How Many Glute Bridges Should You Do?

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Find out how many glute bridges you should do and whether you should do them every day so you don’t waste time on suboptimal workouts.

To see optimal muscle growth, you should do around 6 to 18 glute bridges and 3 to 6 sets.

Additionally, knowing how to do a glute bridge is not enough to see optimal results.

You also need to add enough resistance so you can barely complete the sets and reps above.

It is also worth noting that other amounts of glute bridges and sets tend to be better for other goals like gaining muscle strength or endurance.

Besides that, it is generally smart to implement rest days too.

Doing glute bridges every day is typically too much to really let your body recover. In turn, this will reduce (or sometimes even reverse) positive gains.

How many glute bridges should you do to get a bigger bum aka build muscle?

Making your bum bigger aka growing your glute and hamstring muscles is one of the main potential benefits of glute bridges.

To get a bigger bum, you should do around 6 to 18 glute bridges for 3 to 6 sets.

An important thing to keep in mind is that you need to make these repetitions challenging enough to start the processes that grow your bum.

Since the glutes and hamstrings are very strong muscles, many people will need to do some form of weighted glute bridges to achieve this.

A few examples of suited weights include a barbell, a workout sandbag, and a weighted vest.

Another important point is that you don’t want to do the reps and sets of glute bridges above every day for optimal “bum gains”.

Later more on that.

How many glute bridges should beginners do?

Similar to more experienced individuals, beginners should do about 6 to 18 glute bridges for 3 to 6 sets to gain the most muscle mass.

However, the difference with more experienced lifters will be that beginners will need less weight to make these repetition ranges hard enough to see results.

At the same time, it is still worth noting that even beginners likely need to do glute bridges weighted.

Your glutes and hamstring muscles are some of the strongest and biggest muscles in your body.

How many glute bridges should you do at home?

By now, you likely understand that you should again do 6 to 18 glute bridges for 3 to 6 sets with enough resistance to see muscle growth.

Many people don’t have a barbell with weight plates at home which is unfortunate since it is such a good option to make this exercise weighted.

However, a workout sandbag is a relatively good at-home option with a lot of weight capacity and reasonably comfortable weighted glute bridges.

How many glute bridges should you do to see other results?

The rep and set ranges above assume you want to grow your glute and hamstring muscles.

You could also do 5 glute bridges for 3 to 8 reps to improve muscle strength or more than 18 reps for 3 to 6 sets to improve muscle endurance.

One of these fitness components is not necessarily better than the other.

Your training goals and personal preferences will ultimately decide how many glute bridges you should do.

How many glute bridges is too much?

If you implement the right technique and you don’t overdo it with weight, it is hard to say there is really a thing such as too many glute bridges.

Even when it comes to muscle growth, you could actually see great results with more than 18 glute bridges per set (as long as you push close enough to muscle failure).

At the same time, it is also fair to say that you can consider around 10 glute bridges per set too much for a goal like optimal muscle strength increases.

How long should you hold a glute bridge?

You can theoretically hold a glute bridge for longer amounts of time but for most people and training goals this is suboptimal.

For muscle growth, strength increases, and muscle power, you should hold each glute bridge for about a second before going down again.

This will help you keep the upward and downward motion controlled instead of bouncing up and down.

In turn, this will help you engage your muscles and get the positive results that come with that.

Additionally, taking around 3 seconds in both the up and down motion of the glute bridges can help you work your muscles to a larger extent too.

Is it OK to do glute bridges every day?

It is generally not OK to do glute bridges every day if optimal muscle growth is your goal.

After a good glute bridge workout with the sets, reps, and weight mentioned above, your muscles have small tears in them.

To repair these tears and build some extra muscle to be better prepared for similar challenges in the future, your body needs time, nutrients, and sleep.

When it comes to other fitness goals like better muscle endurance, strength, and/or power, the details are not as black and white.

There will be a decent number of people who can do glute bridge workouts for muscle endurance every day.

However, that does not mean this is optimal.

Similarly, some people could get away with doing glute bridges for strength and power relatively often.

At the same time, this is typically not optimal either.

In short, even if you would be one of the few people with the goals, time, and recovery speed to do glute bridges every day, this is generally not an optimal workout routine.

What will 100 glute bridges a day do?

If you ignore the “don’t do them every day warning” and do 100 glute bridges a day, you will likely still see at least some glute and hamstring muscle growth.

At least if you use enough resistance.

If not, you will likely just see some muscle endurance improvements in the muscles above (which can be good too).

It is worth noting that there is still the risk that 100 glute bridges a day equals overtraining in your situation.

Doing something like 100 glute bridges every other day is already a smarter workout routine.

This also leaves you with more time to do other things (workouts of course!).


How many sets of glute bridges should I do?

You should do around 3 to 6 sets of glute bridges with enough reps and resistance for a goal like muscle growth.

For something like improving muscle strength, 4 to 8 sets of glute bridges (with again enough reps and weight) is often better.

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