The 4 Best Tools To Control Sleep Temperature

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Cooling down your room sometimes feels like an impossible task. These 4 best tools to control sleep temperature can solve your problems.

The right sleep temperature is one of the most important things there is for the quality of your sleep. Most people benefit from sleeping a little colder (60°F-68°F / 15.5°C-20°C).

In some parts of the world it’s standard to have an airconditioning system in the house. However, that’s not the case for everyone.

It’s probably not worth it for you to get a complete ac system, only to use it a few weeks a year. Luckily there are other things you can do and tools you can get to make sure you get the sleep quality you deserve.

1. Back to the basics

Some nights are more manageable than others. In certain situations you can get at the right temperature by using a few basic tricks.

The first one is using a towel drained in cold water. It’s true that there are more convenient ways to do the trick, we won’t forget to talk about them. However the towel trick could be a great start.

Another trick available to most people is taking a hot shower or bath. Yes, you heard that right, hot. By coming in touch with the heat from water, your body activates it’s cooling systems more. This can greatly improve your sleep quality.

2. A fan

This one is a classic. Fans are an inexpensive way to get your sleep temperature at that golden spot.

Do keep in mind that fans cool people, not air. By circulating the air in the room you get a cooler feel. However, they don’t decrease the temperature like an airconditioning system. The message is, there is no reason to keep on fans if there’s no-one in the room.

One way to upgrade your fan is to put an ice tray or a large bowl full of ice between you and your fan. The ice will cool down the air around it and the fan will then send the cold air your way when you are off to dreamland.

A good fan doesn’t have to be a great investment. A basic one will do the trick just fine.

3. A water circulating mattress

Another way you can make sure you sleep at the right temperature is by getting a water circulating mattress. These mattresses are powered by a device that sends water at an exact temperature below you. This is an extremely good way to cool yourself down or even heat yourself up.

These devices are more expensive than for example a regular fan but they are amazing. You can tell it exactly what temperature you want throughout the night. Since your sleep is so important for your health, happiness, weight, brain power,… it’s completely worth it if it helps you avoid weeks of bad sleep.

4. Air temperature control below your sheets

Another way you can get your body at the right temperature is by using a device that control the temperature of the air below your sheets. This is basically an airconditioning system for below your sheets. You just tell it what temperature you want and the air blows under your sheets.

The difference between these last two options is mainly personal preference. They are both a great investment in your health.

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