6 Effective Skierg Alternatives

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Skiergs can offer many benefits but you may want other options. What are some alternatives to skiergs with similar benefits?

Skiergs are a model of ski machines that simulates the workout you would get from nordic, also known as cross-country skiing.

These machines have two handles anchored in the air that you pull down with the help of your arm, upper back, and core muscles. Your leg muscles may have to work to a small extent while using a skierg machine too.

While your muscles have to work to some extent, skierg machines are mainly used to get in a cardiovascular workout or warmup.

In turn, some of the SkiErg benefits include helping you improve cardiovascular health, burning extra calories, and offering other typical exercise benefits.

Whether you don’t like using a skierg, you want a cheaper alternative, or you want an alternative for any other reason, these skierg alternatives can help you train similar areas of your health.

Keep in mind that implementing these alternatives can offer benefits but like while using any exercise equipment, there is always some risk of injury. Make sure you use these equipment options in a safe way and if needed, get guidance from an expert.

1. Other ski machines

Something to remember is that ski machines are not necessarily the same as skiergs which are a specific brand name. If you are purely looking for a skierg brand alternative you have a few other ski machine options.

These machines will vary in things like dimensions, type of resistance, tracking features, assembly, handles, price, look, etc. Some ski machines even allow you to switch between a skierg machine and rowing machine.

Which one is the best ski machine for you ultimately depends on things like your personal situation, budget, room, workout plan, personal preference, etc.

For example, the typical skierg models have a flywheel that uses air as resistance. This can be a bit noisier compared to other ski machines and alternatives on this list.

If you live in an apartment with thin walls and neighbors on all sides, some of the other ski machines may be a better choice.

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2. Resistance bands

Resistance bands are an inexpensive type of fitness equipment that are basically elastic cords. These do not really look like skierg machines in any way but they can actually offer you a similar workout.

To simulate a skierg with resistance bands the first two things you need are resistance bands and an anchor somewhere high. The resistance band anchor can be a specific tool for this use but also something like a sturdy pull-up bar.

For the next step, you simply loop the resistance band around the anchor and hold the two ends of the resistance band. After that, you can get in a cardio workout similar to a skierg machine.

To adjust the resistance you can use different resistance bands, use more or fewer bands, grab the band closer to the anchor, stand closer or farther away, etc.

This alternative setup will obviously not be the exact same as a skierg machine.

The movements will be less smooth, you may need multiple anchors for the exact same angles, bands will not last as long as a skierg machine, and the resistance bands will likely be less comfortable on your hands.

On the other hand, by using resistance bands instead of a skierg machine you can save yourself a lot of money and storage room. You can also bring resistance bands with you wherever you go.

Resistance bands are even more useful than ski erg machines in many ways. They allow you to make movements at basically any angle more challenging.

This opens up the possibility of doing a variety of exercises for different body parts.

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3. Rowing machine

A rowing machine is a gym machine that simulates the movement of rowing a boat. Similar to skiergs this machine can offer you a great cardio workout or warmup while engaging both your upper body and legs.

These machines have a similar type of resistance. This makes the feeling of using a rowing machine similar to the skierg machine in a way. A potentially negative consequence of this is that using a rowing machine can also be slightly noisier.

Besides that, rowing machines engage similar upper body muscles as skierg machines. One difference here is that rowing machines focus a lot more on leg muscles. This can be both an advantage or disadvantage depending on your training goals.

In terms of price, rowing machines are generally cheaper than skierg machines. Do keep in mind that rowing machines generally take more room than skierg machines to store and use.

Lastly, some people use a rowing machine to simulate a skierg machine by attaching it somewhere in a vertical position. A setup like this can be used similar to a skierg machine but keep safety in mind and avoid damaging the rower.

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4. Battle ropes

Battle ropes are heavy ropes that you anchor somewhere. You use this skierg alternative by swinging the ropes back and forth in a variety of ways for a variety of body parts.

To simulate the skierg machine as much as possible you would choose light battle ropes, stand far away from the anchor, and potentially bend over while keeping your back straight to achieve a similar angle.

By choosing lighter ropes and standing farther away you make it more of a cardio workout. Similarly, you can make your battle rope cardio workouts harder by moving closer to the anchor.

That being said, even if you stand far away, battle ropes tend to be slightly more of a resistance training workout than skiergs.

Additionally, battle ropes will obviously not offer a cardio workout with the exact same movements as a skierg machine. You will also need more space to use battle ropes.

Even so, battle ropes can still be an effective and more budget-friendly alternative to skierg machines.

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5. Elliptical machine

The elliptical machine is a relatively popular cardio gym machine that can be a good alternative to skierg machines for getting in a good cardio workout or warmup.

At the same time, this cardio machine is a lot different than skiergs in many ways.

The upper body muscles you engage with the elliptical machine are similar but you engage them in a different ratio and through different angles than the skierg.

Additionally, you generally use your leg muscles more on the elliptical machine. You can avoid this to some extent by making your upper body do more of the work.

These differences can be both upsides or downsides depending on your reasons for looking for a skierg alternative.

Something that is generally considered an upside is that elliptical machines tend to be cheaper. On the other, hand elliptical machines do require more room to use and store.

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6. Dual action exercise bike

Exercise bikes, also known as stationary bikes, are cardio machines where you sit down and pedal to get in a cardiovascular workout.

The more standard models only engage your leg muscles in any significant amounts. Even so, there are different types of exercise bikes.

One of these, dual action exercise bikes, have a modification that allows them to target your muscles more similarly to skierg machines.

Besides the pedals for your legs of regular types, dual action exercise bikes also have handles for your arms. You can describe these exercise bikes as elliptical machines with a seat.

Compared to the elliptical machine this does mean less core and leg muscle engagement. This can be a benefit if you are trying to find something as close as possible to a ski erg machine.

You could even choose to only use your arms. Even though this is definitely not enough to give your arms the exact same workout as a skierg machine, it does come closer.

One benefit of dual action exercise bikes is that tend to be cheaper than skierg machines. At the same time, they still require a relatively small amount of room to use and store.

In the end, cardio machines are generally for improving cardiovascular health or warming up. Dual action exercise bikes can definitely do this to the same extent as skierg machines

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