Average Exercise Bike Weight Limits (5 Types)

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Exercise bikes offer good workouts but only if their weight limits are high enough for the user. Find out what you can expect in this area.

The 57 exercise bike examples in this article had an average weight limit of 307.13 pounds (139.29 kg). The median weight limit of these same exercise bikes was 300 pounds (136.05 kg).

Individual exercise bikes can obviously still vary a lot. There are many options that have weight limits of 350 pounds (158.73 kg) and more.

On the other side, you also have exercise bikes that can only deal with users up to 240 pounds (108.84 kg).

Because of all of the individual differences, it can be smart to check out the different categories and exercise bike models below.

Exercise bike weight limits

The general average exercise bike weight limit of 307.13 pounds (139.29 kg) is useful to some extent.

However, even between exercise bike types, you can find decent differences.

Checking these more detailed numbers can be important to make sure you don’t overdo it.

As I will explain later in the article, going over the exercise bike weight limits is typically not recommended for a variety of reasons.

Upright exercise bike weight limits

Upright exercise bikes are a relatively popular option. As their names imply, these stand out in your upright sitting position.

The average weight limit of the upright exercise bikes on this list is 298.32 pounds (135.29 kg). The median weight limit is 300 pounds (136.05 kg).

Some options that stand out are the HARISON Exercise Bike and the 3G Cardio Elite. These are the upright exercise bikes with the highest weight limit on this list, 350 pounds (158.73).

On the flip side, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2883 only has a weight limit of 240 pounds (108.84 kg).

Brand ModelWeight Limit In PoundsWeight Limit In Kilograms
Schwinn 130299.83136.00
Nautilus U616325147.39
Exerpeutic Folding Bike300136.05
HARISON Exercise Bike350158.73
Marcy Foldable Upright250113.38
ATIVAFIT Bike265120.18
Leikefitness Bike300136.05
Marcy ME-708300136.05
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2883240108.84
3G Cardio Elite350158.73
Schwinn 170300136.05
Table with upright exercise bike weight limits

Spin bike (indoor cycling bike) weight limits

Spin bikes aka indoor cycling bikes are models where you really sit bent-over.

The spin bikes below have an average weight limit of 326.06 pounds (147.87 kg). Their median weight limit is 330 pounds (149.66 kg).

One model, the XtremepowerUS, even goes up to a 440-pound (199.55 kg) weight limit.

On the lower end of the list, there is the YOSUDA model with a weight limit of only 270 pounds (122.45).

Spin bikes have the highest average weight capacity of all the exercise bike types in this article.

Brand ModelWeight Limit In PoundsWeight Limit In Kilograms
Peloton Bike297134.69
CHAOKE Spin Bike300136.05
Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike330149.66
Sunny Health & Fitness B1805300136.05
Soulcycle Home350158.73
Myx bike350158.73
Nordictrack Commercial S15i350158.73
Echelon EX-15300136.05
Bowflex C7 IC Bike330149.66
Table with spin bike (indoor cycling bike) weight limits

Air bike weight limits

Air bikes stand out because of their fans that turn against the resistance from the air as you pedal.

The air bikes on the list below have an average weight limit of 292.27 pounds (132.55 kg) and a median weight limit of 300 pounds (136.05 kg).

Three of the air bikes that stand out for their relatively high weight limit of 350 pounds (158.73 kg) are the Assault AirBike Classic, the Octane Fitness ADX Fan Bike, and the Assault AirBike Elite.

Many other air bike models go down to a weight limit of 250 pounds (113.38 kg).

The air bikes are the exercise bike type with the lowest average weight limit in this article. Even so, there are still a few sturdy options that are good enough for many people.

Brand ModelWeight Limit In PoundsWeight Limit In Kilograms
Assault AirBike Classic350158.73
Schwinn AD 2 Airdyne Fan Bike250113.38
Schwinn AD 6 Airdyne Fan Bike300136.05
Octane Fitness ADX Fan Bike350158.73
Sunny Health & Fitness Motion Air265120.18
Marcy AIR-1300136.05
Concept2 BikeErg 2900300136.05
Body Rider BRF980250113.38
XTERRA Fitness AIR350 Air Bike250113.38
Assault AirBike Elite350158.73
Body Rider BRF700250113.38
Table with air bike weight limits

Recumbent exercise bike weight limits

Recumbent exercise bikes stand out in their reclined seats with back padding.

