How Many Calories In Red, Green, And Black Grapes

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Grapes are a convenient type of food. They are easy to bring with you so they make for a great snack on the go. Did you know different colors of grapes vary slightly in calories?

You can find the differences in calorie amounts between red, green, black, seedless, and seeded grapes below. There is also a chart showing you the distribution of calories from carbohydrates vs fats vs protein.

While grapes are generally a low-calorie food, there are many lower-calorie fruits too.

Seedless grapes

According to the U.S. Department Of Agriculture (USDA) red seedless grapes, green seedless grapes, and black seedless grapes contain the following amounts of calories (1, 2, 3).

Red GrapesGreen GrapesBlack Grapes
1 grape3 calories3 calories3 calories
5 grapes17 calories16 calories16 calories
10 grapes35 calories32 calories32 calories
12 grapes42 calories38 calories38 calories
15 grapes52 calories48 calories48 calories
20 grapes70 calories64 calories64 calories
1 ounce (28 g)20 calories18 calories18 calories
50 grams grapes36 calories33 calories33 calories
Small bunch (52 g)37 calories34 calories34 calories
Large bunch (100 g)71 calories65 calories65 calories
Handful grapes (75 g)53 calories49 calories49 calories
1 cup grapes (92 g)65 calories60 calories60 calories
Chart of calories in seedless grapes

Seeded grapes

According to the U.S. Department Of Agriculture (USDA) red seeded grapes and green seeded grapes contain the following amounts of calories (4, 5).

At the time of writing there are no values available for seeded black grapes. You can however assume that like with seedless grapes the calorie values of black grapes are the same as green grapes.

Red GrapesGreen Grapes
1 grape3 calories3 calories
5 grapes17 calories16 calories
10 grapes34 calories35 calories
12 grapes41 calories42 calories
15 grapes51 calories52 calories
20 grapes69 calories70 calories
1 ounce (28 g)20 calories20 calories
50 grams grapes35 calories36 calories
Small bunch (52 g)36 calories37 calories
Large bunch (100 g)70 calories71 calories
Handful grapes (75 g)53 calories53 calories
1 cup grapes (92 g)64 calories65 calories
Chart of calories in seeded grapes

Macronutrient distribution seedless red grapes

Values Per 100gSeedless Red GrapesPercentage Of Total Calories
Total Calories71 calories100 %
Carbohydrates68.44 calories96 %
Protein2.56 calories4 %
Fats0 calories0 %
Chart of macronutrient distribution seedless red grapes

Other differences between colors grapes

Besides small differences in calorie counts between different colors of grapes, there are also other nutrient values that can vary.

While nutrition contents can vary from grape to grape some results suggest that darker colored grapes generally contain bigger amounts of antioxidants (6). Overall these antioxidants are often considered to be beneficial for health.

The difference will likely not be big but this indicates that red and black grapes are slightly healthier than white and green grapes.

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