Recommended Health Resources

Here you can find our recommendations on resources to help you improve your health.

There are four categories: essentials, beginner, advanced and immortal (coming soon). Depending on your goals and budget you can decide which options are worth it to you. The number of recommendations might be overwhelming at first but don’t worry. It’s normal to start out with a few essentials and improve your collection with time. You can bookmark this page and return whenever you want.

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Sleep Mask

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of your health. Boost your sleep quality with this sleep mask.

Tape Measure

Your weight isn’t the only thing that matters. Another important way to keep track of your weight loss results is to measure the circumference of a few body parts.

Ear Plugs

Noise may not always wake you up but it still disrupts your sleep. Another item to increase your sleep quality in a cheap and fast way.

Body Weight Scale

One way to track your progress is by regularly stepping on the scale. These measurements will move up and down from day to day but if you look at the bigger picture you can see just how much progress you are making and if you need to change things up.


Kitchen Scale

For some foods, it’s important to know just how much you are eating. A kitchen scale is something almost any kitchen needs.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Sleep is extremely important for your health and weight. Blue light blocking glasses are really great if you’re somewhat serious about your health.

Find one right for you and wear it approximately 2 hours before going to sleep.

Meal Containers

Eating healthier meals is extremely helpful when trying to lose weight. These meal containers can help you bring along everything you need when you get out of the house.


Sleep Temperature Regulation

The right sleep temperature is extremely important. It’s one of the most impactful things you can do to improve your sleep. Check out these 4 tools to control sleep temperature.

One of our favorites is this chili pad mattress pad.

Water Filter

tap water filter to improve health

Even in the developed world, both tap water and bottled water contain a few questionable things that can damage your health.

By getting a good water filter you can avoid negative health consequences for you and your family.

These Berkey Water Filters (United States / Europe) are extremely good for making your water a lot healthier.