. Aduro Sport Adjustable Weighted Vest

One of the main areas this next option positively stands out in is its many weight increments within the chosen weight range.

Besides that, the Aduro Sport Adjustable Weighted Vest has a variety of other features that will be helpful for walking and other workouts.

Two of these other features are the X design of the weight vest and the reflective straps. The X design allows for more arm movements and the reflective straps make you just a bit more visible.

One potential downside of the Aduro Sport model is that it is on the bigger side. Individuals with a smaller frame may find this weighted vest a bit too small for walking and other workouts.


  • A lot of breathing room
  • Adjustable weight
  • Reflective straps
  • Available in different models from 4 pounds (1.8 kg) to 46 pounds (20.9 kg)
  • Storage pocket included
  • Adjustable circumference


  • Weighted vest can bounce during workouts different from walking
  • May be too big for smaller individuals

The Aduro Sport Adjustable Weighted Vest comes in three weight ranges. These include 4 – 10 pounds (1.81 – 4.53 kg), 11 – 20 pounds (4.98 – 9.07 kg), and 26-46 pounds (11.79 – 20.86 kg).

These models can be heavy enough for light walking workouts. For individuals who want more of a challenge, some of the other weighted vests will be better.

This weighted vest also comes with two storage pockets. You can use these to store your phone, keys, and possibly even some provisions during slightly longer walks.

Next, the X-like design of this Aduro Sport has a few consequences. When it comes to benefits, this allows your arms to move more and leaves more breathing room for when things get a bit hot during your walking sessions.

On the other hand, this design tends to be a bit looser. To get the benefits of walking with a weighted vest, this should not be a problem.

However, if you want to use the weighted vest for other workouts, the bouncing can become annoying.

Additionally, some people just prefer the feeling of the design of other weighted vests.

The reflective straps of the Aduro Sport are a nice touch. However, when the view is really limited you likely need more reflective gear than this.

All in all, the Aduro Sport Adjustable Weighted Vest is another great option for walking.

3. Prodigen Weighted Vest

The Prodigen Weighted vest is another great budget-friendly option. One of the main things that stand out is the vest design with two adjustable circumference straps.

This can be especially useful for women to fit the weighted vest to their personal body shape.

One downside of this model is that the weight is not adjustable. If you are still figuring out and progressing in what weight you use for walking, this is not ideal.

This weighted vest comes in a variety of different weights including 8, 12, 16, 20, 25, and 30 pounds. (3.6, 5.4, 7.3, 9.1, 11.3 kg).

For lighter individuals who still want their walking sessions to be very cardiovascular-focused, this can be enough.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Available in different models from 8 pounds (3.6 kg) to 30 pounds (13.6 kg)
  • Small storage pocket
  • Reflective straps
  • Two separate circumference adjustment straps
  • A lot of breathing room


  • Weight is not adjustable
  • Reflective straps are relatively small
  • Can bounce a small amount on individuals with a smaller frame during intense workouts

For stronger individuals who really want to grow and strengthen their muscles by walking with weights, this may not be enough. In that case, some of the other options are better.

The Prodigen Weighted vest also comes with a few additions that are helpful for walking. These include a small storage pocket, a lot of breathing room, and reflective straps.

One downside of these reflective straps is that they are relatively small. If vision gets limited you definitely want to wear other reflective gear as well.

Another potential downside of the model from Prodigen is that it can bounce a bit when individuals with a smaller frame do intenser workouts. There are definitely better weighted vests for running and other dynamic workouts

That being said, the Prodigen Weighted vest is still a great option, especially for walking. If you like this type of design in terms of comfort and visuals, the Prodigen model can be the right choice for you.

4. Hyper Vest FIT Weighted Vest

This next option is relatively unique when it comes to the design of the weighted vest. Instead of one or two adjustment straps, it has a stretching cord running down on each side.

Because of this design, the Hyper Vest Fit is a model that adjusts really well to your personal body shape. Many customers are pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the vest is.

One downside is that the reasonably priced models only go up to 10 pounds. This can be enough but some people want more of a challenge. The price of a similar design with higher weights is unfortunately rather high.