The recumbent exercise bikes in this article have an average weight of 306.14 pounds (138.84 kg). These same models have a median weight limit of 300 pounds (136.05 kg).

If you want something sturdy, the Vanswe Recumbent Bike with a weight limit of 400 pounds (181.41 kg) could be for you.

On the lower end of the list, there is the Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 with a weight limit of only 250 pounds (113.38 kg).

Brand ModelWeight Limit In PoundsWeight Limit In Kilograms
Schwinn 230300136.05
Marcy Magnetic Recumbent300136.05
Nautilus R616300136.05
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4616300136.05
Vanswe Recumbent Bike400181.41
Exerpeutic 5000325147.39
Pooboo Recumbent Bike330149.66
Marcy ME-709300136.05
JEEKEE Recumbent Bike300136.05
Circuit Fitness300136.05
Schwinn 270299.83136
ProForm 235 CSX275124.72
Weslo Pursuit G 3.1250113.38
Table with recumbent exercise bike weight limits

Dual action exercise bike weight limits

People who are interested in full-body cardio machines could like dual action exercise bikes. These have moving arm handles on top of the regular pedals.

The five dual action exercise bikes below have an average weight limit of 303 pounds (137.41 kg). Additionally, their median weight limit is 300 pounds (136.05 kg).

One thing to keep in mind with these numbers is that the list of dual action exercise bikes is relatively small. A few extra options can influence the average a lot.

Two models, the Sunny Health & Fitness RB4708 and Sunny Health & Fitness RB4631 have a weight limit of up to 350 pounds (158.73 kg).

On the other hand, the Velocity Dual Motion Bike only has a weight capacity of 250 pounds (113.38 kg).

Brand ModelWeight Limit In PoundsWeight Limit In Kilograms
Sunny Health & Fitness RB4936265120.20
Marcypro JX-7301300136.05
Sunny Health & Fitness RB4708350158.73
Sunny Health & Fitness RB4631350158.73
Velocity Dual Motion Bike250113.38
Table with dual action exercise bike weight limits

Reasons to respect exercise bike weight limits

Even if the exercise bike weight limits are not completely strict, they are still the result of important details like the material used, how the frame is built, the thickness of the material, and more.

In combination with other reasons below, this means you typically want to respect the weight limits these exercise bike brands give.

Even though models with higher weight capacities tend to be a bit pricier.

Exercise bike warranty void

Exercise bikes are not the most expensive fitness tools but they do require a decent investment. In turn, brands typically offer a warranty to make investing in them less scary.

One important thing to keep in mind is that these warranties typically come with conditions. This often includes an “if used as intended” statement.

Staying under the weight limit falls into this category.

Even if the specific defect is the result of something different, going over the weight limit of your exercise bike could void your warranty.

Exercise bikes breaking down

Once you know that exercise bike brands can use different materials and constructions it becomes clear that going over the given weight limit can make the machine break down.

In a good case, this can lead to a relatively innocent thing like a pedal that breaks off without consequences.

However, it could also lead to more serious accidents and injuries.

Could not work as desired

Even if the parts of exercise bikes don’t break by going over the weight limits, they could stop working as intended.

For example, the pedals of your exercise bikes could bend to the extent where rotating them becomes needlessly hard.

Another option is that the resistance mechanism breaks which means your workouts become harder or easier than intended.

Faster wear and tear

Something to note first about this last detail is that you should mostly use it to compare models of the same brand.

With that in mind, different weight capacities are somewhat of an indication of how sturdy individual exercise bikes are.

In turn, exercise bikes with lower weight limits tend to get wear and tear more quickly. Especially if you go over the indicated capacity.

That means even though models with higher limits tend to be pricier in the short term, they could help you avoid having to replace your equipment regularly.

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