Sole E95 Vs E95S: What Is The Difference?

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These elliptical machines come from the same brand and have a similar name but the E95 and E95S are different in important areas. Find out which one is the right choice for your personal situation.

The main differences between the Sole E95 and the Sole E95S are that the Sole E95 has adjustable incline levels, adjustable pedal angles, a lighter weight, and a more budget-friendly price.

On the other hand, the Sole E95S has an adjustable stride length and a slightly heavier flywheel. Something to keep in mind is that the Sole E95S does not have an adjustable incline or adjustable pedals.

If a 20″ (50.8 cm) elliptical machine stride length feels comfortable to you, you likely want to choose the Sole E95. This machine offers helpful features and saves you a good amount of money.

Taller and smaller individuals may find the stride length above uncomfortable. In that case, the Sole E95S can be worth the extra investment if you consider how many hours you will spend on these machines.

A general recommendation is that people who are 5’3″ – 6′ (160 cm to 183 cm) tall will be fine with the 20″ (50.8 cm) stride length.

Even if you are outside of this range, you may want to try out an elliptical machine of this size if possible to double-check if this is the case for you. The Sole E95 offers great features at a lower investment.

Most important differences Sole E95 Vs E95S

The E95 and E95S are both from the Sole fitness brand and even almost have the same name. Even with that in mind, there are still a few differences between these two models.

Not all of these are equally important. In the first table below, you can find the feature differences that matter the most for most people.

FeatureSole E95Sole E95S
Stride Length20″ (50.8 cm)18″ to 24″ (45.7 cm to 61 cm)
(Power Adjustable)
Incline Options20 Levels,
Power Adjustable
1 Level
Adjustable PedalsYes, 10 PositionsNo
Weight236 lbs (107 kg)265 lbs (120.2 kg)
Flywheel Weight27 lbs (12.3 kg)30 lbs (13.6 kg)
Check Current PriceCheck Current Price
Most important differences Sole E95 vs E95S

*Price difference at the time of writing

Other features Sole E95 Vs E95S

The Sole E95 and E95S also have a few less significant differences and a lot of common features. You can find these in the next table.

FeatureSole E95Sole E95S
Weight limit400 pounds (181 kg)400 pounds (181 kg)
Step Up Height14″14″
Dimensions82″ L x 31″ W x 71″ H84″ L x 32″ W x 71″ H
Transport WheelsYesYes
Moving HandlesMulti gripMulti Grip
Additional Static
Screen10.1″ TFT LCD10.1″ TFT LCD
Pedal CushionsYesYes
Adjustable ConsoleYes, 10 PositionsNo
Bluetooth Audio
Cooling FansYesYes
Resistance Levels20 Levels20 Levels
Resistance TypeECB (Magnetic)ECB (Magnetic)
Heart Rate MonitorPulse Grip & Included
Bluetooth Chest Strap
Pulse Grip & Included
Bluetooth Chest Strap
Controls On
Moving Handles
Workout Programs8 Included + 2 Custom8 Included + 2 Custom
Warranties*Lifetime Frame, 5 Years Electronics,
5 Years Parts, 2 Years Labor
Lifetime Frame, 5 Years Electronics,
5 Years Parts, 2 Years Labor
Check Current PriceCheck Current Price
Other features Sole E95 vs E95S

*Warranties can vary from seller to seller

Differences between Sole E95 and E95S explained more in depth

If you are familiar with elliptical machine features, the choice between the Sole E95 and the Sole E95S likely becomes clear after looking at the differences.

However, many also don’t know why and to what extent some of these things matter. These individuals will find the more in depth explanations of some of the features helpful.

You will also find in what situations and for who the differences between the Sole E95 and E95S matter the most.

Stride length

Stride length is a relatively unique feature of elliptical machines. It basically comes down to just how much distance the foot pedals will move back and forth.

You want this to be about the right size to keep your elliptical workouts somewhat comfortable and to make sure you can really push yourself. If the stride length is too big or too small, this last thing becomes harder to do.

The Sole E95 and Sole E95S are very different in terms of stride length which is important for certain individuals.

More specifically, the Sole E95 has a static stride length of 20″ (50.8 cm). The Sole E95S has a power-adjustable stride length of 18″ to 24″ (45.7 cm to 61 cm).

In practice, the ideal stride length will depend on how long your legs are. However, recommendations are typically given in terms of height.

A general recommendation is that the 20″ stride length of the Sole E95 is suited for individuals who are 5’3″ – 6′ (160 cm to 183 cm) tall.

Individuals outside of this range typically prefer the smaller or bigger stride length of the Sole E95S.

That being said, even if you are shorter or taller, you preferably want to give a 20″ stride length elliptical machine a try somewhere. You may find this stride length more than good enough and prefer the other features of the E95.

Winner: Sole E95S

Incline options

The incline level of an elliptical machine comes down to how high the front ends of the pedals are. This will change the position of your legs in relation to your upper body.

Many of the Sole elliptical machines have the ability to change the incline level. One exception to this is the Sole E95S. This machine has only one height level.

In terms of workouts, the main thing that changes when you elevate the pedals is that you focus more on your calf muscles. Some people do also mention that they find the higher incline levels more challenging.

Something that is generally more important is that adjusting the incline level can be a fun way to switch up your workouts. Keeping things interesting can help you stay more consistent with your exercise habits.

