4 Mini Stepper Workouts To Get And Stay In Shape

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It is clear that mini steppers can help you stay active. The workouts below offer some inspiration about exactly how to do this.

The first thing to note is that you want to keep your body more or less straight up during the movements. This will help you stay balanced and keep the focus on improving cardiovascular health.

You can also move your left arm up when your right foot goes up and the same for the opposite sides to improve balance and coordination.

If you don’t have good balance you can start doing these workouts right next to a wall or other sturdy object so you can hold something if needed.

Lastly, when doing the mini stepper workouts with resistance bands and dumbbells, you want to keep the weight limit of your machine in mind.

1. Steady-state cardio mini stepper workout

This first mini stair stepper workout is for beginners, individuals who want some light exercise for an extended period of time, and people who want to do focus on other things like listening to music or watching tv during their workouts.

The sequence is relatively straightforward and monotonous but doing it consistently will still offer a variety of benefits over just sitting still.

Lastly, for the first and all of the other workouts, you need a good mini stepper. Once you have that, you can do the steady-state cardio workout.

  • 3 minutes of small steps at a slow pace to warm up
  • Keep on doing medium to big steps at a moderate pace as long as comfortable
  • Take breaks of 15-60 minutes when needed
  • If you have a stretching routine, this is good to do when your muscles are warmed up from moving

Due to the low intensity, basically anyone can do this sequence multiple times a day. At the same time, a moderate pace will still get your heart beating faster and offer all the health benefits that come with that.

Mini steppers generally don’t have adjustable resistance but you can choose the range of motion of your steps, how deep you step. Bigger steps will generally be more challenging for your legs and cardiovascular system.

The number of calories burned with this mini stepper workout is around 118 – 203+ calories per 30 minutes of stepping. Things like your weight will influence the exact number.

2. HIIT mini stair stepper workout

The previous workout can be an enjoyable way to move more or to stay active while doing certain activities. On the other hand, many people also want something more intense and interesting.

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is a type of training where you alternate between short periods of intense movements and lighter recovery periods.

As long as you don’t overdo it, more intense mini stepper workouts like this also offer more health benefits.

If you are not sure whether your body would be able to deal with HIIT workouts, you can start with something lighter and build up from there as you get fitter.

  • 2 minutes of small steps at a slow pace to warm up
  • 30 seconds of big steps at a vigorous pace
  • 90 seconds of small to medium steps at a light to moderate pace
  • Keep alternating between these 30-second and 90-second intervals about 8-14 times.
  • 2 minutes of small steps at a slow pace to cool down

Slow, moderate, and vigorous pace sound and are relative to your personal fitness level which is exactly what you want.

Not pushing yourself too hard is important for avoiding injuries. Pushing yourself hard enough is important to get the health benefits to the largest extent possible.

As you get fitter, you can consider gradually increasing the time of the high-intensity sessions up to 60 seconds and reducing the duration of the rest periods to 60 seconds.

Additionally, you can do more of these intervals in one session as long as your body can deal with it. Fit individuals can sometimes go up to 40 minutes and even 60 minutes of total time spent using their mini stair steppers.

3. Mini stepper with resistance bands workout

Many mini steppers come with resistance bands and built-in anchors. These allow you to combine a few exercises with your cardiovascular mini stair stepper workouts.

Something important to note is that this is not optimal for muscle growth and strength. If these are your goal you want to get separate bands and do exercises while standing on a sturdy surface.

That being said, doing resistance band exercises on your mini stepper adds some variety. Your heart also likely has to beat faster with the extra upper body movements.

  • 3 minutes of small steps at a slow pace and move your arms in small circles to warm up
  • Keep doing medium to big steps at a moderate pace while you do the following exercises
  • Do 12 upright rows
  • Do 12 tricep kickbacks
  • Do 12 bicep curls
  • Do 12 lateral raises
  • 3 minutes of just stepping
  • Repeat the sequence of exercises 4 to 7 times
  • 2 minutes of small steps at a slow pace to cool down

Make sure you can do these mini stepper exercises in a safe way. You can initially leave out the ones that are too challenging when it comes to balance. As you get a better balance you can consider implementing them again.

You can also focus on one exercise per workout. When doing this you want to do just pedaling for about 2 minutes in between each set of the exercise.

On top of the regular muscles worked with mini steppers, these exercises engage muscles like your biceps, triceps, shoulders, trapezius, etc.

Again, this workout will likely not help you build that much, if any, muscle but it can be a fun way to switch up your mini stepper sessions.

4. Mini stepper with dumbbells workout

The extra resistance bands included in most mini steppers can be useful but these are not always the right size and/or resistance. In situations like that, you can still do upper body movements with things like dumbbells.

Similar to the resistance bands workout, using dumbbells in combination with a mini stepper is for fun and variety, not really for optimal muscle growth and strength progress.

Keep the weight limit of your machine in mind when adding dumbbells.

  • 3 minutes of small steps at a slow pace and move your arms in small circles to warm up
  • Keep doing medium to big steps at a moderate pace while you do the following exercises
  • Do 12 shoulder presses
  • Do 12 bicep curls
  • Do 12 overhead tricep extensions
  • Do 12 lateral raises
  • 3 minutes of just stepping
  • Repeat the sequence of exercises 4 to 7 times
  • 2 minutes of small steps at a slow pace to cool down

You can again switch up the sequence by doing sets of 1 exercise alternated by 2 minutes of just stepping. This will engage the specific muscles of that exercise more than switching it up with different movements.

Is a mini stepper a good workout?

One of the pros of mini steppers is that they allow you to move more at home at a low investment. Potentially while doing other things like watching tv or listening to music. For something like this, they are a decent workout.

At the same time, there are other tools like stationary bikes that offer better workouts and can still be combined with other activities. These do cost a bit more and require more space.

Besides that, there are also bodyweight workouts that can be better than mini steppers in terms of health benefits. Some people do find these a bit too hard on their bodies.

In short, for the right people, mini steppers can be a good workout. Many other individuals can get more benefits from other types of exercise. Personal preference matters too.


How long should I work out on a mini stepper?

How long you should work out on a mini stepper depends a lot on the intensity of your workout and your fitness level. This can range from 20 minutes or less to 60 minutes and more. If you have any specific calorie-burning goals you can make a rough estimation of how long you need to work out.

Can I use a mini stepper every day?

If you are new to working out, you likely want to start by taking at least 1 rest day in between exercise sessions. After 2 to 3 weeks of this, or if you are young and/or fit, you can likely use a mini stepper every day. If you feel any discomfort you may need more rest, better nutrition, and/or better sleep.

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