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7 Bosu Ball Accessories To Switch Things Up

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Bosu Balls are a popular piece of fitness equipment. With a few equipment accessories you can use to get more out of your Bosu Ball workouts.

You can describe the Bosu Ball as the top of a stability ball attached to a flat surface. There are plenty of helpful exercises you can do with just this piece of equipment and your body weight.

That being said, you can also make your Bosu Ball workouts more effective and/or fun or make storage more orderly with a few accessories.

1. Dumbbells

A dumbbell is a type of fitness equipment that is basically a handle with a weight on each side. This piece of equipment is a good Bosu Ball accessory for solo balance workouts.

To use dumbbells for this purpose you simply do regular Bosu Ball balance exercises but with a dumbbell in each hand. This will typically be more challenging than the bodyweight version.

Additionally, dumbbells are great for a lot of resistance training exercises. Both with the Bosu Ball and without it. Another benefit of dumbbells is that they are typically very sturdy and can benefit your workouts for years to come.

One downside of this Bosu Ball accessory is that it requires a relatively high initial investment. Besides that, multiple dumbbells would also require a decent amount of storage room.

For both of these downsides, investing in adjustable dumbbells instead of an entire set can help to some extent.

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2. Medicine ball

A medicine ball is a weighted ball that is made from relatively soft material and doesn’t bounce that well. This Bosu Ball accessory is especially great for making your balance workouts more challenging with the help of a partner.

You do this by standing on the ball and asking the partner to throw the medicine ball to you or right next to your body. To be able to catch the medicine ball you will then have to move your body and brace for the impact.

Medicine balls can also be used to make certain Bosu Ball exercises more challenging for your muscles. Additionally, there are a wide variety of medicine-ball-only exercises.

One potential downside of medicine balls is that they are often not great for one-handed exercises. If you want to do these types of Bosu Ball exercises, you can consider a type of medicine ball with handles.

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3. Resistance bands

Resistance bands are an inexpensive type of fitness equipment that are basically elastic cords. They can be used for a variety of exercises, including a few ones on the Bosu Ball.

One example of these is resistance band chest presses while leaning on the Bosu Ball. Another example is doing Bosu Ball lunges with the extra resistance from the bands.

Additionally, you can use the Bosu Ball to make certain resistance band exercises like pull-aparts, bicep curls, and lateral raises work your muscles and balance at the same time.

Some of the other benefits of resistance bands are that they are very versatile, relatively inexpensive, easy to store, and very portable.

One downside is that resistance bands are not the type of gym equipment you can use for the rest of your life. At least every few years you will need to replace the last set with new resistance bands.

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4. Bosu Ball storage rack

Bosu Ball accessories are not only for making your workouts more effective and/or fun. Once you are done moving you also have to put your Bosu Ball somewhere.

Depending on your workout room and current storage options, you may have no issues with this. However, in some situations it can make sense to invest in a separate Bosu Ball storage rack.

Which model is the best Bosu Ball storage rack for you depends on things like your budget, how many Bosu Balls you have to store, what type of walls you have in your workout room, etc.

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5. Weighted balance bar

The people at the Bosu company also noticed that some people need just a bit more of a challenge than the regular bodyweight Bosu Ball workouts. To help people with this they created the Bosu Weighted Balance Bar.

As the name implies, this accessory is basically a bar with soft foam padding and rubber end caps to hold and swing around while doing your Bosu Ball exercises.

In combination with a good Bosu Ball this can improve your balance just a bit more and improve things like shoulder mobility to some extent.

These bars do have a few potential downsides. The first one is that these bars are really light. They only come in 4.4 pounds (2 kg) and 8.8 pounds (4 kg).

Next, this is an accessory with a relatively narrow focus. Other options like dumbbells, medicine balls, and resistance bands can be used for a lot of other exercises. Lastly, this weighted balance bar does require a decent investment.

That being said, if you have a large budget, already have a lot of the more essential fitness equipment options, and/or really value balance training with the balance bar, you could consider this Bosu Ball accessory.

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6. Bosu exercise dice

The next Bosu Ball accessory purely exists to make your workouts more entertaining. These exercise dice from Bosu make your workouts just a bit more unpredictable.

Two upsides are that these Bosu exercise dice are not super expensive and come in a helpful carrying bag.

An important downside is that certain exercise sequences and numbers of repetitions are more effective than others. By letting the dice decide these things you miss out on fitness progress.

The Bosu exercise dice could suit your personal preferences but they are definitely a luxury.

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7. Bosu pushup bar

Pushups are a popular Bosu Ball exercise but some people don’t like the typical wrist angle without accessories. For these individuals, Bosu Ball created a specific type of pushup bar that can be put on the dome of the Bosu Ball.

This Bosu accessory will mainly come in handy in combination with a full exercise ball. In a combination like this, the pushup bar from Bosu allows you to do exercises like a pushup variation that is extremely challenging for multiple balancing muscles.

The pushup bar is not that special in combination with a regular Bosu Ball half ball. For workouts like this, regular pushup bars will generally be just as useful at a lower price.

That being said, the Bosu pushup bar has many happy customers. If this accessory suits your workout goals and you have the budget for it, you can consider the Bosu pushup bar.

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Do you need a special pump for a BOSU ball?

The Bosu Ball comes with a specific pump of the right size. That being said, you do not need this special pump for a Bosu Ball. A regular off-brand pump with an air nozzle of the right size, not an inflation needle, works too.

Can you attach resistance bands to a BOSU ball?

Real Bosu Balls do not have a specific anchor point to attach resistance bands to them. You can anchor the resistance bands below the Bosu Ball but with this method, the bands can still move. Off-brand half ball balance trainers do often have anchor points for resistance band tubes.


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