Dealing With After Weight Loss Loose Skin

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You’ve lost some weight. Congratulations! But now you notice that parts of your skin are stretched out. Don’t worry, there are some tricks to deal with after weight loss loose skin.

There are 2 main categories of remedies concerning loose skin. The first category is through natural methods. The second way is through cosmetic surgeries.

Natural methods should be your first choice. Things like cosmetic surgery can possibly have negative side-effects even if the medical world is not yet completely aware of it. The damage you can do with natural methods is way smaller if not non-existent.

To start off, here are 5 natural methods you can use to reduce excess skin.

1. Exercise to deal with loose skin

Exercising has countless different benefits. It helps you control your weight, it makes you happier, it improves cognitive performance and so on.

Exercise can also potentially help you deal with loose skin. By exercising you strengthen your body. This improves the performance of all kinds of processes in your body including repair of skin. This is more an indirect way with the mentality of stronger body stronger health.

However exercise can also help directly if you focus on building muscle. By gaining muscle you will increase the volume of mass under your skin. This “fills up” the existing skin and thus reduces the amount of excess skin.

2. Consume more collagen boosting foods

Collagen is a substance that improves connective tissue.

There are two ways your body is able to get collagen. The first way is by directly getting it from food. The second way involves your body producing collagen on its own.

Since you’re dealing with excess skin it might be wise to combine the two. Interestingly both methods involve eating certain foods.

There are also collagen supplements on the market. Collagen supplements could potentially improve your skin health without any side effects (1). Consuming your nutrients in whole food form is the safe way. However, supplements can provide beneficial substances in a more concentrated form.

3. Massage the area of loose skin

Massaging body parts increases the blood flow to those parts. Blood transports all kinds of building blocks to important places and transports out unwanted things. This can support the skin repairing processes present inside your body..

Massaging to deal with after weight loss loose skin

4. Skin health creams

Eating food isn’t the only way you can provide your body with beneficial substances.

You can also use certain skin creams. This can again improve your skin health.

It’s true that creams can also contain artificial compounds so this is more of a semi-natural method.

5. Fasting to improve skin health

Not eating for an extended period of time improves a process called “autophagy” which means “self-eating”. This might sound like the magic solution to your problem. Hower, there are limits. Increased autophagy doesn’t mean your body gets rid of every small area of excess skin but the more the better.

Autophagy is known to improve skin health and elasticity which ultimately helps with the excess skin.

water fasting to improve skin health

Cosmetic surgery

As mentioned, unnatural interventions could potentially have negative consequences not everyone is yet aware of.

Of course everyone’s situation is different. Sometimes the emotional impact of excess skin can be rough for a person.

You can always give your body a few months to deal with the excess skin, using the natural methods mentioned. Then if you’re not satisfied with the progress you can still consider cosmetic surgery.

How long it will take to deal with after weight loss loose skin depends on person to person.

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