Standard Bulgarian Bag Weights & Recommendations

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To take full advantage of Bulgarian bags you want to know what weights they are and how much you should use.

The average weight of the Bulgarian bag models on our list is 38 pounds (17.47 kg).

In general, most Bulgarian bag brands offer weights between 11-55 pounds (5 kg – 25 kg).

That being said, there are even brands that go up to 84 pounds (38.10 kg).

Additionally, there are brands that offer the Bulgarian bag shell. You can then choose how much weight you actually put in the bag.

The downside of this is that you have to buy additional weights and these bags still have a weight limit.

This article will also go over the different Bulgarian bag weights available, where to find these models, and some tips on how to choose the right weight for you.

How much do Bulgarian bags weigh?

After some general averages and trends, you can find the weights of the individual Bulgarian bag brands in a list.

The average weight of the Bulgarian bags on this list is 38.52 pounds (17.47 kg) and the median weight is 39.35 pounds (17.84 kg).

You should have no problem finding Bulgarian bags between 11-55 pounds (5 kg – 25 kg).

The worthwhile mention in this table is Suples Original with the heaviest Bulgarian bag at 84 pounds (38.10 kg).

As you can see there are also refillable options. An upside of these is that you can adjust the weight of these to your liking.

A potential downside includes that you have to buy filling yourself.

You can fill your Bulgarian bag with materials like sand, rubber mulch, waste cotton, old clothes, or a combination of these.

Additionally, if you don’t fill the bag enough, the weight inside may jump around a lot which can be annoying.

BrandWeight in PoundsWeight in kilogramsAdjustable weight?
Suples Original114.99No
Elite39 (Max) 17.69 (Max)Yes
VGEBY155.12 (Max)25.00 (Max)Yes
HSART55.12 (Max)25.00 (Max)Yes
Titan Fitness (20 pounds)209.07No
Titan Fitness (50 pounds)5022.68No
SOONHUA55.12 (Max)25.00 (Max)Yes
Table with Bulgarian bag weights

Bulgarian bag weight recommendations

After learning what Bulgarian bag weight options are available, the next question is what weight you should choose.

While there are some very general recommendations you can use, unfortunately the answer is “it depends a lot”.

The main factors that influence what weight of Bulgarian bag is the best for you are what muscles you want to target, your training goals, and your personal capabilities.

First of all, the different muscles in your body have varying degrees of strength.

The difference in the weight you can use for a squat with a Bulgarian bag will be many times more than a Bulgarian bag bicep curl.

Additionally, you can train the same muscles in different ways.

By using a relatively heavy weight, you will focus more on training muscle power which is how explosively your muscles can generate power.

Lower weights will focus more on muscle endurance.

Lastly, how strong you are, influences these numbers a lot. There are obvious differences between kids and athletes in the recommended weights.

Even so, even two people of the same age and gender can vary a lot in strength.

Ideally, you would try out different weights of Bulgarian bags or equipment options with a similar feel.

However, this is not always the option for everyone so Suples, the original Bulgarian bag brand, offers a few charts with weight recommendations. You can find these below too.

Keep in mind that these charts are very rough general recommendations. The ideal weight for you depends on a lot of different factors and exercises.

Bulgarian bag starter size chart

Your ConditionSexBulgarian Bag Starting Weight Recommendation
Out of shape, beginner, no
training experience, or older age
Male17 – 22 lbs (7.7 – 10 kg)
Female11 – 17 lbs (5 – 7.7 kg)
Average or good shapeMale26 – 33 lbs (11.8 – 15 kg)
Female17 – 22 lbs (7.7 – 10 kg)
Good shape and/or experience in weight trainingMale37 – 42 lbs (16.8 – 19.1 kg)
Female22 – 26 lbs (10 – 11.8 kg)
Starter Bulgarian bag weight recommendations

Bulgarian bag elite size chart

Your ConditionSexBulgarian Bag Starting Weight Recommendation
Experienced with heavy weights
and Bulgarian bags
Male 44 – 84 lbs (20 – 38.1 kg)
Female37 – 84 lbs (16.8 – 38.1 kg)
Elite Bulgarian bag weight recommendations

Bulgarian bag kids size chart

Body WeightBulgarian Bag Starting Weight Recommendation
60-90 lbs (27.2-40.8 kg)11 lbs (5 kg)
90-105 lbs (40.8-47.6 kg)13 lbs (5.9 kg)
105-130 lbs (47.6-59 kg)17 lbs (7.7 kg)
Kids Bulgarian bag weight recommendations
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