7 Resistance Band Accessories (& Why They Help)

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Resistance bands are already known for their versatility. By adding certain accessories to your collection, your workouts can become even better.

The effects of these accessories range from making your workouts just a bit more comfortable to enabling you to do exercises that were not an option before.

1. Door anchor

In many resistance band exercises, you just anchor the bands below your feet, behind your back, behind your shoulders, etc.

However, there are also a variety of exercises like hip adductions, glute kickbacks, tricep pushdowns, etc. where you want to be able to anchor your resistance bands somewhere to do the movement effectively.

A resistance band door anchor is often the first choice for people. Additionally, many resistance band kits also include this.

The benefit of resistance band door anchors is that they are easy to set up, relatively versatile in terms of position, budget-friendly, and compact.

One downside to keep in mind is that depending on your door, the anchor may slide around during the exercises. This can be annoying and lead to unexpected movements.

Additionally, you want to do your exercises on the side of the frame opposite of the direction where the door opens too. This way you pull the door closed with the anchor.

In turn, this reduces the risk of someone opening the door while you are pulling on the anchor.

Lastly, there are also multi-position resistance band door anchors. These make it just a bit more convenient to switch between different anchor heights.

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2. Wall mount

Resistance band door anchors can be convenient and easy to set up. However, you may want something more secure, not have a suited door, or not like the idea of someone potentially opening the door while you are training.

In these cases, a wall anchor might be the next best alternative. These are basically hooks you screw into your wall.

Some sets are just a few hooks that you can attach like this. In other cases, you can get an entire “stick” with multiple anchor points at different heights.

Once your resistance band wall mount is attached, you can do the additional exercises mentioned above.

The main downsides of resistance bands wall anchors are that they require more work to set up and tend to be just a bit pricier.

On the other hand, these types of anchors are generally more secure and make it so you don’t have to take up a doorway.

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3. Resistance band handles

Resistance bands are great for training a variety of muscles.

Even so, if you had to give some downsides, two of them would be that they can be uncomfortable on your hands and that they can guide your arms to angles that can be suboptimal for exercise technique.

Resistance band handles are made to overcome these challenges. First of all, they simply tend to be more comfortable than the regular bands which tend to pressure a smaller area on your skin.

Secondly, these accessories make it easier to turn your wrists and in turn, your arms to certain positions.

For example, in a resistance band shoulder press, you want to keep your upper arms pointed somewhat forward at the bottom of the movement. This tends to be safer and more comfortable for your shoulders.

Resistance band handles can make it more convenient to keep your upper arms at these angles.

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4. Resistance band bar

This next resistance band accessory is more aimed toward heavier lifts like back squats and deadlifts.

A challenge in these lifts, especially for people more experienced with resistance training, is being able to use enough resistance.

Even if you choose the heavier resistance bands, you may need to use multiple loops together.

If you experience this inconvenience, it could be worth considering a resistance band bar. These are basically metal poles with anchor points for resistance bands on each side.

By using these, you just have to hold a regular-sized bar in your hands or behind your shoulders instead of awkwardly grabbing multiple bands at once.

People who are interested in doing bicep curls and tricep extensions may also be glad to hear that there are even resistance band curl bars available.

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5. Resistance band ankle straps

Resistance band anchors will already enable you to do many extra exercises. However, in some of these, you may still miss some extra comfort for your ankles.

In resistance band glute kickbacks, hip adductions, hip abductions, leg extensions, and leg curls, you need to loop the bands around your ankles.

Especially for the stronger muscles and individuals, the pressure of the bands can be uncomfortable.

If that is the case for you, resistance band ankle straps may be the accessories you need. As the name implies, these are simply comfortable ankle straps you can attach your resistance bands to.

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6. Full finger workout gloves

Resistance band handles are not the only way to make the exercises more comfortable on your hands.

You can also keep the resistance band setup the same and add hand protection with full finger workout gloves instead.

These are basically sturdy gloves that are made to be able to deal with lifting workouts while still covering the points of your hands that will experience a lot of pressure.

Besides comfort, full finger workout gloves can also help you avoid calluses.

They are also surprisingly budget-friendly. Especially considering how much extra comfort they can offer over time.

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7. Resistance band rack

If you get a set or start growing your resistance band collection you may encounter the issue of having to untangle your bands before a workout or finding it challenging to find the right resistance for your next exercise.

In these situations, a good resistance band rack can be a great accessory to add to your collection.

These are simply racks with multiple hooks to hang your resistance bands on. Ordering them from light to heavy can save you some time during workouts.

On top of that, resistance band racks tend to be relatively budget-friendly.

Something you do want to keep in mind is that these are often wall-mounted racks. That means they require some extent of time to set up, handiwork, and a wall that is suited for this purpose.

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