7 Outdoor Calisthenics Equipment Options

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Calisthenics workouts can offer many benefits. Find out what types of equipment can be used for outdoor calisthenics exercises.

Some of the benefits of calisthenics workouts include that they can be done anywhere, they only require a low or no budget, and often require no location while at the same time still offering some of the regular resistance training benefits.

Working out indoors is a popular way to do calisthenics but you can also combine your daily dose of sunlight and fresh air with a workout outdoors.

One downside is that for certain body parts like your back and triceps, even calisthenics workouts can benefit from some equipment.

In other cases, one piece of equipment can allow you to build more muscle for longer with the same calisthenics exercises.

When talking about outdoor exercise equipment you likely want something that is resistant to weather conditions.

Even so, many of the equipment options on this list are still preferably stored inside and/or used in good weather conditions.

1. Outdoor pull-up bar

Pull-ups are a popular back compound exercise that is generally considered to be a calisthenics exercise. Even so, you do still need a piece of equipment to do it, a pull-up bar. This is simply a sturdy horizontal bar.

You can use this bar to do pull-ups or other exercises. The outdoor pull-up bar versions are made to be more resistant to different types of weather conditions.

You can definitely also get an outdoor power tower instead of only a pull-up bar but this option is generally cheaper.

A downside of outdoor pull-up bars is that it can be a challenge to set them up. Often you need a sturdy tree or drill holes in a wall to attach the pull-up bar.

Many stand-alone pull-up bars are preferably stored inside so not ideal for outdoor conditions.

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2. Jump rope

A jump rope is simply a rope that can be used to jump over at a fast pace. This piece of equipment can be used both as a warmup for your calisthenics workouts or as a tool to strengthen your heart muscle and the rest of your cardiovascular system.

Jumping rope is a great way to get a variety of exercise benefits outdoor and inside.

Some of these include burning a lot of calories, improving cardiovascular health, improving lung health, engaging muscles, improving coordination and balance, etc.

On top of that, a jump rope is definitely one of the cheaper outdoor calisthenics equipment options on this list. It also requires basically no storage space and you can bring it with you wherever you go.

One thing to keep in mind is that jumping rope can be relatively rough on body parts like knees and back. As long as you don’t overdo it this can lead to stronger bones but your injury risk does become higher.

Jumping on a softer surface like a grass field can also be helpful.

Something else to remember is that to use a jump rope to its full extent you may need to go through a learning period. Initially, the rope may hit your feet a lot.

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3. Parallette bars

Parallette bars are a typical calisthenics equipment option. These are basically two, slightly longer, horizontal bars that are relatively close to the ground.

Most models can be used outside but you do likely want to store your parallette bars inside.

These calisthenics bars can be used to do exercises like L-sits, leg raises, reverse shrugs, dips with a small range of motion, neutral grip pushups, etc.

Parallette bars are similar to regular dip bars but closer to the ground. This makes them more stable and suited for some of the more complicated calisthenics exercises like a handstand.

This piece of calisthenics exercise equipment can be a bit pricey but in return, parallette bars can benefit your outdoor and indoor workouts for many years to come.

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4. Weighted vest

Bodyweight-only workouts can be a great way to get started with strength training. However, as you progress in muscle strength, the same calisthenics exercises that used to be challenging will become easier and easier.

To build muscle you have to do exercises that challenge your muscles enough. At some point, you may need extra resistance to be able to do this.

This is where a weighted vest, a vest with extra weight, can be a great equipment option to make calisthenics exercises more challenging again.

Additionally, you can use a weighted vest to make cardio exercises like running, high knees, or jumping jacks harder.

One of the benefits of a weighted vest as a piece of outdoor calisthenics equipment is that it is extremely versatile. You can use it in many exercises for many body parts and different exercise categories.

One potential downside is that you likely want to store your weighted vest inside. However, even for this, a weighted vest is great since it is so compact.

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5. Outdoor power tower

A tower power is basically a pull-up bar, captain’s chair, and dip bars combined into one piece of exercise equipment.

Most models are made to use inside but there are also outdoor power towers that are more weather-resistant.

This allows you to do typical power tower exercises like pull-ups, dips, leg raises, etc. outdoor. At the same time, these also count as calisthenics exercises.

A benefit of outdoor power towers is that they enable calisthenics resistance training for a variety of body parts. This piece of equipment is also made to last a long time.

A downside of power towers, especially the outdoor ones, is that they come at a relatively steep price. The outdoor models also generally do not have the soft back support of a captain’s chair since this would not be resistant to bad weather conditions.

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6. Dip bars

Dip bars are essentially two horizontal bars with enough room below them to do the dip exercise. This is a challenging calisthenics tricep exercise.

One thing to keep in mind is that most dip bars are not made for storing outside and using in rainy weather conditions. In that sense dip bars are not the most ideal outdoor calisthenics equipment.

One benefit of dip bars is that there are also other dip bar exercises for other body parts. This piece of calisthenics workout equipment can also last a long time if you store it inside and only use it in dry weather conditions.

One potential downside is that dip bars can require a slightly bigger investment for a relatively specific training goal.

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7. Pushup handles

Pushups are a typical calisthenics exercise for training your chest and tricep muscles and to some extent your shoulders and core.

One potential downside of the exercise is that pushups put your wrists in a position that can be painful to certain people.

There are mini hand grip bars called pushup handles to resolve this issue. These pushup handles are simply horizontal bars that are slightly elevated above the ground.

This enables you to do pushups while keeping your wrists straight.

Some models even rotate during the movement to avoid putting your wrists in an uncomfortable position even more.

An advantage of this type of bodyweight workout equipment is that is relatively cheap and easy to use.

A potential downside is that similar to dip bars, pushup handles are generally made to be used indoors or in dry weather conditions. If you get these make sure you store them inside and use them in the right weather conditions.

Another potential downside is that these pushup bars can also make it so you can lower your body too much. This can put your shoulders in a position with extra injury risk.

Many people also simply don’t need pushup handles to get in a good calisthenics pushup session.

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