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Bosu Balls and balance discs are different types of balance workout equipment. Which option is the best in what areas?

A balance disc is basically a plastic inflatable disc. You can describe the Bosu Ball as the top of a stability ball attached to a flat surface.

Balance discs tend to be the best for balance and ankle training beginners, more compact, and a lot more budget-friendly. Keep in mind that most people will need something more challenging than balance discs after a while.

Bosu Balls definitely cost more but at the same time they are also more versatile, offer more challenging balance and ankle exercises (while still offering beginner-friendly exercises), and offer a higher number of different exercises.

Which one is ultimately the best for you depends on things like your training goals, budget, storage room, personal preferences, etc. This article will also go over these differences in more detail.

Most important differences

Bosu Balls and balance discs can both be good options when it comes to balance training equipment. At the same time, there are many important differences between the two. Even when it comes to balance training.

FeatureBosu BallBalance Disc
Vertical Balance TrainingGreatGood
Horizontal Balance TrainingDecentTiny Amount
Core TrainingGoodTiny amount
Ankle ExercisesGreatGood
Leg ExercisesDecentNot Really
Cardio TrainingYesTiny Amount
VersatilityGreatTiny Amount
Storage & PortabilityGoodGreat
Skill LevelBeginner To
Ultimate Beginner
To Intermediate
Check Current PricesCheck Current Prices
Most important differences Bosu Ball vs balance disc

Balance training

Balance and coordination training is a big focus of both of these workout tools. One way to train these fitness components is by standing on an unstable surface.

By trying to keep yourself upright at a level that is challenging enough you can train these things.

That being said, while the Bosu Ball and balance disc both focus on training balance, they do not have the exact same uses and effects.

Both the Bosu Ball and balance discs can be used to train vertical balance. The balance discs start at a slightly easier level but at the same time, the Bosu Ball is also beginner-friendly.

For ultimate balance training beginners, the balance disc could be a slightly better start.

A benefit of the Bosu Ball is that you can make your balance training a lot harder. This will be good for intermediates or individuals who plan to progress a lot.

Additionally, you can use the Bosu Ball and balance disc for more horizontal balance training with plank exercises. In this area, the Bosu Ball typically offers more options at more difficulty levels in more comfortable ways.

Ankle exercises

The next popular use for both the Bosu Ball and balance disc is doing ankle exercises. You can do these to strengthen your ankles in advance or to recover from an injury.

Similar to balance exercises, the balance disc is just a bit easier than the Bosu Ball. This can be great for ankle exercise beginners or individuals who just had an injury and want to play it safe.

The Bosu Ball is relatively beginner-friendly when it comes to ankle exercises too. On top of that, this piece of equipment also offers more challenging exercises for more advanced individuals.

Core training

By making exercises harder when it comes to balance, you typically also engage core muscles like your abs, obliques, and erector spinae slightly more.

Since the Bosu Ball can be used to do more challenging balance exercises it can also offer more core muscle engagement.

Additionally, you can use the Bosu Ball for specific core exercises like crunches. These Bosu Ball core exercises offer a lot more potential for core muscle growth and strength progress.

Other types of training

Balance discs are basically limited to the above types of training. You can use them for a few cardio exercises like mountain climbers and plank jacks but in general, there are not that many options

On the other hand, good Bosu Balls can be used for a variety of cardio exercises, leg exercises, and more.

The Bosu Ball is not always the most effective way to train these other muscles and fitness components but it can make these workouts a bit more interesting.


Some people are looking for one piece of fitness equipment that can help them train the most fitness components.

In this area, the difference is very clear. The Bosu Ball is more versatile than balance discs. The number of balance disc exercises is just as high as the number of Bosu Ball exercises.

Storage and portability

A piece of fitness equipment can be the ultimate choice for you when it comes to training benefits but if you are not able to store it, it may not be a great investment after all.

Additionally, you may want to take your Bosu Ball or balance disc to the park, a friend’s house, or anywhere else.

A balance disc is a lot better when it comes to storage and portability than a Bosu Ball. Even if you would deflate your Bosu Ball for every trip or workout session, it would be less convenient to store and carry due to its shape and size.

Skill level

To be able to start training with your fitness equipment of choice, you have to be able to use it. If either the Bosu Ball or balance disc is too hard this is not possible.

That being said, for the Bosu Ball and balance disc this is generally not an issue. The Bosu Ball may be just a bit too hard for absolute balance and ankle training beginners. However, it is still relatively beginner-friendly.

The opposite can be an issue too. If the piece of equipment is too easy for your current skill level your progress will slow down a lot or stop completely.

This second situation is a concern of balance discs. They are not the most challenging piece of balance equipment.

On the other hand, the Bosu Ball has a relatively high upper limit when it comes to how hard you can make the exercises on it. Sometimes with the help of Bosu Ball accessories like a medicine ball or dumbbells.


For many people a big downside of the Bosu Balls is that they cost a lot compared to other fitness equipment like balance discs.

Even if you are not on a very tight budget, you may be able to buy a balance disc and a few light dumbbells for the price of one Bosu Ball.

Something to keep in mind if you are on a tighter budget is that there are many other brands that offer half ball balance trainers at a lower price. These tend to be lower quality but could suit your workout needs too.

Additionally, certain Bosu Ball alternatives like the balance board could offer the challenging balance exercises you are looking for but at a lower price.

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