  • Adjusts well to your personal body shape
  • Adjustable weight
  • Washable fabric
  • Available in different models from 5 pounds (2.3 kg) to 10 pounds (4.5 kg)


  • The reasonably priced models have a rather low weight
  • No reflective straps
  • No storage pockets

The adjustability of the Hyper Vest Fit is especially great for women who find/suspect that the other weighted vests do not fit that well for their personal body shape.

Something to keep in mind is that this model does not have storage pockets or reflective straps similar to other options. If you want to go for a long walk you may need to use additional gear to carry water.

This detail is not as relevant for shorter walks or sessions on a treadmill or StairMaster at home or in the gym.

A nice aspect of the Hyper Vest Fit is that it is made of washable fabric. This model has a decent amount of breathing room but after a few intense walking sessions, this washability will definitely be helpful.

5. miR Air Flow Weighted Vest

The miR Air Flow is another weighted vest with relatively high maximum weight limits.

In combination with the small weight increments, this makes the miR Air Flow a great adjustable weighted vest for individuals who want to increase the challenge over time during walking and other workouts like calisthenics.

Something else that stands out in the miR Air Flow is the ratio of positive customer reviews. That together with the helpful features make this weighted vest a great option for walking.


  • Available in different models from 20 pounds (9.07 kg) to 60 pounds (27.2 kg)
  • Both zipper and standard vest designs available
  • Adjustable weight
  • Adjustable circumference
  • Washable fabric
  • A lot of positive customer reviews


  • A few customers find the strap system inconvenient
  • No reflective straps
  • No storage pockets

miR offers this weighted vest in two designs. The first one requires you to put the vest over your head and then adjust the straps to a circumference that is comfortable for you.

The second model comes with both a zipper in the middle and circumference adjustment straps on the sides. This can make putting the vest on and off a bit more convenient.

The breathability of the miR Air Flow is good but if this is important to you there are better options. Other small potential downsides include the lack of reflective straps and lack of storage pockets.

That means you likely need other gear to carry provisions on longer walks on top of this weighted vest.

A helpful feature of the miR Air Flow is that you can remove all the weights and put this vest in the washing machine. This is helpful after a few intense walks with heavy weights in warm weather.

How to choose a weighted vest for walking

Different weighted vest brands and models that are used when walking can vary in quite a few areas but not all of these are equally important. Some of the ones that do matter include:

  1. Comfort: Walking is not the most intense workout so you have to do it for slightly longer to get similar benefits as other options. Since you will likely spend a good amount of time walking you want to make sure the vest will feel comfortable.
  2. Weight distribution: Weighted vests are already an improvement over the weight distribution of a backpack for reducing the challenge on your lower back. However, even within the weighted vest category, some models do this better than others.
  3. Weight range: Different individuals have different strength levels. Even the same individuals can become stronger the more they challenge and strengthen their muscles. There are weighted vests for walking that have adjustable weight. Whether or not this is possible and to what extent is important for improving your body over time.
  4. Weight increments: Together with the weight range there is the question of weight increments. This means by how much the weight has to change. Weighted vests with smaller increments allow you to build up strength more gradually.
  5. Price: The investment required can be important to keep in mind when choosing a weighted vest for walking. Some models can be better for your personal situation at a more budget-friendly price. More expensive does not always mean better.
  6. Uses: One of the benefits of weighted vests is that they can be used in many different types of workouts. If you plan to use the weighted vest for workouts besides walking you want to make sure the vest can handle that.
  7. Durability: Another consequence of using weighted vests in long workouts like walking is that you want to consider the durability of the model. The longer this piece of equipment can improve your walking sessions, the better.

Thinking about these things for your personal situation can help you make an even better choice.

At the same time, you don’t want to overthink the process too much so you can pick the best weighted vest for you and start enjoying the benefits of walking with a weighted vest.


How heavy should a weighted vest be for walking?

A good starting weight for a weighted vest for walking is about 4-10% of your body weight. If this goes well, you can gradually increase the weight you use as you get stronger to see more benefits.

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