How To Inflate A Bosu Ball (With Video)

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The Bosu Ball can be a helpful piece of fitness equipment but before being able to use it you have to take a few steps to inflate it.

You can describe the Bosu Ball as the top of a stability ball attached to a flat surface. To make product transport safer and compactor the Bosu Ball typically arrives in a deflated state.

If you want to do the helpful Bosu Ball exercises you do need to inflate the upper part, also known as the dome, first. Luckily this process is relatively easy and straightforward. After just a few steps you can start using your Bosu Ball.

Recommended tools

To inflate your Bosu Ball you do need a few tools. First of all, you need your Bosu Ball, the pump, and the Bosu Ball plug. These things should be in the package you received.

If you conclude this is not the case after some searching, you want to contact your Bosu Ball supplier to get the missing parts anyway.

Another essential piece of equipment to inflate your Bosu Ball is a ruler longer than 10″ (25.4 cm). The main guidelines about how the recommended inflation pressure of your Bosu Ball is that the dome should be between 8″ and 10” high (20.32 – 25.4 cm).

The last two tools are optional. Some people don’t like the hand pump Bosu Balls come with and in some cases, these break fast. You can also use a separate pump in combination with a pump adapter of the right size.

To inflate a Bosu Ball you need a normal air nozzle, not an inflation needle.

Another option if your Bosu pump breaks is ordering another one separately on the Bosu site. However, by investing a few extra dollars you can get a pump and a collection of adapters that are actually useful in other situations.

Bosu Ball inflation walkthrough

Once you have the recommended tools, you can start the actual process of inflating your Bosu Ball. Follow these steps to inflate your Bosu Bull:

  1. Remove the Bosu Ball from the packaging and put it on the floor with the flat platform upward. Make sure the white plug is not yet inserted into the Bosu Ball. Keep the plug, pump, and ruler close to you.
  2. Put the pump into the inflation hole and slowly start pumping.
  3. Regularly measure the height from the ground to the bottom of the edge of the Bosu Ball. Once this distance is between 8″ and 10” high (20.32 – 25.4 cm) the Bosu Ball contains enough air.
  4. Either insert the plug directly right after removing the pump or put one finger on the valve first and insert the plug after.
  5. Make sure the plug is inserted well into the Bosu Ball by pushing it a bit more. If the plug does not fit you can contact customer support.

As you can see, there are no specific guidelines about the exact inflation pressure of the Bosu Ball besides the recommendation of 8″ and 10” (20.32 – 25.4 cm) of dome height.

You still want some room for the dome to move when using the Bosu Ball.

To get a visual walkthrough of inflating a Bosu Ball you can watch the video below.

How to deflate your Bosu Ball

At some point, you may want to store your Bosu Ball for a while or transport it in a compact way after the initial inflation. In situations like this, you can also deflate your Bosu Ball.

Your Bosu Ball package should also contain a tool to pull out the plug. You can anchor this below the plug and gently pull it out. If you don’t have that tool (anymore) you can also use similar objects like a metal spoon or your hands.

Once the plug is out, wait a few seconds and then gently push out the remaining air.


What pressure should I inflate my Bosu Ball to?

The main guideline on the subject from Bosu is inflating your ball until the dome (round part) is 8″ to 10” (20.32 – 25.4 cm) high from the edge.

How often should I check the pressure of my Bosu Ball?

Typically, Bosu Balls tend to stay inflated for a really long time. You can do an extra manual check every few months or when something feels off. If you suspect the Bosu Ball needs more air you can measure the height and if needed, inflate the ball more.

How do I fix a hole in my Bosu Ball?

Bosu recommends fixing any holes in the Bosu Ball with a vinyl patch or a product like Airstop. Other effective patching methods may work too.

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