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9 Of The Nuts Highest In Protein

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Protein is an essential nutrient for human health. This list of nuts high in protein can certainly help you reach your daily goals.

Protein is used, among other things, to build and repair muscle and other tissues. You literally can’t survive if you don’t consume enough of this nutrient. Besides other nutrients nuts also generally contain a good amount of protein.

NutProtein Per 100 GramsCalories Per 100 Grams
Peanuts25.8 grams567 calories
Almonds21.2 grams575 calories
Pistachios20.6 grams557 calories
Cashews18.2 grams553 calories
Walnuts15.2 grams654 calories
Hazelnuts15 grams628 calories
Brazil Nuts14.3 grams656 calories
Pecans9.2 grams691 calories
Macadamia Nuts7.9 grams718 calories
9 Nuts High In Protein

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Are nuts a good source of protein?

The amounts of protein in nuts per 100 grams vary a lot from type of nut to type of nut. There are many nuts that contain good amounts of protein but also a few that don’t contain that much protein.

Keep in mind that nuts are also relatively high in calories. Depending on your goals with eating more protein other protein sources may be better food choices.

You do have to keep in mind that plant-based protein is generally not as easy to absorb as animal-based protein (1, 2).

Below you can find a list of nuts ranked from highest to lowest in protein per 100 grams. This ranking does not take into account total calories. If you are interested in a ranking like that you can check out the list of the best nuts for weight loss.

Keep in mind that overdoing with protein isn’t optimal either.

1. Peanuts

While peanuts are technically legumes, they have a very similar nutrition profile as nuts. Peanuts are one of the most popular “nuts” in the world although this popularity is partly because of the existence of peanut butter.

100 grams of peanuts contains (3):

  • Protein: 25.8 grams
  • Calories: 567
  • Carbs: 16.1 grams
  • Part of the carbs that is fiber: 8.5 grams
  • Fat: 49.2 grams
  • Manganese: 97% of the DV (Daily Value)
  • Niacin: 60% of the DV
  • Folate: 60% of the DV
  • Copper: 57% of the DV
  • Thiamin: 43% of the DV

Besides being an amazing plant-based protein source, peanuts are one of the best nuts for weight loss.

A popular way to consume peanuts is as peanut butter. If you eat peanuts that way make sure you avoid the peanut butters high in added sweeteners and oils for your health and weight loss.

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2. Almonds

Almonds are used for many different products like almond milk, almond butter, and almond flour. Just eating almonds raw is a great way to increase your protein intake.

100 grams of almonds contains (4):

  • Protein: 21.2 grams
  • Calories: 575
  • Carbs: 21.7 grams
  • Part of the carbs that is fiber: 12.2 grams
  • Fat: 49.4 grams
  • Vitamin E: 131% of the DV (Daily Value)
  • Manganese: 114% of the DV
  • Magnesium: 67% of the DV
  • Riboflavin: 60% of the DV
  • Copper: 50% of the DV

Apart from being relatively high in protein almonds are also the nuts highest in fiber and calcium on this list.

Almonds have an impressive nutrient content, even for nuts. That makes them extremely nutrient-dense compared to most other foods.

Some people love to eat their almonds covered in chocolate. This is a delicious way to eat them but sadly also a fast way to add a lot of calories to your diet.

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3. Pistachios

A close second on this list are pistachios. Pistachios are the popular green nuts that often come in a shell. These nuts have been consumed by humans for thousands of years (7).

100 grams of pistachios contains (8):

  • Protein: 20.6 grams
  • Calories: 557
  • Carbs: 28 grams
  • Part of the carbs that is fiber: 10.3 grams
  • Fat: 44.4 grams
  • Vitamin B6: 85% of the DV (Daily Value)
  • Copper: 65% of the DV
  • Manganese: 60% of the DV
  • Thiamin: 58% of the DV
  • Phosphorus: 49% of the DV

Pistachios come with an extra weight loss benefit when you buy them shelled. The peeling you have to do slows down how fast you eat pistachios which can help you prevent overeating on them.

You do want to mostly avoid the pistachio cakes and ice creams out there if you are aiming for weight loss.

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4. Cashews

Cashews are another popular “nut”, botanically a seed, to eat to increase your protein intake.

