SYTIRY Treadmill Review: We Like These Options More

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SYTIRY is a fitness brand that offers a variety of treadmill models. Certain details will vary from model to model but there are also general things to note.

At the time of writing, SYTIRY is a treadmill brand you generally want to stay away from. On paper, the specifications of their treadmills look decent for the price but even if they would deliver on these details there are generally better value treadmills.

On top of that, they have a good amount of models with a lot of negative user reviews. These listings generally do not appear anymore due to being out of stock.

If you add to this that there are basically no models being offered with a lot of reviews, it is generally a better choice to go with more trusted foldable treadmill brands that would be a better choice on paper anyway.


There are a few different SYTIRY treadmills out there. What the best alternative is, depends on the model and what your workout habits and goals are.

One thing that SYTIRY treadmills tend to have in common is that they are foldable. You can find some alternatives to SYTIRY treadmills for certain workout goals below:

Something to keep in mind is that individuals with higher body weight also tend to benefit from stronger treadmills in terms of the durability of the machine.

In the short term, these stronger treadmills can cost a bit more but they can save you money in the long term. What the best treadmill is, depends on a combination of factors.

Additionally, make sure you check the other important treadmill features like user weight limit, dimensions, belt zie, etc.

SYTIRY treadmill review in short

On paper, some of the SYTIRY treadmills look decent when it comes to features for the price.

For light walkers and, in the case of some models, light joggers, there could be SYTIRY treadmills that are an okay choice.

However, at the time of writing there tend to be higher-quality alternatives with competitive pricing.

Add to this the suspicious user review situation and you generally want to choose some of these alternatives over the SYTIRY treadmills.


  • Some models offer good features for a decent price
  • Foldable for compact storage
  • Some models have relatively strong motors
  • Generally comes with transport wheels


  • Suspicious user reviews
  • More promising alternatives


SYTIRY is a brand that offers different treadmills with different features. At the time of writing, the “3.25 HP Electric Treadmill” is the most popular listed option. You can find its features in the table below.

ScreenSmall LCD Display
Motor3.25 HP, CHP Not Mentioned
Speed0.5 – 9 mph (14.5 km/h)
Weight limit300 Pounds (136 kg)
Running belt 16″ x 44″
Decline/Incline OptionsManual Adjustment Before Workout, 2 Levels
Transport WheelsYes
WarrantyNo mention
Weight102 Pounds (46.3 kg)
CushioningShock Absorption
Workout Programs12
Bluetooth Audio CapabilitiesYes
AudioTwo Speakers Included
Security PlugIncluded
Accessory KitIncluded
Heart Rate MonitorContact Hand Grips
Dimensions (Unfolded)58.26″ x 26.77″ x 49.22″
Dimensions (Folded)58.08″ x 26.37″ x 38.58″
PricesCheck Current Price
SYTIRY 3.25 HP Electric Treadmill Model Specifications

Customer reviews

The way popular online retail sites like Amazon work is that the products that are out of stock tend to be removed from the search results. Luckily, you can still find these with some investigating.

This seems to be important when it comes to SYTIRY treadmills. For example, there are other folding treadmill models from them with relatively negative user reviews (example 1, example 2).

Not offering treadmill models that tend to disappoint users can be a good thing if they are replaced with better designs.

However, the other SYTIRY treadmills that remain listed tend to have almost no user reviews. On top of that, the few user reviews are suspiciously positive and one-sided.

While there are likely real customers that were happy with their SYTIRY treadmill, there tend to be foldable treadmill alternatives that both have a more trustable brand behind them and better features.

In short, SYTIRY treadmills could be a good choice for certain individuals. However, due to the unusual customer review situation and average price/quality, other alternatives are likely the better choice.

Are SYTIRY treadmills worth it?

If you would be 90% – 99% sure the SYTIRY treadmill you ordered would work as desired, certain models could be worth it if you compare the price to the potential health benefits.

This applies mostly to users with a medium-low body weight that want to walk or jog lightly from time to time.

However, the first thing is that you are generally not certain about the quality you will get from the SYTIRY treadmill.

Past models did not always deliver on their promises and the recent models do not have that many trustworthy-looking reviews.

Secondly, even if you could get the quality described, there are other foldable treadmills with more promising value to price features. Often from brands that are more established.

SYTIRY treadmill alternatives

The question is then what some of these better SYTIRY treadmill alternatives are. Some foldable examples include:

There are a few reasons why there are multiple options. First of all, the power of a treadmill motor influences how long it will last, what use it is best for, what users it supports, etc.

The more you want to use the treadmill, the faster you want to walk/run, and the heavier the users will be, the stronger you want your treadmill motor to be.

For example, an individual may only want to jog lightly but is on the upper boundaries when it comes to body weight. In that case, choosing the foldable treadmill for running could be smarter.

Another reason why you would not just get the strongest treadmill out there is the price. Treadmills with more power are nice but they also tend to cost more.

You can check the SYTIRY treadmill alternatives and see which one aligns the best with your workout goals, personal situation, personal preferences, and budget.

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