OMA Home Treadmills Review: Pros And Cons

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OMA is a fitness brand that offers a variety of foldable treadmill models to use at home. These models have both pros and cons.

The first thing to note in this review is that the different OMA treadmills are clearly for different uses.

First, there are the OMA 5108EB and OMA 1012EB which are more budget-friendly but aimed towards walking. In this walking treadmill category, these OMA treadmill for home models are great options.

For jogging and running, you generally want to get more powerful treadmill motors. These cost more but if you want good workouts and don’t want to replace your treadmill every few months this will be necessary.

The OMA 5925CAI and especially the OMA 6134EAI have motors more suited for this type of use but when it comes to the treadmills for jogging and running, there tend to be better alternatives like the NordicTrack 6.5 S and the NordicTrack Commercial 1750.

So in short, the lighter OMA treadmills aimed towards walking can definitely be great choices. For jogging and running, other alternatives, like the ones mentioned above, can offer more value.

OMA treadmills review in short

The OMA treadmill for home brand offers great models for a variety of workout intensity levels.

Especially when it comes to walking, their two most budget-friendly treadmills are some of the top options.

The more premium options can offer great jogging and running workouts too.

However, in this category there tend to be alternatives that offer more value.


  • Easy installation
  • Foldable with transport wheels
  • Walking treadmills are great picks
  • Includes many workout programs
  • Premium models offer automatic incline functions
  • Even the budget-friendly options have standard user weight capacity


  • Jogging and running treadmill models tend to be a bit underwhelming compared to the competition
  • Budget-friendly models offer either a few manual or no incline options

Different OMA treadmills compared

OMA is a treadmill brand that offers different models. You can find the four that are currently the main focus below with some of their most important features and an alternative option that may suit your needs better.

These first two models are mainly for walking. The OMA 5925CAI should be able to sustain some jogging and the OMA 6134EAI would be the best of the four for running.

FeatureOMA 5108EBOMA 1012EBOMA 5925CAIOMA 6134EAI
Peak HP Motor2.25 HP2.25 HP3.0 HP3.5 HP
Belt Size16.5″ x 45.3″17.7″ x 48″20″ x 55″22″ x 60″
Max Speed8.1 mph (13 km/h)8.7 mph (14 km/h)11.2 mph (18 km/h)12.4 mph (20 km/h)
Incline Levels3 ManualNo Incline15% Auto15% Auto
User Weight Capacity300 pounds (136.08 kg)300 pounds (136.08 kg)300 pounds (136.08 kg)350 pounds (158.76 kg)
Check Current PriceCheck Current PriceCheck Current PriceCheck Current Price
AlternativeXTERRA TR150XTERRA TR150NordicTrack 6.5 SNordicTrack Commercial 1750
Comparison table OMA treadmills

OMA 5108EB specifications

The rest of this review will focus on the details of the OMA Treadmill For Home 5108EB. This is currently the most popular model and the part of the treadmill market where OMA stands out.

Motor2.25 HP Peak, CHP Not Mentioned
Speed0 – 8.1 mph (13 km/h)
Weight limit300 Pounds (136 kg)
Running belt 16.5″ x 45.3″
Decline/Incline OptionsManual Adjustment Before Workout, 3 Levels
Transport WheelsYes
Screen3 Small LCD Screens
WarrantyNo mention
Weight92.2 Pounds (41.8 kg)
CushioningShock Absorption
Workout Programs36 Preset & 3 Custom
Bluetooth Audio CapabilitiesNo
AudioNot Included
Security PlugIncluded
Heart Rate MonitorContact Hand Grips
Phone Holder2 Included
Dimensions (Unfolded)59.5″ L x 26.7″ W x 50.6″ H
Dimensions (Folded)35.8″ L x 26.7″ W x 50.6″ H
PriceCheck Current Price
OMA Treadmill For Home 5108EB Specifications

OMA 5108EB treadmill motor

One of the most important features to look at when considering investing in a treadmill is motor power.

This will decide a variety of things like how fast you can walk/run, who can use the treadmill, how you can use it (walking vs jogging vs running), how long, etc.

Something that makes this feature confusing is that it gets described in different ways. For example, there are peak horsepower and continuous horsepower.

Peak horsepower describes the max effort a treadmill motor can exert. Continuous indicates the motor can handle this load for an extended period of time. In short, 3 Peak Horse Power is a lot weaker than 3 Continuous Horse Power.

The OMA Treadmill For Home 5108EB has a 2.25 Peak HP motor. This amount of power is generally more for walking and in the case of users with low body weight, possibly some light jogging.

You can also see that his motor is not the strongest by looking at the relatively low max speed of the OMA 5108EB, 8.1 mph (13 km/h).

The more intense your workout plan, the heavier you are, the faster you want to run, and the longer you want your treadmill to last, the stronger you want your treadmill motor to be.

