How To Get Motivated For Weight Loss

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Working on losing weight isn’t always as easy as knowing what to do. Often people need some help getting motivated for weight loss.

So you have no motivation to lose weight

Losing weight isn’t only about knowing what weight loss foods to eat, what weight loss exercises you need to do and what other habits you need to implement.

By now you’ve probably noticed that too.

Some people just look like they’re motivated all the time. They jump out of bed first thing in the morning to go exercise. They easily say no to unhealthy foods and when you ask them how they do it they “just do it”.

However, when you try to do the same it feels like there is some invisible wall stopping you from doing those things. You know those things help you lose weight and you know you want to do them but for some reason you just can’t get motivated enough to do them.

So you have no motivation to lose weight

You need to know this about motivation

There is something you need to know about motivation.

It’s something you can create for yourself. You just have to learn how.

This is extremely empowering. It means that your future is in your hands, it’s not dependent on “being lucky to have motivation”.

If you get motivation without having to create it, awesome, use it! If not there are a few steps you can take to get motivated for weight loss.

First step to change

There is an important first step in every weight loss journey. It can happen both consciously and unconsciously but every time it’s there. The more clear you are about it the better.

That first step is setting a good weight loss goal.

Good weight loss goals can benefit you in multiple ways. They help you focus on the right things. They allow you to measure progress. They keep you accountable to yourself.

If you really “feel” where you want you will automatically feel more motivated too.

However, if that’s not enough there are other things you can do as well.

The 2 forces that drive humans

Every time you consider doing something 2 driving forces show up in your thoughts. For most people this happens without them paying any attention to it. Once you do pay attention to it you can use them to motivate you.

These 2 forces are pain and pleasure.

If the pleasure you feel about doing something outweighs the pain you feel doing it you will do it. If not you won’t. The thing is that you don’t always think about or pay enough attention to the good aspects of healthy things. Or too much about the things you will have to do to get something good.


This is the part where goal setting can help with getting motivated for weight loss. Focus on how good you will feel once you’ve lost the weight, how many compliments you will get, how awesome you will look, how powerful you will feel because you’ve accomplished something, how much longer you will live, how much healthier you will be,…

By reminding yourself of all the pleasure you will get by losing weight doing your weight loss habits will feel a lot more worth it.

On moments you don’t feel motivated you need to sit down and write all the good things that will happen if you push through.

Reading about the benefits of losing weight and the right weight loss quotes can provide you with some inspiration.

pleasure to get motivated for weight loss and exercise


The other side of the coin of decisions is pain. People tend to be more motivated to more away from pain than to more towards to pleasure so make sure you get this one right.

What often happens is that you focus too much on the tiny inconvenience you have to go through right now. You don’t want to put on your exercising clothes, you don’t want to feel tired, you don’t want to say no to certain foods.

The trick is to focus more on all the bad things that will happen if you don’t follow through with that exercise. The bad things that will happen if you do eat that cookie. The immense increase in risk on certain diseases if you don’t lose the weight. All the clothes you can’t wear because you’re embarrassed about how much weight you’ve gained.

To some people this might sound like really harsh motivation to lose weight but that’s the point. You pâin yourself into doing the right things for you and your health.

What this isn’t

Some people think about this as a “do once and then forget about it” thing. That’s not what this is.

Humans easily forget. If you don’t focus on the pleasure you will get from losing weight and the pain if you don’t regularly, you will most likely start slacking sooner or later.

Do this how often you need to do it. Some people think about these things once and they’re set. Others need to remind themselves daily.

What getting motivated to lose weight isn't

Even better than motivation

Do you ever do things without considering the pain and pleasure you will get from them?

Chances are, you do. They’re called habits.

Habits are things you just do because they are so ingrained in you. By doing something over and over they become habits. If you make healthy things habits you won’t think twice about doing them.

Your plan might be the problem

Let’s say that to lose weight you would have to run 2 marathons a day. You can imagine not a lot of people would try to lose weight right?

How difficult or painful your weight loss habits are makes them easier or harder to do.

A lot of people have bad plans for losing weight. The habits of their plan feel like running 2 marathons a day. That’s just a recipe for disaster.

Often there are way easier things you can do that have more effect on your weight loss. Wouldn’t you want to know about these things instead of having to get extremely motivated 3 times a day?

By learning from someone who knows about these things you can make your weight loss many times easier and faster.

If you are interested in this schedule a call with us right here or contact us right here.

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