Average Smith Machine Dimensions

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Smith machines can be useful but you may wonder whether they fit in your (home) gym. Discover what dimensions you can expect from smith machines.

Before going into the results of my calculations, you need to know that the mentioned dimensions of smith machines are not always completely correct.

Some brands consider the bar length as the total length. Others only include the cage length, etc.

Additionally, you want some room around the smith machine to use it to its full extent.

That being said, of the 15 models in this article, the (given) average smith dimensions are 81.63″ (207.34 cm) in length, 58.61″ (148.87 cm) in width, and 86.69″ (220.19 cm) in height.

I will also go over the median values, some typical smith machine ranges for each of these dimensions, the exceptions to these, and the dimensions of some of the most popular smith machines.

What are the dimensions of smith machines?

The average smith machine dimensions above can be helpful but you may also want to know about general ranges.

The length of smith machines, distance from side to side, tends to be between 70″ and 90″ (177.8 cm to 228.6 cm).

You can find a decent number of exceptions but even these are typically close to this length range. Again, you want to keep in mind that smith machine brands can get a bit vague about length.

It is not always clear whether the provided length is with or without the bar. This is an important detail for smaller (home) gyms.

When it comes to the width of the smith machine, the distance from front to back, most options are between 40″ and 60″ (101.6 – 152.4 cm).

Some of the smith machine home gyms with multiple functions can be a good amount wider.

Next, the height of smith machines is often between 80″ and 90″ (203.2 – 228.6 cm). There are a few models that go over this by a small distance.

It would be great if smith machine brands went into more detail on things like sleeve length (how much room there is for weight plates).

Unfortunately, smith machines are not the most well-documented pieces of fitness equipment.

There are definitely more compact smith machine alternatives but even with that in mind, a smith machine can be a worthwhile investment.

Chart of smith machine models and their dimensions

The average dimensions of the smith machines on this list are 81.63″ (207.34 cm) in length, 58.61″ (148.87 cm) in width, and 86.69″ (220.19 cm) in height.

Additionally, the median dimensions of the smith machines on this list are 84″ (213.36 cm) in length, 56″ (142.24 cm) in width, and 85″ (215.9 cm) in height.

Again, a reminder that the below smith machine dimensions are not always exactly accurate or precise about things like whether or not the length includes the bar.

This combined with needing space to use the smith machine makes it so you preferably have some room to spare.

Brand ModelLength (Bar Not Always Included)Cage WidthCage Height
MAJOR LUTIE7046.7082.9
Mikolo 1800B7240.2084.6
Titan Fitness66.55486
Commercial Home Gym794990
Marcy SM-4033847086
Precor 802845690
Hammer Strength90.1549.6392
TUNTURI SM8074.872.4482.28
Life Fitness874993
Marcy SM-4008975882
Marcy SM-4903867385
Marcy MD-9010G797085
Marcy SM-52769579.2584.5
Table with smith machine dimensions
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