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10 Top Gym Machines For Weight Loss

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Most people know the gym is the place to be to do a variety of workouts. But what are some of the best gym machines specifically for weight loss?

Exercise helps your weight loss in two main ways although there are also more downstream positive effects. The first way is by increasing the amount of energy, calories, your body uses right now. For this cardiovascular workouts are generally more helpful.

The second way is by increasing the amount of muscle mass you have. How much you weigh has a big influence on how many calories you burn during every minute of the day. Muscle mass helps you burn more calories in a healthy way. Resistance training is more helpful for this.

You can definitely lose weight without a gym subscription and even without losing weight. However, especially for resistance training, going to the gym can help you speed up the process.

For many people the best workout plan to lose weight is some combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training. Remember that even though exercise can offer many benefits, there is always some risk. You may want to talk to your primary care provider before starting a new workout routine.

Also keep in mind that other lifestyle habits like what you eat are important when trying to lose weight no matter what exercise you do. You can work out and gain weight at the same time if your other lifestyle habits are not good.

Resistance training gym machines for weight loss

When doing resistance training for weight loss one of the main goals is building as much muscle mass as possible in the least amount of time. For this you want to focus on the bigger muscle groups like legs, back, chest, and shoulders.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to gym machines only. Free weights like a barbell, dumbbells, and kettlebells can be great for weight loss resistance training too.

1. Cable machine

The cable machine is a type of gym machine where a steel frame holds weights and pulleys. Thanks to the cable going through these pulleys and attached to these weights you can do many types of strength training exercises for a wide variety of muscles.

One example of a good cable machine exercise for weight loss is a deadlift. For this exercise you want one pulley and a straight bar handle. Once you have that put the cable pulley low to the ground and stand right next to it with your face toward it.

Slightly fold your knees and tilt your upper body forward to grab the straight bar attachment with an overhanded grip with your hands at about shoulder width.

Stretch your knees and tilt back your upper body at the same time until your upper body and legs are stretched in one straight line. When doing a deadlift it is very important to keep your back in a straight line during the exercise. Lastly, return to the previous position in a controlled motion.

One of the benefits of the cable machine is that is it extremely versatile. You can use it to train all of the biggest muscle groups which can help you lose a lot of weight.

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2. Smith machine

The smith machine looks similar to a squat rack but there are a few differences which make the smith machine more of a machine.

First of all, the barbell is attached to a rail system. This makes it so it can only move up or down alongside these rails and not forward or backward. Secondly, it has a system where you can rack the barbell at any height. This can remove the need for a partner for certain exercises.

An example of a good weight loss exercise with the smith machine is the bent-over row. To do this exercise lower the smith machine bar as close to the ground as possible, load it with the desired weight, and stand in front of it.

Put your hands on the bar at about shoulder width and lift the bar of the ground until you stand upright. tilt your upper body forward until it is at about a 45-degree angle with the ground while keeping your back straight. Let your arms with the bar hang down to the ground for now.

Bend your elbows until your hands reach your body. The goal is to mainly make your back muscles support this movement. Keep your arms close to your body, your body in a straight line, and your feet in the same position during the movement. Lastly, slowly lower the bar to the previous position.

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3. Leg press machine

The leg press is a gym machine where you push away weights from your body with your legs. This can be both sideways but more often upward while sitting in a low seat. You can describe the leg press as a squat in machine form.

This machine looks like a seat with a pad with weight to put your feet against. To do a leg press simply adjust the machine to your personal size, select your desired weight, take a seat, and put your feet on the pad at about shoulder width.

You then push the weights away until your legs are slightly less than stretched and then slowly return the weights to starting position.

The leg press mainly targets a variety of big muscle groups like quadriceps (front thighs), hamstrings (back thighs), and glutes. This can be extremely helpful for losing weight.

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4. T-bar row machine

The T-bar row is a type of machine where one bar is anchored to the ground behind you. At the other end of the bar you can attach weights. The name of this exercise comes from the shape this bar has because of the horizontal handle at the end of the bar.

