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8 Impressive Bosu Ball Benefits

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There are many different ways to improve your current exercise routine. What about exercises with a Bosu Ball, what benefits can you expect?

You can describe the Bosu Ball as the top of a stability ball attached to a flat surface. This offers more balance-focused training on one side and ankle or wrist strengthening on the other side.

Some people question how useful sessions with this equipment can be but using a Bosu Ball can offer you some of the following amazing benefits.

Keep in mind that the goals of Bosu Balls are challenging your balance and body parts like your ankles. This can also be a potential downside if you push it too far. Be careful when using a Bosu Ball and consider seeking help from an expert.

1. Improves balance and coordination

Balance and coordination are fitness skills that can be improved. Part of the goal of the Bosu Ball is to challenge these skills more. By doing this frequently you can get better at it like with most skills.

Many people forget to implement balance training into their workout routine but it is a helpful fitness component.

One small study looked at the impact on 44 elderly individuals of 12 weeks of exercises with a Bosu Ball and exercise ball twice a week compared to doing nothing.

They concluded that these exercises and Bosu Ball exercises can lead to an improvement in balance and decreased risk of falling (1).

The benefits of improved balance and coordination don’t just show up in other technical sports. In daily activities as simple as walking, these skills can help you avoid accidents.

2. Helps prevent injury

The first thing to keep in mind when talking about this benefit of Bosu Balls is that you need to use them in a way that does not get you injured in the first place.

Once that is checked off doing Bosu Ball exercises may help you reduce your injury risk. Especially in places like your ankles and wrists (2). This reduced injury risk is the consequence of a few different reasons.

First of all the Bosu Ball can simply strengthen body parts like your ankles and wrists which makes them more robust and better able to deal with strains without breaking down.

Secondly, Bosu Ball exercises can benefit something called proprioception which is accurately sensing where your body parts are. This in turn can help you avoid misplacing body parts like your feet which can result in injury.

Falling is also just an easy way to get injured. By improving your balance and coordination you reduce your risk of falling and in turn your risk of injury.

In short, Bosu Ball exercises can help people reduce their injury risk. This benefit applies to everyone ranging from college athletes to inactive elderly individuals.

3. Helps you build or preserve muscle

Some types of Bosu Ball exercises will help more with this but generally exercise will help you build and preserve muscle better than sitting still. Extra muscle is not only beneficial for your health in many ways but it is also considered to be visually appealing.

The exact muscles you will work out with a Bosu Ball vary from exercise to exercise. This can range from ankles all the way to your shoulders when doing something like a Bosu Ball pushup.

If you are serious about building muscle you do generally want to choose regular strength training exercises over more balance-focused exercises. For example, it is easier to do a squat with a lot of weight on the ground compared to a Bosu Ball squat.

The muscle-engaging effects of Bosu Ball exercises are more like a nice side-effect than replacing a whole type of exercise.

4. Can make your workouts more time-efficient

Another benefit of working out with a Bosu Ball is that it can help you decrease the time it takes to get in a good workout when it comes to certain exercises. A good exercise session isn’t necessarily about duration.

For example to build muscle you basically want to put enough strain on your muscles so muscle growth processes start. This doesn’t necessarily take a lot of time out of your day.

One study observed that doing weighted sit-ups with a Bosu Ball under the lower back increase ab muscle engagement (3).

Interestingly enough they also observed that bodyweight Bosu Ball sit-ups engaged oblique muscles less compared to bodyweight sit-ups on the ground. However, ab muscle engagement remained similar.

Another study observed that crunches with the lower back against an exercise ball engaged abs and obliques more compared to regular crunches (4). You will likely get a similar effect from the rounded part of the Bosu Ball.

In short, in some cases the Bosu Ball can help you make your workouts more time-efficient by making the exercise more intense. This benefit of Bosu Balls can be useful if you have trouble finding enough time throughout your day to fit in a workout.

5. Can improve posture

When using a good Bosu Ball you often engage muscles that are helpful for a good posture. A good posture can in turn offer you a few benefits.

Improving your posture will help you avoid injuries related to bad posture. One small study even suggests that open non-verbal displays, which a good posture helps with, are attractive (5).

6. Can improve cognitive performance

Another benefit of balance training and thus Bosu Ball exercises to a certain extent is that they can help you improve your cognitive function (6, 7).

One study divided 40 participants into either a balance or relaxation training control group. Each group exercised twice a week for 12 weeks. They observed that the balance training improved memory and spatial cognition without improving cardiorespiratory fitness (8).

This lack of improvement in cardiorespiratory fitness is interesting because more cardio-focused exercise generally improves cognitive performance as well (9, 10, 11). However, these different types of exercise may benefit cognitive performance in different ways.

In turn, it may be possible to get extra cognitive benefits by adding balance exercises on top of an existing workout routine.

In any case, this means that adding Bosu Ball exercises to your routine can benefit you by improving areas like your academic performance, job performance, and much more.

7. Can improve athletic performance

This next benefit of Bosu Balls does not mean that you should ferociously do Bosu Ball exercises right before your next sports match or competitive race.

Instead implementing balance and ankle strengthening exercises into your preparation training routine can help you improve performance in moments when it really matters.

Getting better at a certain sport or exercise isn’t necessarily done by doing these activities more. Cross-training which is training in a different sport can be useful.

Most physical competitions involve balance, coordination, not falling, ankle strength, and cognitive performance in one way or another. Bosu Ball exercises can help with these things and thus in turn can benefit athletic performance.

8. Compact storage

Some pieces of equipment require an entire empty garage to store them. Another benefit of a Bosu Ball is that it is a relatively compact piece of workout equipment.

Even if you have a very small living space, you can store your Bosu Ball under your bed. When it’s time to exercise you can go outside, do your workout, and then store it wherever you have some space left.


All in all, it is amazing that you can get so many important benefits from adding exercises with one piece of equipment to your workout routine.

One thing you need to remember is that even though there are benefits to training with a Bosu Ball, you can also push your balance boundaries too much which can result in falling and related issues.

It may not be smart for individuals with a bad balance to use a Bosu Ball. Anyone should be careful when using a Bosu Ball and if needed consider seeking help from an expert.

Also keep in mind that consistency is a big factor for a workout plan. The more you love the exercise you do the easier it becomes to do it consistently. If you like using a Bosu Ball, great. If not other balance workouts, Bosu Ball alternatives, and other exercises can also offer a lot of benefits.


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