Is A Bosu Ball Worth It?

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The Bosu Ball is a relatively popular piece of fitness equipment but it comes at a decent cost. Whether a Bosu Ball is worth it depends on a few factors.

In short, Bosu Balls can be worth it if you want to train balance, train coordination, train your core muscles more, strengthen your ankles more, and switch up your workouts to make them more fun.

A good Bosu Ball is often not an essential piece of fitness equipment but it can help you in these areas.

Additionally, a big budget for fitness equipment and a large existing collection make the decision a lot easier.

If you only have a small budget for one or two pieces of fitness equipment and want to get the most workout benefits, something like resistance bands and a pair of running shoes is likely more cost-effective.

Something else to keep in mind if you are on a budget is that there are also Bosu Ball alternatives that offer similar benefits in certain areas. Often at a lower price.

The versatility of the Bosu Ball is still relatively unique but other fitness equipment options may suit your specific needs better. At the same time, many people also really enjoy their Bosu Ball workouts.

What are your workout goals?

Physical fitness is a combination of multiple fitness components. You could be able to run very fast but barely be able to do a bench press with a significant amount of weight.

While cardiovascular health, gaining muscle strength/mass, and weight loss tend to be the most popular goals, they are not the only workout goals. Areas like balance and coordination can also be valuable both in your daily life and specific sports.

A Bosu Ball is mainly a tool to improve balance, coordination, ankle muscle strength, and train core muscle strength. Additionally, many people find them a fun way to switch up their workouts which can improve consistency.

If these benefits align with your personal workout goals, a Bosu Ball could be worth it in terms of value for the money.

One thing to keep in mind is that if only one of these things is your main goal, you may be able to find more budget-friendly equipment options that also suit your needs.

Something else to remember is that adding a Bosu Ball to certain exercises can interfere with training other fitness components. For example, you typically don’t want to do weighted squats or deadlifts on a Bosu Ball. This will hinder training your muscles optimally.

What fitness equipment do you already have?

Someone may think about their workout goals and conclude something like “I want to become as good as I can get in all fitness components” or something similar.

Whether this person should invest in a Bosu Ball then also depends on the fitness equipment to train other fitness components he or she already has.

If this individual already has a treadmill, elliptical machine, and rowing machine, an exercise bike likely does not take priority over the first piece of balance fitness equipment like a Bosu Ball.

However, for someone with currently no fitness equipment and a desire to train cardio and strength, things like running shoes and resistance bands are more budget-friendly ways to start improving their health.

What is your budget?

Something else that can make the decision easier or harder is your current budget and how much you value the benefits you can get from a Bosu Ball.

If you have a large budget for fitness equipment an extra Bosu Ball may be an extra cost you barely notice. In other cases, you could be at the start of your fitness journey and on a small budget.

Even in cases where you are on a low budget and balance and coordination training is the number one goal, other pieces of balance exercise equipment may offer more benefits than the Bosu Ball at a lower price.

Do you like off-brand half ball balance trainers?

With the popularity of Bosu Balls there are also many off-brand half ball balance trainers. These take the same concept as the Bosu Ball but with some product adjustments. Partly to offer these products at a lower price.

Real Bosu balls typically have a larger diameter, are made in the USA, claim to be higher quality, and offer the value from buying from a reputable brand that is over 20 years old (1).

At the same time, these off-brand half ball balance trainers often have many happy customers and cost a lot less. How much you value these differences and what your budget is, influence which one of the two suits you best.


Whether a Bosu Ball is worth it depends on a few personal factors and how much you like Bosu Ball workouts. In general, this is not the piece of fitness equipment with the highest priority.

The more you like the Bosu Ball, the higher your budget, the more fitness equipment for other fitness components you already have, and the more it aligns with your workout goals, the more worth it a Bosu Ball becomes.

If you are on a tight budget and don’t mind the downsides of off-brand half ball balance trainers, these could be a good solution for you.

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