The 5 Best Wrist Weights For Walking

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One way to make your walking sessions just a bit more challenging is wearing wrist weights. There are a lot of models to choose from but only a few make it to the best picks list.

If you want to use your wrist weights for walking there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, you should be able to adjust the wrist weights to relatively light settings.

Additionally, you want them to be compact and comfortable since walking sessions tend to take a while. Being able to use the wrist weights for workouts besides walking is a nice bonus.

Best wrist weights for walking top picks

Different individuals can have different workout goals, personal situations, budgets, and personal preferences. In the list above you can quickly find the pair of wrist weights for walking that is the best for you.

Additionally, one of the benefits of wrist weights is that you can use them for a variety of purposes.

How we selected our top picks

Our fitness experts spent a lot of time looking at and comparing all the different important factors of the best wrist weights for walking. Some of the things that were taken into consideration when making our selection include:

  • Material, weight capacity, adjustability, comfort, etc.
  • User reviews
  • Anecdotal reviews from fitness experts
  • Price
  • Brand trustability

If a pick seems interesting click it to see the online prices.

5 Best wrist weights for walking reviewed

The top picks section can help you make a quick decision. You can also find the best wrist weights for walking reviewed more in depth below. This way you can make sure the model you have in mind is the right one for you.

1. Sportneer Adjustable Wrist Weights


  • Wrist weight is adjustable from 0.13 pounds (0.06 kg) up to 2 pounds (0.91 kg) per side
  • 5 removable sandbags of 0.374 lbs (0.17 kg)
  • Many happy customers
  • Relatively high ratio of positive customer reviews
  • Can be used as ankle weights too


  • Adjusting the weights is not always convenient

The model from Sportneer is definitely one of the best wrist weights to make your walking workouts more challenging.

Two important aspects are that the weights are adjustable and that you can start at a relatively low weight and build up from there.

Even if you are not interested in the lowest weights and plan to do exercises where you want just a bit more weight, you can go for the Sportneer wrist weights with a slightly higher weight limit.

These wrist weights from Sportneer are even good enough to make it to the list of the best ankle weights for walking too.

2. FILA Accessories Wrist Weights Set

Many wrist weights have a design that makes them suited for both wrists and ankles. This no-slide design of Fila Accessories is only meant to be used as wrist weights.

Your thumbs go through specific holes. After that, you wrap the rest of the wrist weights around your arms. A benefit of this is that the wrist weights stay in place better.


  • Budget-friendly
  • No-slide design
  • A lot of happy customers


  • Weight not adjustable
  • Weight of 2 pounds (0.9 kg) each can be too heavy for some people
  • Can not be used as ankle weights

In turn, this can reduce your risk of chaffing and the uncomfortableness of your wrist weights moving around. At the same time, you still get most of the benefits of walking with wrist weights.

Two downsides of the Fila Accessories Wrist Weight Set are that the weight is not adjustable and that the weight it comes in may be too heavy for some people.

On the other hand, these wrist weights have many happy customers and come at a relatively budget-friendly price. In turn, they definitely deserve their spot in both this list and the selection of the best wrist weights.

3. Tone Fitness Wrist Weights


  • Very budget-friendly


  • Weight not adjustable
  • Not the most durable
  • Not ideal for ankles

The Tone Fitness Wrist Weights are the best budget wrist weights for walking. You may be on a budget or want to give walking with wrist weights a try without investing too much money yet. In both cases, this could be the best option for you.

These wrist weights are definitely not the most premium option out there. Their weight is not adjustable and they are not the most durable.

At the same time, this pair from Tone Fitness still has a relatively high number of happy customers. Partly because of how suited these wrist weights are for small wrists and their budget-friendly total price.

4. Bala Bangles


  • A lot of attention to design
  • Available in many different colors
  • Many happy customers
  • Relatively high ratio of positive customer reviews


  • Weight not adjustable
  • Pricier than most other wrist weights
  • Can be uncomfortable on bare skin
  • Not ideal for ankles

This next option is a pair of wrist weights with a lot of focus on design. Wrist weights typically don’t look that great but the Bala Bangles are trying to change this.

Unfortunately, this design does come with some drawbacks. The weight is not adjustable and some customers find the Bala Bangles uncomfortable, especially when worn on bare skin.

Additionally, the price is relatively high compared to the other wrist weights for walking on this list.

That being said, customers typically don’t seem to mind these drawbacks. The Bala Bangles have a lot of customers who tend to leave very positive reviews.

5. LEKÄRO Adjustable Wrist Weights


  • Max weight of up to 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg) per wrist weight
  • 6 removable metal plates in each wrist weight


  • The wrist weights are relatively long
  • Specific circumference range not mentioned
  • Pricier than many other wrist weights

Some individuals are not sure how heavy their wrist weights should be in their personal situation. Additionally, you may plan to improve a lot. In these cases, the best pick for the most adjustment options could be the right choice.

The LEKÄRO Adjustable Wrist Weights typically come with 6 removable metal plates on each side (some customers get more, probably due to shipping mistakes).

This is just a bit above average when it comes to adjustable wrist weights. In turn, you have plenty of challenge levels to choose from. Up to 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg) on each side.


Are wrist weights good for walking?

Wrist weights are good for walking in the sense that they can make your workout a tiny bit more challenging for your arm muscles, leg muscles, and cardiovascular system. Other workout tools can offer similar benefits.

How heavy should wrist weights be for walking?

Wrist weights should not be that heavy for walking. Weaker individuals want to start with 0.5 pounds (0.23 kg) or less. Stronger individuals can consider up to 2 pounds (0.9 kg) and potentially even more if that goes well.

Does walking with wrist weights tone arms?

Walking with wrist weights could work the arm muscles of resistance training beginners to some extent. Additionally, this activity can help you burn a few extra calories. In short, walking with wrist weights could help certain individuals tone their arms a small amount but there are typically more effective methods to do this.

Does walking with hand weights do anything?

Walking with hand weights like wrist weights engage your arm muscles, leg muscles, and cardiovascular system just a bit more. Wrist weights are no miracle tool but can make it so you get the regular health benefits of walking to a slightly bigger extent as long as you don’t overdo it.

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