Average Rowing Machine Weight Limits

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You can get in great workouts on rowing machines but you want to take their weight limits into account. Discover a few averages.

I looked at 65 rowing machine examples for this article and calculated that their average weight limit was 306.86 pounds (139.16 kg). The same rowing machines had a median weight limit of 285 pounds (129.25 kg).

It is worth noting that there are different categories of rowing machines and even within these categories, individual brands can vary a lot.

For example, the list has rowing machines that have a weight limit of 500 pounds (226.76 kg) and more.

On the other end of the range, there are rowing machines with a weight limit of only 220 pounds (99.77 kg).

Because weight capacity is an important feature, you definitely want to find out this detail of the model you intend to buy or use.

This article will go over the averages and medians of the different categories and also show these details for the individual brand models that the list includes.

Rowing machine weight limits

You can find the different categories of rowing machines and their average weight limits and brands below.

As mentioned above, the overall average of this rowing machine statistic is 306.86 pounds (139.16 kg). The median weight limit of the same brand models was 285 pounds (129.25 kg).

Magnetic rowing machine weight limits

Magnetic rowing machines make your movements harder by, as their name implies, making magnets pass each other. Many people like the silent use of this category.

The average weight limit of the magnetic rowing machines on this list is 279.64 pounds (126.82 kg). The median weight limit is 275 pounds (124.72 kg).

One model that stands out is the Hydrow Magnetic with a relatively high weight limit of 375 pounds (170.07 kg).

On the flip side, the Bluefin Blade 2.0 and Ativafit Magnetic only have a weight limit of 220.46 pounds (100 kg).

While the average weight limit of magnetic rowing machines seems to be relatively low, there are still individual models that perform well in this area.

Brand ModelWeight Limit In PoundsWeight Limit In Kilograms
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5622275124.72
Hydrow Magnetic375170.07
Sunny Health SF-RW5801285129.25
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515250113.38
YOSUDA Magnetic350158.73
NordicTrack RW 200 Rower250113.38
NordicTrack RW 900 Rower250113.38
Fitness Reality 1000 PLUS250113.38
JKANGFIT H640300136.05
Merax Magnetic340154.20
PASYOU Magnetic242.51110
Bluefin Blade 2.0220.46100
JOROTO Magnetic300136.05
Echelon Rower300136.05
Ativafit Magnetic220.46100.00
Marcy NS-40503RW Foldable300136.05
Avari A350-700275124.72
ProForm 440R Rower250113.38
Table with magnetic rowing machine weight limits

Air rowing machine weight limits

In air rowing machines your pulling movements make a fan turn against air resistance.

These air rowing machines had an average weight limit of 337.68 pounds (153.14 kg). The same models on the list had a median weight limit of 298.81 pounds (135.51 kg).

The air rowing machines with the highest weight limits were the EliteTopRow Air and the Row Warrior with capacities of 550 pounds (249.43 kg).

On the other hand, the N/C Air only has a weight limit of 220 pounds (99.77 kg).

When it comes to weight capacities, air rowing machines tend to be a sturdy category.

Brand ModelWeight Limit In PoundsWeight Limit In Kilograms
Concept2 Model D500226.76
NordicTrack RW 900 Rower250113.38
Marcy NS-6050RE297.62135
Stamina ATS250113.38
EFITMENT RW036264.5119.95
EliteTopRow Air550249.43
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5940300136.05
Murtisol Air330149.66
N\C Air22099.77
SereneLife Air/magnetic250113.38
Gripped Air500226.76
Sunny Health & Fitness RW520050259.99117.93
XTERRA ERG500300136.05
Row Warrior550249.43
Stamine ATS Air Rower 1399250113.38
Table with air rowing machine weight limits

Water rowing machine weight limits

One of the benefits of water rowing machines is that they feel a bit more like the real sport. Additionally, as you can see below, they have relatively high limits.

More specifically, the water rowing machines below have an average weight capacity of 362.27 pounds (164.30 kg).

These machines have a median weight limit of 330 pounds (149.66 kg).

The WaterRower Classic stands out in its extremely high weight limit of 992.08 pounds (449.92 kg).

On the lowest end of the list, there is the Murtisol Water with a weight limit of only 264 pounds (119.73 kg).

The high average weight limit of water rowing machines is partly due to the exceptional WaterRower Classic but there are other sturdy options too.

Brand ModelWeight Limit In PoundsWeight Limit In Kilograms
RUNOW Wooden350158.73
Micyox QM-3019330149.66
XTERRA ERG650W350158.73
SNODE RW8TWO287130.16
SNODE Water 2331150.11
XTERRA ERG600W300136.05
Murtisol Water264119.73
Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge 500300136.05
MBH Fitness Water330149.66
HouseFit Wooden350158.73
Sunny Health & Fitness Phantom300136.05
Mr. Right Water320145.12
HouseFit Water330149.66
WaterRower Classic992.08449.92
Table with water rowing machine weight limits

Hydraulic rowing machine weight limits

Hydraulic rowing machines create resistance with the help of hydraulic tubes. Overall, they tend to be the category with the lowest rowing machine weights which makes them popular in home situations.

The hydraulic rowing machines below have an average weight limit of 254.72 pounds (115.52 kg). This is very similar to the median weight limit which is 250 pounds (113.38 kg).

An option that stands out is the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639 with a weight limit of 350 pounds (158.73 kg).

On the other hand, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 and the ProGear 750 Rower are the hydraulic rowing machines with the lowest weight limit, 220 pounds (99.77 kg).

While the price of hydraulic machines is one of their pros, you can also see these are not the most sturdy pieces of cardio equipment out there.

Brand ModelWeight Limit In PoundsWeight Limit In Kilograms
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW120522099.77
Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1050250113.38
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639350158.73
Lanos Hydraulic250113.38
ANCHEER Hydraulic250113.38
ProGear 750 Rower22099.77
Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1060250113.38
Goplus Hydraulic250113.38
Livebest Hydraulic250113.38
Stamina EasyRow300136.05
SPORFIT Hydraulic250113.38
Stamina 35-1215250113.38
Stamina 1205 Precision Rower250113.38
Erinnyees Hydraulic265120.18
Stamina Foldable Hydraulic250113.38
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1410220.46100.00
Table with hydraulic rowing machine weight limits
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