Calories Burned With A Mini Stepper

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The movements you make on mini steppers require extra energy. Find out how many calories mini steppers burn and how they compare to alternatives.

The average person can expect to burn around 118 – 203+ calories per 30 minutes of using a mini stepper at a moderate pace.

It is important to keep in mind that these are rough estimations. Details like your body weight can make a big difference in what end of the range you are on.

For example, burning around 118 calories while using a mini stair stepper for 30 minutes is the estimation for a 125-pound (56 kg) person whereas the 203 calories are the estimation for a 215-pound (97 kg) person.

On top of that, mini stepper workouts can vary a lot in terms of intensity.

I will also go over more in-depth estimations for different body weights, how much mini stepper usage intensity can make a difference, how good alternatives are, etc.

Factors that influence how many calories mini steppers burn

While not everyone will like this, it is a fact that estimating and even measuring the number of calories you burn with mini steppers is hard to do.

At the same time, there are still differences between very bad and suboptimal estimations.

By taking a few factors into account you can make your estimations of the number of calories burned with mini steppers somewhat better.

These factors can also help you modify your mini stair stepper workouts in ways that make them burn more calories. A few examples of factors include:

  • Body weight: The human body uses calories throughout the day to function and move. People with higher body weights tend to burn more calories which applies to mini stepper sessions too.
  • Muscle mass: How much muscle mass you have compared to body fat also plays a role. An amount of body fat tends to burn fewer calories than the same weight in muscle while using a mini stair stepper.
  • Mini stepper intensity: There is a difference between casually stepping in front of the TV and really going at it with extra arm movements. The closer you get to this second type of using mini steppers, the more calories you tend to burn.

Estimations calories burned with a mini stepper

The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention mentions you can burn around 3.5 to 7 calories per minute while using a stair climber machine at a light to moderate effort pace (1).

Luckily, there are also ways to get more precise estimations. For example, MET values can be helpful in a situation like this.

MET values are numbers that estimate (or measure if there are studies) how intense certain exercises and activities are. You can then use these numbers in the formula below to get calorie-burning estimations for mini steppers.

Formula: METs x 3.5 x (your body weight in kilograms) / 200 = calories burned per minute

Unfortunately, there are currently no MET estimations for the mini steppers specifically.

However, there are estimations for slow pace stair climbing (4) and fast pace stair climbing (8.8). We can take the average of these for a rough estimation of the MET of moderate-pace stair climbing (6.4) (2).

Using a mini stair stepper at a moderate pace will more or less resemble stair climbing at a slow pace. Similarly, the moderate pace stair climbing will resemble using a mini stepper at a vigorous pace.

These METs are far from perfect but do help you get an idea of how many calories mini stair steppers will burn.

You can find estimations for the calories burned when using mini stair steppers at a moderate pace in the first table below.

After that, you can find tables comparing the usage of a mini stepper at a moderate vs a vigorous pace and how the mini stepper compares to popular exercise and equipment alternatives.

It should be clear that the MET formula does not include all important factors. In simpler words, your results can still be different from the estimations.

Calories burned with a mini stepper

Instead of something like counting your steps, most people will prefer knowing how many calories different durations of using mini steppers burn.

Weight Person
1 Minute15 Minutes30 Minutes45 Minutes60 Minutes
125 Pounds
(56 kg)
4 calories59 calories118 calories177 calories236 calories
155 Pounds
(70 kg)
5 calories73 calories146 calories220 calories293 calories
185 Pounds
(83 kg)
6 calories87 calories175 calories262 calories350 calories
215 Pounds
(97 kg)
7 calories102 calories203 calories305 calories406 calories
Chart of calories burned using a mini stepper at a moderate pace

Calories burned different mini stepper intensities

The numbers above are for a moderate pace.

You can also do separate mini stair stepper sessions where you really go step fast to burn more calories and other health benefits.

The differences per 30 minutes in the table below can convince you to consider these more intense workouts.

Mini Stepper
Weight Person
Moderate EffortVigorous Effort
125 Pounds
(56 kg)
118 calories189 calories
155 Pounds
(70 kg)
146 calories234 calories
185 Pounds
(83 kg)
175 calories280 calories
215 Pounds
(97 kg)
203 calories325 calories
Calories burned per 30 minutes different mini stepper intensities

Calories burned mini stepper vs other activities

How many calories mini steppers burn is likely not the only thing you want to know. The effectiveness in this area of other activities matters too.

In the table below you can find estimations of calories burned with mini steppers, mini ellipticals, treadmills, walking, StairMasters, exercise bikes, and mini bikes when doing the activities for 30 minutes.

Weight Person
155 Pounds (70 kg)185 Pounds (83 kg)215 Pounds (97 kg)
Mini Elliptical
95 calories114 calories132 calories
Mini Bike
(Moderate Effort)
128 calories153 calories178 calories
(3 mph/4.8 kmh)
128 calories153 calories178 calories
Mini Stepper
(Moderate Effort)
146 calories175 calories203 calories
(Moderate Effort)
220 calories262 calories305 calories
Mini Stepper
(Vigorous Effort)
234 calories280 calories325 calories
Stationary Bike
(Moderate Effort)
249 calories297 calories345 calories
(Treadmill) Running
(5 mph/8.1 kmh)
366 calories437 calories508 calories
Calories burned per 30 minutes mini stepper vs other activities

How to burn more calories with a mini stepper

From the differences in intensities, it should become clear that mini stepper workouts can burn very different amounts of calories depending on how you do them.

You can use this to your advantage to get more results per minute of exercise.

The most straightforward way to burn more calories with a mini stepper is going at faster speeds.

Besides that, you can make the steps harder to do for your body.

You can do this by building some extra muscle mass with resistance workouts outside of your mini stair stepper sessions.

In theory, you could also wear a weighted vest if your mini stepper is strong enough to hold the extra weight.

Lastly, you can add a variety of upper body movements with for example resistance bands to your mini stepper workouts. These extra movements will require more calories from your body.

How long does it take to see results from mini steppers?

The amounts of calories above may sound nice but you are likely interested in other benefits. It is true that a mini stair stepper can help you lose weight but there are conditions.

More specifically, you still need to make it so your body uses up more energy than is coming in.

That aside, let’s say your current routine keeps you at a weight loss plateau. In that case, adding mini stepper sessions can help you lose some weight.

A 155-pound (70 kg) person can burn an extra 584 calories or about 0.17 pounds (0.7 kg) by using a mini stair stepper for 30 minutes four times a week.

If this same person continues the same stair stepper routine for four weeks, they can burn an extra 2336 calories or about 0.67 pounds (0.29 kg) of body fat.

As this person (and you) loses weight, they will have to make their mini stepper workouts more intense to keep seeing the same results. Another option for this is making other positive changes.

Are mini steppers a good workout for burning calories?

Mini steppers can be a decent workout for burning calories if you really pick up the pace and move at intense speeds.

One benefit of mini steppers is that you can use them while doing other activities like for example watching tv. This can make your calorie-burning sessions more enjoyable and can benefit workout consistency.

That being said, you also need to know that there are many more effective exercise options too.

Even if you want something to do at home in front of the TV, something like a stationary bike can help you burn more calories per minute.

So whether you should choose a mini stepper or something else to burn calories depends a lot on details like your personal preferences, budget, and space to work out.

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