Average Log Press Bar Weight (& 11 Examples)

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Log press bars do not only look more bulky than a sleek barbell. Find out exactly what to expect from their above-average weights.

Of the 11 log press bar examples in this article, the average weight is 73.75 pounds (33.45 kg). The median weight of these same log press bars is 70 pounds (31.75 kg).

More generally, most log press bars will be between 50 and 75 pounds (22.68 – 34.01 kg).

Something you do want to keep in mind is that log press bars come in different diameter categories.

Whether you choose an 8″, 10″, or 12″ strongman log press bar will influence the weight you lift a good amount.

Additionally, even within these categories, there are differences between different brands.

This article also includes a table with the different log press bar examples, highlights some of the ends of the ranges, and where you can find all these specialty bars.

How much do log press bars weigh?

There are a variety of strongman log press bar dimensions, brands, models, and differences in how much these weigh. You can find these in the table below with a variety of helpful details.

The worthwhile mentions in this table include Rogue with the heaviest log press bar at 134 pounds (60.77 kg).

Additionally, Titan Fitness offers the lightest log press bar at 50 pounds (22.68 kg).

Besides that, the average weight of the log press bars on this list is 73.75 pounds (33.45 kg) and the median weight is 70 pounds (31.75 kg).

The strongman log press bar you can use may not be on the list. In that case, you could try asking the owner about the weight or measuring this number yourself.

Knowing the exact weight you are lifting can help you get more out of the log press exercise.

Brand ModelDiameter (Inch)Weight in LbsWeight in KgCapacity in LbsCapacity in Kg
Titan Fitness Standard85022.681000453.51
Titan Fitness
Multi Grip Log Bar
Valor Fitness8.6255324.04500226.76
ROGUE 8-inch85123.13??
ROGUE 10-inch107232.651000453.51
ROGUE 12-inch1213460.77500226.76
Table with log press bar diameters, weights, and weight capacities
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