Average Pull-up Bar Cost (From 66 Examples)

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Even if pull-up bars offer valuable benefits, their cost needs to be reasonable enough. Find out some numbers for different types.

Of the 66 pull-up bar model examples I looked at, the average cost was $88.65.

This includes all the types of pull-up bars I looked at, including some of the pricier power towers.

There are also a variety of doorway pull-up bars for around $25.

On the other hand, there are plenty of more premium options around $130 too.

Besides these general numbers, I will also go over the average costs of the different pull-up bar types in this article.

Average cost of a pull-up bar

As mentioned, the 66 pull-up bar examples on Amazon had an average cost of $88.65.

One “category” I did not include was power racks with pull-up bar attachments.

There are simply too many combinations of these with widely varying prices. Any averages would not be that helpful.

Which type of the pull-up bars below is the best for you depends on things like your training goals, workout space, budget, and other pull-up statistics.

Average cost of a doorway pull-up bar

Doorway pull-ups bars are models that rest on your doorframes.

The average cost of the doorway pull-up bars I looked at was $38.59.

Doorway pull-up bars are typically one of the more budget-friendly types.

One thing to keep in mind is that these are also not always to most sturdy. You want to keep your movements slow and controlled to avoid accidents.

Additionally, your door frame needs to have a certain strength level if you want to use these doorway pull-up bars safely.

Average cost of a wall-mounted pull-up bar

As you can expect, wall-mounted pull-up bars involve attaching these to a suited wall.

The average cost of the wall-mounted pull-up bars I looked at was $98.97.

Wall-mounted pull-up bars are pricier than the doorway type but also a lot stronger.

This could be worth it depending on your workouts and appetite for risk.

The main thing to keep in mind is that your walls need to be good enough for these pull-up bars. There is also a bit more installation involved.

Average cost of a power tower

While there are actual free-standing-only pull-up bars, these tend to be pricier than power towers.

These power towers also include a dip bar and often a captain’s chair on top of the pull-up bar.

As you can expect, a workout station like this does require an extra investment.

The average cost of the power towers I looked at was $163.91.

Additionally, these power towers need a good amount of room to store and use.

Average cost of an inside doorframe pull-up bar

There are also pull-up bars you can install inside of your doorframe instead of letting them rest on the frame like the doorway ones.

These work with outward force or with actual screws.

The average cost of the inside doorframe pull-up bars I looked at was $36.49.

These inside doorframe pull-up bars were the type with the lowest average cost.

Average cost of a ceiling-mounted pull-up bar

Lastly, you can also consider one of the pull-up bars that you mount to the ceiling (if your ceiling is suited for this).

The average cost of the ceiling-mounted pull-up bars I looked at was $124.29.

Ceiling-mounted pull-up bars have a slightly higher cost but you do get a sturdy pull-up bar in return.

Things that influence the cost of a pull-up bar

There are a few differences between cost categories to keep in mind when investing in a pull-up bar.

Saving some money in the short term can be nice but not if it involves too many downsides.

First of all, sturdier pull-up bars with higher weight capacities and swing resistance tend to have higher costs.

A doorway pull-up bar is relatively budget-friendly but it is generally not as safe as the more premium wall-mounted pull-up bars.

Next, while a pull-up bar is just a straight bar in its essence, there are also models with different types of grips.

These models with more grip options tend to have higher costs but can be helpful for working your muscles in slightly different ways.

If you like to implement different grips during your hanging exercises there are also pull-up bar accessories that may be able to help you with this.

Lastly, certain types of pull-up bars come with additional features. The power tower often comes with dip bars and a captain’s chair.

Certain wall-mounted pull-up bars include a set-up for dip bars too.

These features can be helpful but do come at a higher cost thanks to the extra material requirements and construction process.

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