In short, most people will prefer the 20 incline levels of the E95, even if they don’t use these every single workout.

One thing you do want to keep in mind is that the higher incline levels require just a bit more space in terms of height.

Winner: Sole E95

Adjustable pedals

Adjustable pedals are a feature where you can adjust the height of the heel of the elliptical machine pedals. The Sole E95 has 10 adjustable positions, the Sole E95S only has static pedals.

Different foot angles could make your elliptical workouts more comfortable. Especially if you have any Achilles tendon issues.

Additionally, in some exceptional situations, there are individuals who get numb toes if the pedal angle is not in the right angle range.

Adjustable pedals are definitely a nice addition but at the same time, most people will find the pedals of the E95S more than good enough too.

The more you will use your elliptical machine and the more sensitive feet you have, the more valuable the adjustable pedals of the Sole E95 become.

Winner: Sole E95

Total weight

The next difference between the Sole E95 and the E95S is relatively straightforward. These machines vary in terms of their total weight.

More precisely, the Sole E95 weighs 236 lbs (107 kg), the Sole E95S 265 lbs (120.2 kg). This is a decent difference.

The total weight of an elliptical machine is mostly important in terms of the capacity of your floor and how easy it is to move each machine.

Floor weight capacity is simple. Especially if you plan to put your elliptical machine on floors that are not ground level, the surface may only be able to hold a certain amount of weight.

Keep in mind that your body weight and vigorous movements will be added to the regular pressure of the machines too.

Additionally, both the Sole E95 and the Sole E95S have transport wheels. You then lift the elliptical machines by holding the other side and move them around.

The 29 pounds (13.2 kg) extra of the Sole E95S makes this somewhat harder than the Sole E95.

Total weight is not the most important when choosing a good elliptical machine but for certain floors and individuals who plan to move their model around a lot, this difference is something to keep in mind.

Winner: Sole E95

Flywheel weight

The flywheel is the rotating disk where the elliptical machine pedals are attached. Flywheels can vary in a few different areas including their weight.

Sole E95 elliptical machines have a flywheel weight of 27 lbs (12.3 kg). The Sole E95S has a flywheel weight of 30 lbs (13.6 kg).

Most people prefer a heavier flywheel weight for a few reasons. First of all, the heavier weight builds more momentum.

This can be helpful to get smooth elliptical machine workouts by reducing the risk and extent of jerky movements when/if you don’t coordinate your movements the perfect way.

Additionally, starting and keeping the flywheel turning, mostly in the forward and backward parts, becomes a tiny bit harder. This can help you make your workouts just a bit more challenging.

Do keep in mind that this last factor is only a tiny extent due to the extra momentum of the heavier flywheel.

Something else to note is that the difference between the Sole E95 and the Sole E95S is relatively small in this area. Most people will not really notice that much of a difference in their elliptical machine workouts.

In short, the flywheel weight of the Sole E95S is slightly better for most people. This can help the smoothness and challenge of your workouts but only to a small extent.

Winner: Sole E95S


Up until now, both the Sole E95 and Sole E95S have their positives and negatives. That being said, the price difference between these two models may convince some people.

At the time of writing, the Sole E95 is a good amount more budget-friendly than the Sole E95S. This can of course vary over time and depends on where you buy your machine.

If you really can’t stand the 20″ stride length of the Sole E95, it can definitely be worth it to choose the Sole E95S.

Working out once in an uncomfortable position can be done but just imagine how many hours you will feel this annoyance as you use the elliptical machine more and more.

You could also really want to somewhat heavier flywheel weight of the Sole E95S but most people will not notice the small difference.

Besides the more budget-friendly price, you will likely also enjoy the incline options and adjustable pedals of the Sole E95 a lot more if the 20″ stride length is about right for you.

Winner: Sole E95

User reviews

When comparing two elliptical machines of the same brand, the features typically offer enough of an explanation. However, sometimes the reviews can uncover some more unexpected differences.

In the case of the Sole E95 and the Sole E95S, the customer reviews are very similar. First of all, these machines definitely don’t stand out for their advanced technology.

The screens stick to the fundamentals and the Bluetooth connection does not always work as desired. Similar to many cardio machines, the Sole elliptical machines also require a decent amount of effort to assemble.

As expected there are also a few exceptional quality control issues here and there. Sole customer support tends to be relatively slow in these cases.

That being said, in terms of the actual elliptical machine workouts, both the Sole E95 and E95S are solid options. Customers tend to be happy with their investments.

Is the Sole E95 or E95S right for you?

In short, the Sole E95 has the option to adjust the incline level, adjustable pedals, a lower weight, and it is a good amount more budget-friendly.

On the flip side, the Sole E95S has an adjustable stride length and a slightly heavier flywheel. You do want to keep in mind that this model does not have incline or pedal adjustment levels.

If you find a 20″ elliptical machine stride length comfortable enough, the Sole E95 is likely the best choice for you.

A rough general recommendation is that individuals who are 5’3″ – 6′ (160 cm to 183 cm) tall will likely have no issues with that stride length.

Even if you are outside of this height range, you likely want to give a 20″ stride length elliptical machine a try somewhere. The Sole E95 offers helpful features and can save you a good amount of money.

Individuals who need a bigger or smaller stride length likely want to invest the extra amount into a Sole E95S. You will likely use this machine a lot so you want to make sure your workouts will be comfortable enough.

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