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Besides doing crunches in different ways you can also do it with different equipment. Find out the benefits of Bosu Ball crunches and more.

Bosu Ball crunches are a variation of regular crunches where you do the exercise while lying on a Bosu Ball.

This increases the range of motion for your ab muscles which is typically a good thing for muscle growth and strength progress.

In simpler words, Bosu Ball crunches tend to be even more effective than the regular crunch which makes them a great exercise.

One small thing to note is that the Bosu Ball could also make the exercise slightly less comfortable.

However, people who have issues with this will likely have the same problem with regular crunches and many other core exercises.

How to do a Bosu Ball crunch

Take the following steps to do a Bosu Ball crunch:

  1. Put the Bosu Ball on the ground with the flat part down. Sit in front of it with your back toward it.
  2. Lie down on the Bosu Ball so that your spine follows the shape of the ball. Keep your hands against your chest.
  3. Slowly raise your head and shoulders as much as comfortably possible while keeping your lower back on the Bosu Ball.
  4. Lower your head and shoulders in a controlled motion until you are back in the position of step 2.
How to do a Bosu Ball crunch

You want to keep your head in more or less the same position in relation to your body. Do not jerk it forward.

This helps you both work your ab muscles and avoid an uncomfortable feeling in your neck.

Muscles worked with Bosu Ball crunches

Bosu Ball crunches will mainly work your ab muscles which run along the front of your stomach.

One study measured the difference in muscle activation between regular crunches, exercise ball crunches with the ball against the upper back, and exercise ball crunches with the ball against the lower back.

They measured that exercise ball crunches with the Bosu Ball against the lower back engaged ab muscles and obliques more than regular crunches (1).

This study in combination with the general resistance training principle that bigger range of motions tend to be better means that Bosu Ball crunches can be a great exercise for growing and strengthening your abs.

If you are really advanced, you could consider doing Bosu Ball crunches with weights to see even more and faster results.

Benefits of Bosu Ball crunches

The positive effects of the Bosu version are similar to the benefits of regular crunches but these are worth briefly mentioning again.

  1. Stronger muscles: Bosu Ball crunches are great for working your ab muscles. This can lead to growth and strength progress if you approach it right.
  2. May reduce or prevent back pain: You want to be careful if you already have pain in this area but Bosu Ball crunches can reduce or prevent back pain by strengthening your abs (2, 3).
  3. Makes your six-pack more visible: Growing your ab muscles will make your six-pack more visible which is typically considered to be an aesthetic benefit.

Crunches are definitely an example of an exercise where the benefits of Bosu Balls shine through.

If you are interested in training your abs, you can definitely consider Bosu Ball crunches.

Bosu Ball crunch alternatives

Even if you like Bosu Ball crunches and their effects, you may wonder whether there are any alternatives to switch things up and/or work different core muscles. A few examples include:

  • Other crunch variations
  • Sit-ups (with or without Bosu Ball)
  • Side plank dips
  • Hanging knee raises
  • Bird dogs
  • Russian twists

What Bosu Ball crunch alternatives are good options for your exercise routine depends on what you are trying to achieve and what equipment you have.

Are Bosu Ball crunches a good exercise?

Bosu Ball crunches are a great exercise for working your ab muscles.

Thanks to the Bosu Ball your abs go through a larger range of motion which is helpful for muscle growth and strength progress.

More advanced lifters may still need to add crunch equipment but many people will be able to see great results with bodyweight Bosu Ball crunches.

One thing to note is that personal preference still matters too since you want to make it easy to stick to your workout routine.

If you don’t like Bosu Ball crunches, one of the other Bosu Ball core exercises can be great too.

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Are BOSU ball crunches effective?

Yes, BOSU ball crunches are effective for growing and strengthening your ab muscles.

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