Average Rowing Machine Weights (60 Examples)

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You may have to move your rowing machine around in between workouts. Find out how much these weigh in general and per model.

You can find 60 rowing machine examples later in this article. The average weight of these rowing machines is 65.21 pounds (29.57 kg). The median weight of the same models is 61.37 pounds (27.83 kg).

In situations where there is a certain floor weight limit, you want to keep in mind that your body weight will add pressure too.

Besides that, you also want to know that different types and individual rowing machines can still vary a lot in terms of weight. It can be worth checking out the more specific numbers below.

How much do rowing machines weigh?

As mentioned the average weight of the 60 rowing machines is 65.21 pounds (29.57 kg). These machines have a median weight of the same models is 61.37 pounds (27.83 kg).

This interesting rowing machine statistic is not always enough. If this is the case, you can check the more in-depth numbers in the tables below.

How much do magnetic rowing machines weigh?

Magnetic rowing machines are a popular category where you get resistance from magnets passing each other.

The first model that stands out in this category is the Bluefin which is the lightest magnetic rowing machine at 46.3 pounds (21 kg).

Additionally, Hydrow offers the heaviest magnetic rowing machine at 145 pounds (65.76 kg).

Besides that, these magnetic rowing machines have an average weight of 76.01 pounds (34.47 kg) and a median weight of 61 pounds (27.66 kg).

Brand ModelWeight in PoundsWeight in Kilograms
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW562264.229.12
Hydrow Magnetic14565.76
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW580149.622.49
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW551560.927.62
YOSUDA Magnetic6027.21
NordicTrack RW 200 Rower11150.34
NordicTrack RW 900 Rower130.659.23
Fitness Reality 1000 PLUS63.5628.83
JKANGFIT H6406127.66
Merax Magnetic5926.76
PASYOU Magnetic5424.50
Bluefin Blade 2.046.321.00
JOROTO Magnetic5324.04
Echelon Rower120.0054.42
HouseFit SKYLINE R5062.0028.12
Table with magnetic rowing machine weights

How much do air rowing machines weigh?

Air rowing machines make you turn a fan against the resistance of air to make moving harder.

First of all, there is Murtisol with the lightest air rowing machine at 30.5 pounds (13.83 kg).

Secondly, Nordictrack offers the heaviest air rowing machine on the list with a weight of 130.6 pounds (59.23 kg).

Besides that, the average weight of the air rowing machines on this list is 69.24 pounds (31.4 kg) and the median weight is 63 pounds (28.57 kg).

Brand ModelWeight in PoundsWeight in Kilograms
Concept2 PM557.3226.00
NordicTrack RW 900 Rower130.659.23
Marcy NS-6050RE8538.55
STRONGICK D257031.75
Stamina ATS5424.49
EFITMENT RW03659.5226.99
EliteTopRow Air76.8434.85
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW594081.637.01
Murtisol Air30.513.83
N\C Air57.325.99
SereneLife Air/magnetic62.328.25
Gripped Air7534.01
Sunny Health & Fitness RW52005056.2025.49
Stamina X Air6328.57
XTERRA ERG50079.436.01
Table with air rowing machine weights

How much do water rowing machines weigh?

Water rowing machines make paddles turn against water to create resistance. Many people find the feeling of this one of the benefits of water rowing machines.

That aside, one model that stands out is the MR. Right with the lightest water rowing machine weight at 58.20 pounds (26.39 kg).

On the other end of the range, SNODE has the heaviest water rowing machine with a weight of 93 pounds (42.18kg).

The average weight of these water rowing machines is 78.38 pounds (35.54 kg). These same machines have a median weight of 79.4 pounds (36.01 kg).

Water rowing machines are generally the heaviest type although there are still individual differences.

Brand ModelWeight in PoundsWeight in Kilograms
RUNOW Wooden8438.10
Micyox QM-30197835.37
XTERRA ERG650W7634.47
SNODE RW8TWO79.436.01
SNODE Water 29342.18
XTERRA ERG600W82.737.51
Murtisol Water6629.93
Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge 50091.941.68
MBH Fitness Water7734.92
HouseFit Wooden8136.73
Sunny Health & Fitness Phantom88.240.00
Mr. Right Water58.2026.39
HouseFit Water7734.92
WaterRower Classic61.7328.00
Table with water rowing machine weights

How much do hydraulic rowing machines weigh?

If you plan to move your machine around a lot, the light weights of hydraulic machines can be one of its pros.

To really take this a step further you can choose Sunny Health & Fitness and their lightest hydraulic rowing machine of 20.9 pounds (9.48 kg).

If you want something sturdier you can choose Stamina and their heaviest hydraulic rowing machine of 56 pounds (25.4 kg) instead.

More generally, the hydraulic machines on this list have an average weight of 37.21 pounds (16.88 kg) and a median weight of 35.8 pounds (16.24 kg).

Brand ModelWeight in PoundsWeight in Kilograms
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW120520.99.48
Stamina BodyTrac Glider 10503817.23
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW563935.816.24
Lanos Hydraulic38.517.46
ANCHEER Hydraulic3515.87
ProGear 750 Rower5424.49
Stamina BodyTrac Glider 10603716.78
Goplus Hydraulic3013.61
Livebest Hydraulic2913.15
Stamina EasyRow5625.40
SPORFIT Hydraulic3013.61
Stamina 35-12155223.58
Stamina 1205 Precision Rower4520.41
Erinnyees Hydraulic3013.61
Stamina Foldable hydraulic2712.24
Table with hydraulic rowing machine weights
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