Calories Burned In 30 Minutes Of Exercise

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Knowing how many calories you burn can be useful. The chart below will show you estimations for the calories burned in 30 minutes of exercise.

Part of losing and controlling your weight is broadly knowing how much energy you use from day to day. Things like what activities you do and what your current weight is, play a big role.

The below values are calculated with a MET formula which you can learn more about below the chart. Keep in mind that these are rough estimations.

This formula doesn’t take into account certain factors that do influence calories burned with exercise.

These numbers of calories burned are when doing the exercise for 30 minutes.

Weight Person
(56 Kg) Person
(70 Kg) Person
(83 Kg) Person
(98 Kg) Person
Stretching, mild6884101117
Yoga, hatha7492109127
Pilates, general89110131152
Dancing: slow, waltz, foxtrot89110131152
Frisbee playing, general89110131152
Tai chi, qi gong, general89110131152
Sailing, general89110131152
Surfing, body or board, general89110131152
Trampoline, recreational103128153178
Descending stairs103128153178
Calisthenics, moderate effort112139166193
Gymnastics, general112139166193
Yoga, power118146175203
Table tennis, ping pong118146175203
Track and field, light effort118146175203
Stair climbing, slow pace118146175203
Archery, non-hunting127157188218
Walking, 3.5 mph127157188218
Stationary rowing, general142176210244
Cricket, general142176210244
Golf, general142176210244
Elliptical trainer, moderate effort148183219254
Weight lifting, general148183219254
Dancing: ballet, modern, or jazz148183219254
Skateboarding, general148183219254
Softball or baseball, general148183219254
Walking, 4.0 mph148183219254
Kayaking, moderate effort148183219254
Martial arts, slower pace157194232269
Snow shoeing, moderate effort157194232269
Badminton,  general162201240279
Boxing, punching bag162201240279
Horseback riding, general162201240279
Water aerobics162201240279
Canoeing, rowing, 4.0-5.9 mph171212253295
Swimming freestyle, moderate effort171212253295
Weight lifting, vigorous177220262305
Paddleball, general177220262305
Track and field, moderate effort177220262305
Hiking, cross country177220262305
Waterskiing, wakeboarding177220262305
Stand up paddle boarding177220262305
Swimming, leisurely177220262305
Basketball, general192238284330
Ski machine, general201249297345
Stationary bicycling, general207256306356
Racquetball, general207256306356
Skating, roller207256306356
Soccer, general207256306356
Walking, 4.5 mph207256306356
Skindiving, scuba diving, general207256306356
Swimming, sidestroke, general207256306356
Ice skating, general207256306356
Skiing, general207256306356
Aerobic dance, general216267319371
Squash, general216267319371
Tennis, general216267319371
General dancing: disco, folk, country230286341396
Hockey, field230286341396
Bicycling, 12-13.9 mph236293350406
Calisthenics, vigorous effort236293350406
Circuit training, vigorous intensity236293350406
Football, competitive236293350406
Football, touch, flag, general236293350406
Ice hockey, general236293350406
Horseback polo236293350406
Rock or mountain climbing236293350406
Beach volleyball, in sand236293350406
Running, 5 mph245304363422
Walking, 5.0 mph245304363422
Swimming, crawl, vigorous effort245304363422
Bicycling, bmx or mountain251311372432
Stationary bycycling, spin bike class251311372432
Rope jumping, slow pace260322385447
Stair climbing, fast pace260322385447
Running, 5.2 mph266330393457
Running, cross country266330393457
Swimming, backstroke, general281348415483
Running, 6 mph289359428498
Rollerblading, in-line skating, 11.0 mph289359428498
Bicycling, 14-15.9 mph295366437508
Track and field, vigorous effort295366437508
Water polo295366437508
Martial arts, moderate pace304377450523
Swimming, breaststroke, general304377450523
Running, 6.7 mph310384459533
Slide board exercise, general325403481559
Windsurfing or kitesurfing, crossing trial325403481559
Running, 7.5 mph340421503584
Rope jumping, moderate pace348432516599
Bicycling, 16-19 mph354439524610
Handball, general354439524610
Rope skipping, general363450538625
Running, 8.6 mph363450538625
Rope jumping, fast pace363450538625
Swimming, butterfly, general408505603701
Skating, ice dancing413513612711
Running, 10 mph428531634737
Bicycling, > 20 mph467579691803
Running, 11 mph473586699813
Chart of calories burned per exercise in 30 minutes

To calculate calories burned during certain exercises you can use a formula with MET values. A MET value is an exercise-specific value to indicate how intense a specific type of workout is.

You can use this value in the following formula: METs x 3.5 x (your body weight in kilograms) / 200 = calories burned per minute

This formula is not perfect because it does not take details like body composition, whether you use external weights like weighted vests, your hormone levels, etc. into account.

Lastly, this table of calories burned per exercise is based on the MET values of this list of 800 MET values for activities and exercises.

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