Average StairMaster Cost (Is It Worth It?)

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While StairMasters do offer advantages they also cost a lot. Discover some averages and whether they are worth it.

Of the 15 stair stepper examples I looked at, the average cost was $5858.87.

The average price of the Stairmaster brand models I looked at, the average cost was $4912.71.

Of course, these numbers can vary a lot over time and depend on where you get your machines.

Compared to other cardio workout equipment, StairMasters and stair steppers are relatively pricey.

These fitness machines can be worth it for people with big fitness budgets who really like StairMasters and gym owners who want to satisfy the needs of their customers.

At the same time, many people will also be able to find enjoyable fitness equipment that is more budget-friendly.

I will also go over how I found the numbers above and some details that can help you figure out whether a StairMaster is worth it for you.

Average cost of a StairMaster

For this article, I looked at the cost of 15 stair stepper examples on a few different websites.

When the same model appeared on different websites I took the lowest price at the time of research for calculating the average.

The average cost of these stair steppers was $5858.87. More specifically, the average price of the Stairmaster brand models was $4912.71.

You want to keep in mind that any costs that are different from these numbers can be worth it too.

Sometimes extra weight capacity, motor capacity, size, speed, etc. can be worth an extra investment.

Is a StairMaster worth it?

For most people, a few thousands of dollars for a piece of fitness equipment is a considerable investment.

While there are valuable benefits to StairMasters, you also want to keep other details in mind.

First of all, there are many StairMaster alternatives that offer similar health benefits.

For example, the elliptical machine and exercise bike also offer great cardiovascular workouts in a low-impact way.

And if you don’t care about the low-impact at-home detail, running, walking, or climbing actual stairs can be great too.

At the same time, you may be someone who really likes using the StairMaster or a gym owner that has these types of people as customers.

If you have a big budget and enough room to store and use these machines, one of the best StairMasters could be worth it.

On the flip side, the average person will likely not find the StairMaster worth such a big investment.

At least not with all the effective and fun cardio equipment alternatives available.

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