100 grams of cashews contains (9):

  • Protein: 18.2 grams
  • Calories: 553
  • Carbs: 32.7 grams
  • Part of the carbs that is fiber: 3.3 grams
  • Fat: 43.8 grams
  • Copper: 110% of the DV (Daily Value)
  • Manganese: 83% of the DV
  • Magnesium: 73% of the DV
  • Phosphorus: 59% of the DV
  • Vitamin K: 43% of the DV

Cashews are the nut highest in iron in this list. They are also the nut lowest in calories per 100 grams but they are rather low in fiber compared to the other nuts.

If you struggle with hunger a lot it might be better to skip the cashews. On the other hand if you have trouble eating enough healthy calories and protein cashews may be what you are looking for.

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5. Walnuts

Walnuts are another very popular food, again botanically speaking not a nut but they do deserve a spot on this list.

100 grams of walnuts contains (10):

  • Protein: 15.2 grams
  • Calories: 654
  • Carbs: 13.7 grams
  • Part of the carbs that is fiber: 6.7 grams
  • Fat: 65.2 grams
  • Manganese: 171% of the DV (Daily Value)
  • Copper: 79% of the DV
  • Magnesium: 40% of the DV
  • Phosphorus: 35% of the DV
  • Vitamin B6: 27% of the DV

One of the main remarkable attributes of walnuts is their high omega-3 fatty acid content. Omega-3 is considered to be one of the healthiest types of fat.

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6. Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts, also called filberts, are not just used in certain chocolate products. They are also a great nut option for increasing protein intake.

100 grams of hazelnuts contains (11):

  • Protein: 15 grams
  • Calories: 628
  • Carbs: 16.7 grams
  • Part of the carbs that is fiber: 9.7 grams
  • Fat: 60.7 grams
  • Manganese: 309% of the DV (Daily Value)
  • Copper: 86% of the DV
  • Vitamin E: 75% of the DV
  • Thiamin: 43% of the DV
  • Magnesium: 41% of the DV

Even though hazelnuts are still in the middle of this ranking, you can see that the nutritional values per 100 grams are rising.

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7. Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts originate from big trees in the Amazon forest.

100 grams of brazil nuts contains (12):

  • Protein: 14.3 grams
  • Calories: 656
  • Carbs: 12.3 grams
  • Part of the carbs that is fiber: 7.5 grams
  • Fat: 66.4 grams
  • Selenium: 2739% of the DV (Daily Value)
  • Magnesium: 94% of the DV
  • Copper: 87% of the DV
  • Phosphorus: 73% of the DV
  • Manganese: 61% of the DV

Brazil nuts are also the nuts highest in magnesium on this list. You can get an amazing 94% of the Daily Value of magnesium with 100 grams of brazil nuts.

Keep in mind that brazil nuts are extremely high in selenium. This is a big reason to not overdo it with brazil nuts. You want to stick to 20 grams of brazil nuts or less to stay under the Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) for selenium (13).

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8. Pecans

Pecans are a common ingredient for several dessert dishes like pecan pie. If you want to keep your weight under control it may be smarter to eat these nuts raw.

100 grams of pecans contains (14):

  • Protein: 9.2 grams
  • Calories: 691
  • Carbs: 14 grams
  • Part of the carbs that is fiber: 9.6 grams
  • Fat: 72 grams
  • Manganese: 225% of the DV (Daily Value)
  • Copper: 60% of the DV
  • Thiamin: 44% of the DV
  • Magnesium: 30% of the DV
  • Zinc: 30% of the DV

Pecans are the nut lowest in net carbs in this list. You get the number of net carbs in food by taking the total amount of carbs and subtracting the amount of fiber.

The amount of net carbs is the more relevant number for low-carb diets like the keto diet. In that regard pecans are the most low-carb friendly nut on this list.

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9. Macadamia nuts

Last on the list there are the macadamia nuts. They are a great food to get a lot of calories per 100 grams, for some people that is great, for most people it’s not.

100 grams of macadamia nuts contains (15):

  • Protein: 7.9 grams
  • Calories: 718
  • Carbs: 14.2 grams
  • Part of the carbs that is fiber: 8.6 grams
  • Fat: 75.8 grams
  • Manganese: 207% of the DV (Daily Value)
  • Thiamin: 80% of the DV
  • Copper: 38% of the DV
  • Magnesium: 33% of the DV
  • Iron: 20% of the DV

Macadamia nuts are still a great source of vitamins and minerals per 100 grams but you may want to avoid them if you easily overeat on calories.

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