The SkiErg Dimensions (Machine & Usage)

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A SkiErg can offer a great cardio workout but you do need some space to use it. Discover the machine and usage dimensions of a SkiErg.

The dimensions of the SkiErg machine itself while wall-mounted include 85” (216 cm) tall, 20.5” (52 cm) wide, and 10” (25.4 cm) deep.

Additionally, the SkiErg floor stand is 50″ (127 cm) long, 23.62″ (60 cm) wide, and 27.56″ (70 cm) tall.

When mounted on the floor stand, the SkiErg machine reaches a height of 88″ (224 cm).

Being able to fit the SkiErg machine in your home gym is great but you likely also want to be able to use this piece of fitness equipment.

For this, you need some additional room around the ski machine.

The exact dimensions will vary from person to person due to personal factors like height and arm length but generally, you want at least 66″ (168 cm) in total length and more than 47.24″ (120 cm) in total width.

For downward arm movements that are more sideways, you generally want 70.86″ (180 cm) or more space in total width.

In theory, the height of the SkiErg should be the same height required to use the machine.

Even so, if possible you likely want some extra space above just to make sure you avoid any discomfort.

This article will also give a few tips to fit a SkiErg machine in a small space that is just slightly too low for the SkiErg dimensions.

SkiErg machine dimensions

Below you can find the SkiErg machine dimensions in a handy bullet-point list. First of all, there are the dimensions of the SkiErg machine wall-mounted on its own:

  • Height: 85″ (216 cm)
  • Width at bottom: 19″ (48.3 cm)
  • Width at top: 20.5″ (52 cm)
  • Depth: 16″ (40.6 cm)

You can also get a SkiErg machine floor stand so you don’t need any wall requirements or drill any holes in your wall.

Attached to this floor stand, the Skierg machine has the following dimensions:

  1. Height: 88″ (224 cm)
  2. Width: 29″ (73.7 cm)
  3. Depth: 48.5″ (123.2 cm)

In terms of width and length, the dimensions of the SkiErg are relatively compact compared to most other popular cardio machines.

In terms of height, they do require a decent amount of room.

You can expect similar dimensions of the ski machines in the list of SkiErg machine alternatives.

SkiErg usage spacing

Being able to fit the dimensions of a SkiErg machine in your home gym is only the first step.

To get the physical SkiErg benefits you need to be able to use this piece of cardio equipment too.

In terms of height, the 85″ (216 cm) of the SkiErg machine should be enough. So in terms of this dimension, if you can fit your machine in a room the height should be enough.

Going higher with your hands than the pulleys of the ski machine will also make you go through a certain distance with no resistance.

This is generally not desired in a good ski machine workout.

That being said, some extra space above your SkiErg is not an unnecessary luxury.

The handles are likely the first thing to hit the ceiling but even if this doesn’t hurt, it does interfere with your workout.

Next is the usage spacing in terms of length.

While the platform that comes with the SkiErg is 50″ (127 cm), this is usually not enough space to use the ski machine confidently.

Especially for taller individuals with longer arms.

To use the SkiErg machine you have to stand back enough so your hands don’t hit the pulleys.

Besides that, you put your butt backward at the bottom of the movement if you want to work your leg muscles more.

For most people, an extra 16″ (41 cm) in addition to the length of the platform of this cardio equipment should be enough. More is certainly welcome.

So to use your SkiErg machine without fear of hitting something behind you, you want space for at least 66″ (168 cm) in total length.

Lastly, there is the amount of additional space required on each side of the SkiErg machine.

The platform is 23.62″ (60 cm) but this is definitely not enough to use the SkiErg machine with confidence.

How much additional space to each side you exactly need will vary from person to person.

However, for regular ski machine usage, you want at least double the width of the platform which comes down to more than 47.24″ (120 cm) in total width.

If you want to implement a more sideways downward movement with your arms you want free space with dimensions that go more toward 70.86″ (180 cm) or more in total width.

How to fit a SkiErg in a small space

Some people have home gyms with relatively low ceilings. In rooms like this, you may have to take some extra steps to be able to fit in a SkiErg machine.

If your ceiling safely allows it you can consider clearing some space between beams.

This is generally not desired but if you can find a spot without wires and pipers it could be an option.

To help with this one user reports that the highest screws of a wall-mounted SkiErg are about 84.75 inches (215.27 cm) away from the ground.

The same user mentions that the top of the steel frame reaches about 85.5 inches (217.17 cm) away from the ground.

In theory, you can also create a construction where the SkiErg machine stands slanted. Something to keep in mind is that this construction will be less sturdy.

Additionally, if your ceiling is that low you may not be able to go through the full range of motion.

That being said, this could still be the best option available to you. Keep safety in mind when giving these options a try.

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