To do the main exercise with this weight loss gym machine you start standing up over the bar which is between your legs with your back to the ground anchor point. Pick the weight off the ground by using your legs while keeping your back straight.

Get in a position where your legs are slightly bent, your back straight at about a 45-degree angle or more to a vertical line, and your arms stretched.

Pull the bar toward your body as far as comfortable while keeping your spine straight and upper arms close to your body. You want your back muscles to make this movement happen. After that, lower the bar in a controlled motion until your arms are stretched.

There is a lot of room for muscle growth on your back. T-bar rows may not burn the most calories in the next 30 minutes but in the long term, this exercise can make a big difference.

5. Hack squat machine

The hack squat machine is a leg gym machine that is basically a machine squat at a slanted angle. It has a platform to put your feet on and a shoulder pad to lift the weights.

The hack squat machine is similar to the leg press machine. The difference is that instead of your feet moving, your shoulders will move like with a regular squat.

To use it you simply adjust the machine for your personal size, select your desired weight, put your feet on the pad at about shoulder width, and put your shoulders under the pads. After that, unlock the safety and push the weight up and down like you would with a normal squat.

Like the regular squat, this gym machine mainly works leg muscles like quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.

This is another gym machine that is focused on your leg muscles but this is because these muscles have so much room for muscle mass growth.

Cardiovascular gym machines for weight loss

Another way to approach exercising for losing weight is trying to burn the highest amount of calories during the time you work out. For this cardiovascular workouts are generally more helpful.

Below you can find some general calorie-burning estimations for 125-215 pound (56-97 kg) individuals doing the workout for 30 minutes. The actual number of calories burned with an exercise depends on things like weight, body composition, intensity, hormone levels, and much more.

6. Treadmills

Treadmills are one of the, if not the, most popular gym machines of all time. You can describe it as an endless running strip.

Running 6 mph (9.7 km/h) for 30 minutes burns around 295 to 508 calories. You can find more specific estimations right here.

The number of calories you burn with this exercise is one of the main benefits of running. One downside is that running can be rough on body parts like knees, ankles, and back. If you have any issues with these body parts you may want to choose other gym machines for weight loss.

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7. Stationary bike

Cycling is another very popular type of exercise. You don’t have to ride a real bike outside where there is the risk of traffic accidents. Your local gym likely has stationary bikes that allow you to cycle more safely.

Moderate effort cycling with a stationary bike at medium load for 30 minutes burns around 207 to 365 calories. You can find more specific estimations right here.

One of the benefits of a stationary bike is that it is not too hard on body parts like knees and back if you adjust it to the right settings. Especially if you have a lot of pounds to lose this can be valuable.

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8. Rowing machine

A rowing machine is a gym machine that simulates the movement of rowing a boat. This machine is a great way to burn calories during the workout while at the same time working out muscles over your entire body which leads to more long-term calorie burning.

Rowing at a 100W resistance for 30 minutes burns around 207 to 356 calories. You can find more specific estimations right here.

This gym machine for weight loss may look slightly intimidating at first but one of the benefits of rowing is that it is actually rather straightforward to get started with. You do initially want to pay attention to your posture when rowing to avoid any lower back injuries.

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9. Elliptical machine

The elliptical trainer is a cardio gym machine that has been rising in popularity. This machine may look a bit complicated at first but if you give it a try you will find out it is a very beginner-friendly exercise to burn calories and hopefully lose more weight.

Using the elliptical trainer at a general pace for 30 minutes burns around 266 to 457 calories. You can find more specific estimations right here.

The elliptical machine is especially soft on your knees and back. This can be very important for certain people. Among other benefits, it can be helpful that the elliptical machine also engages your upper body muscles.

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10. Stairmaster

The stairmaster is a gym machine that simulates an endless flight of stairs. That may not sound like a dream scenario but it can definitely be helpful for trying to lose weight.

Using a stairmaster at a general pace for 30 minutes burns around 177 to 305 calories. You can find more specific estimations right here.

Do keep in mind that the stairmaster can be challenging for your knees. If you have a history of knee injuries other gym machines may be a better choice for losing weight.

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