For individuals within the weight limit range who just want to walk more often, the treadmill motor of the OMA 5108EB is generally strong enough.

In other cases, you want to invest a bit more for a stronger motor so you don’t have to replace your treadmill every few months.

OMA 5108EB treadmill weight limit

The next feature of the OMA 5108EB treadmill to note is relatively straightforward. 300 pounds (136 kg) is the weight limit of this treadmill.

Treadmill weight limits are generally not as strict that going 5 pounds over the weight capacity in the user manual means your machine instantly breaks down.

That being said, when choosing the best treadmill for you personally you do want to respect this number for a few reasons.

Some of these reasons include warranty void, speed of wear and tear, treadmill functioning as desired, breakdowns, etc.

The 300 pounds (136 kg) of the OMA model is a relatively average treadmill weight limit compared to treadmills in general. However, compared to the motor power this is a bit above average.

If you are a bit lighter and want to save some money the XTERRA TR150 offers similar features usually at a lower price but with a lower user weight limit.

Foldability OMA treadmills

Something all of these OMA treadmill models have in mind is that they are foldable and include transports wheels.

This is part of the “for home” claim that allows you to get in treadmill workouts at home even if you don’t have a lot of storage room.

One model that stands out is the OMA 1012EB. This option folds down entirely which allows it to be put under certain beds or other tight spaces.

If equipment size is a concern, something to keep in mind about the OMA treadmills is that the sizes vary between models. Additionally, the bigger models also weigh more which makes it a bit harder to roll them to their storage space.

OMA treadmills incline levels

Changing between different incline levels (angles of the treadmill deck) can make your workouts both more interesting and more challenging (and offer the benefits that come with that).

The OMA Treadmill For Home 5108EB has 3 different incline levels for a total incline of 4°. To change between these levels you have to manually adjust the incline before your workout.

These incline options are better than nothing but not ideal. 4° is not the most and because of the manual adjustment, you have to commit to one incline angle per workout.

That being said, this is definitely still better than the lack of incline options in the OMA 1012EB.

On the other hand, the more premium OMA 5925CAI and OMA 6134EAI show what is possible. These list automatic incline options up to 15% (8.5°).

OMA does offer a few options with nice incline levels but these models will cost more. The OMA 5108EB also offers incline workout functionality to some extent but this is not the most impressive.

OMA treadmills monitor

Another feature where the OMA treadmills vary a lot is the capabilities and sizes of the monitors included.

First of all, the OMA Treadmill For Home 5108EB comes with 3 medium-small-sized LCD screens. These are not the most impressive but should be large enough for individuals with good eyesight.

These 3 screens display things like the distance traveled, the time you have been walking/jogging, speed, an estimation of calories burned, and if you hold the handles on the side, an estimation of your heartbeat.

Something to note about this heart rate monitor is that it is in a rather awkward position. Even if you would hold them, these types of handle monitors are generally not the most accurate. A good fitness tracker or sports watch could be more helpful.

The OMA 1012EB is also relatively minimalistic when it comes to the screen. This model comes with only 2 screens that measure some of the same treadmill statistics as the previous option.

Again, the OMA 5925CAI and OMA 6134EAI show why they are the premium options. Their monitors are bigger, more extensive, and you can connect them to apps like Kinomap and AnyRun to make your workouts more interesting.

In essence, you don’t need these more extensive monitors to get in a good workout.

That being said, the more premium features can be a fun and motivating addition to your workouts. Whether these are worth it to you depends on things like budget and personal preference.

Customer reviews

Going over all of the features of treadmills is helpful but something to keep in mind is that some brands don’t deliver well on their promises. However, in the case of OMA, customers tend to be very happy with their purchases.

In the case of the more budget-friendly models, some users were disappointed because they expected a treadmill that was aimed towards heavier workout programs. For lighter workouts, most customers are very happy.

As with most products sometimes errors happen. These are often related to shipping and the customer service that is not always great.

That being said, the overall customer reviews of the OMA For Home Treadmills are very positive. Many users especially like the sturdy frame and compact usage and storage.

Are OMA treadmills worth it?

The OMA treadmills that currently positively stand out the most are the OMA 5108EB and OMA 1012EB. These are the more budget-friendly options for walking at home.

Next, there are the more premium options, the OMA 5925CAI and the OMA 6134EAI. These have motor power aimed more towards jogging and running.

If you purely compare these OMA treadmills to the health benefits they offer, they are likely worth it for most.

Even compared to other alternatives, the budget-friendly walking options stand out in a positive way.

The more premium options can be good but there are alternatives like for example the NordicTrack 6.5 S and the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 that tend to offer more value when it comes to jogging and running treadmills.

That means the OMA treadmills can be worth it for a lot of people. When it comes to jogging and running treadmills there are other options that can benefit you even more.

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