Popular Elliptical Machine Weight Limits

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Elliptical machines can be great but you want to respect their weight limits to avoid accidents. Find out what these are in general and for specific models.

I made a list of 52 elliptical machines for this article. The average weight limit of these elliptical machines is 295.38 pounds (133.96 kg).

Of these same elliptical machines, the median weight limit is 300 pounds (136.05 kg).

As you can predict, you do want to know the specific details of an important elliptical machine aka cross trainer detail like the weight limit of the specific model you have in mind.

For example, there are elliptical machines with only a weight limit of only 220 pounds (99.77 kg).

On the other end, there are a good amount of elliptical machines on the list that have a weight limit of up to 400 pounds (181.41 kg).

This article will also go over a list of the 52 elliptical machines and their weight limits and why you typically want to respect this number.

Distribution of popular elliptical machine weight limits

Elliptical machine weight limits

Among the differences in many other areas, elliptical machines can also vary a lot in terms of weight limits.

As mentioned, the average weight limit of the 52 elliptical machines on this list is 295.38 pounds (133.96 kg). The median weight limit is 300 pounds (136.05 kg).

Two models that stand out because of their high weight limit of 400 pounds include the Niceday Elliptical Machine and the SOLE Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine.

On the lower end of the weight capacities, there are multiple models with weight limits of only 220 pounds (99.77 kg).

When it comes to at-home elliptical machines, almost no models will go outside the weight limit range of 220 pounds to 400 pounds (99.77 – 181.41 kg).

BrandModelWeight Limit In LbsWeight Limit In Kg
Sunny Health & FitnessSF-E90522099.77
Body PowerBST800250113.38
NicedayElliptical Machine400181.41
Schwinn Fitness470 Elliptical300136.05
411 Compact Elliptical300136.05
430 Elliptical300136.05
Best Choice Products2-in-1 Elliptical22099.77
PoobooElliptical Trainer390176.87
Plasma Fit2 in 122099.77
BowflexM3 Max trainer300136.05
M5 Max trainer300136.05
M7 Max trainer300136.05
M8 Max trainer300136.05
Body Champ3-in-1250113.38
Fitness RealityE5500XL270122.45
ProFormHybrid Trainer350158.73
XTERRA FitnessFS150265120.18
EU100 Hybrid265120.18
EU150 Hybrid265120.18
Body RiderBRD2000250113.38
MerachElliptical Machine350158.73
NordicTrackSpaceSaver SE7i325147.39
Horizon FitnessEX-59275124.72
SOLE FitnessE25 Elliptical325147.39
E35 Elliptical375170.07
E95 Elliptical400181.41
Table with elliptical machine weight limits

Reasons to respect elliptical machine weight limits

The weight capacities of the elliptical machines above do not come from nowhere. There are actual differences in material and construction choices that make certain brands sturdier than others.

Even though elliptical trainer weight limits are typically not as strict that a few pounds will make the difference, there are still a few good reasons to respect these numbers anyway.

Elliptical machine warranty void

It is relatively standard that pricier exercise equipment options like elliptical machines come with a warranty.

However, these warranties typically come with conditions. A common one is “if used as intended”.

This almost always means that going over the weight capacity of an elliptical machine voids your warranties. Even if the issues are not related to your choices in this area.

Elliptical machines breaking down

Some of the things that influence the weight capacity of elliptical trainers are the exact choices in areas like frame material and bolt choices.

This makes it so pressuring your elliptical machine with too much weight could actually make these parts break down.

If a broken machine is not bad enough, things like this can also actually lead to accidents and injuries in some cases.

Could not work as desired

Even if elliptical materials don’t completely break down, the excess pressure of going over the weight limit could bend certain parts.

In turn, this can make your movements harder, less comfortable, and/or mess with details like the resistance adjustment.

Since working out at the right resistance levels is relatively important you likely just want to invest a bit more into an elliptical machine with a higher weight limit.

Faster elliptical trainer wear and tear

Another possible consequence of going over the weight limits of elliptical machines is that they still function more or less as desired but that the wear and tear are faster than usual.

Generally, lower limits tend to involve faster wear and tear. Especially in models where you go outside of the weight limits.

Just investing a bit more in an elliptical machine with a higher weight capacity can sometimes help you avoid having to replace a relatively new machine due to wear and tear.

It is worth briefly mentioning that this wear and tear difference mostly applies between models of the same brands.

Different brands can still vary a lot in this area. Even if they have the same weight limit.

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