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How To Lose Fat In Your Legs And Thighs

Is it possible to target fat loss in your legs? And if not, what is the best way to go about losing weight in specific places?

Can you focus weight loss in your legs?

Unfortunately it’s very hard to target fat loss. There are kinds of foods that cause more belly fat than others so by avoiding them you can sort of target that area.

However, in general losing weight in a specific area is not possible. It’s more about losing as much body fat as possible and hoping that your legs are the next place fat loss occurs.

Some people claim that because you can feel a “burn” in a specific place you are targetting that area. It’s not because specific muscles are working that your body only uses energy from that place.

How do you gain body fat?

All food contains a certain amount of energy measured in calories. Your body needs energy to do the things it does.

When you absorb more calories from your food than you use your body stores this energy for later use as body fat. The more often this happens with more calories the more body fat you gain.

Your body prefers some areas over others for fat storage. Most often this is in areas like abdomen and hips.

It’s more useful to have the body fat divided into different places. So, from a certain point on you will gain body fat in other areas too.

Once you start losing weight this process happens in reverse. In the beginning you will lose a lot of body fat in places like face, hands and feet. The places where you gained fat first will most likely be the last where you lose fat. That’s why you may have heard from “stubborn belly fat”.

How come people lose fat in different places?

The sequence of areas where you lose fat can be different from someone else.

The main reason for this is different genetics.

Toning for appearance

One thing you can do to make your legs, or any other body part, appear less fat is by building muscle in that place.

Indirectly this will also actually help you burn fat by gaining muscle. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn 24/7.

Toning legs and thighs for appearance

How to decrease leg and thigh fat

So the only way to decrease leg and thigh fat is by losing a lot of body fat in general. This happens by being in a calorie deficit in one way or another.

You can also increase the amount of muscle in those places to look more toned.

Extra muscle in those places also helps with burning extra calories. Legs and thighs are also a great place to build a lot of muscle mass. Basically one of your best bets to make these areas look better is by building muscle there.

6 exercises to increase leg muscles

A few of these exercises are gym-only, others can also be done at home with body weight and objects you find around the house.

By using extra weight you are able to build more muscle.

1. Squat

Squatting is an exercise where you start standing up and then go down with your hips. You can do this both at the gym with extra weight on your shoulders and at home with just bodyweight.

Squats are a must-have in your gym workout if you want to build a lot of muscle. You’re not only training your legs with this exercise but also the rest of your core.

If you are only using your body weight you can add some intensity to your squats by jumping when you push yourself up.

2. Lunges

A lunge is a kind of exercise with which you train 1 leg per step. It’s basically taking big steps.

This exercise can be done both with extra weights in your hand and with just body weight.

Because you are using one leg at a time you can get a good workout in with a smaller weight compared to squats.

3. Leg presses

Leg presses are a machine exercise, which means without free weights.

The leg press machine puts pretty much all the focus on your leg muscles.

leg press to lose weight in legs and thighs

4. Leg curls

Legs curls are another machine exercise. This one mainly focuses on the hamstring muscles which are your muscles at the rear of the upper leg.

The exercise is basically flexing the lower leg against resistance towards your buttocks.

5. Kettlebell swings

The kettlebell swing is an exercise that focuses a lot of other muscles on top of your legs.

The exercise involves swinging a kettlebell weight back and forth.

6. Glute bridges

The glute bridge is an exercise where you start with your back on the ground but your feet with their soles on the ground.

You then push up your hips, go down again and repeat this motion.

You can also do cardio and HIIT exercises but these will be less effective for your goal.

Food tips to make your legs and thighs skinnier

The being said you can also lose weight and thus leg and thigh fat without exercising.

Other areas of your health, like for example what you eat, are extremely important for weight loss too.

Here are some things you can do right away to start losing more weight in your legs and other places:

With these tips you can get started with losing weight in general and coming closer to lose that leg and thigh fat.


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