The 4 Best Tools To Improve Your Sleep

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Sleep is an extremely important part of both weight and health. Using these 4 best tools to improve you sleep will improve your life.

How long you sleep isn’t the only thing that matters. The quality is extremely important too. How much time you free up for sleep is in your own hands but these tools can drastically improve how well you sleep.

1. Ear plugs

The first thing that can easily reduce your sleep quality is sound.

There are a lot of sounds you probably don’t wake up from but that doesn’t mean they don’t influence your sleep. Almost any type of unnatural sound will put your body in fight or flight mode to some extent.

Fortunately there is an easy way to reduce external sound, earplugs. You don’t have to get anything too fancy. These earplugs on amazon will do just fine.

Some people don’t like anything in their ears while they sleep. Earplugs can also sometimes slip out of your ear (tons of fun searching it at night in the dark).

That’s when a white noise machine can come in handy.

A white noise machine is a device that produces noise with the goal to calm the listener. Instead of trying to block out noise that may disrupt your sleep the goal is to just play natural sounds louder.

A white noise machine is another inexpensive tool to improve your sleep. This one has natural sounds like rain, brook, ocean, thunder, white noise and summer night.

2. Eye mask

Light heavily influences your sleep. Even shining light on the back of a human knee can reduce sleep quality (1)!

Your body has a lot of processes to try and wake you up as soon as it notices light. So if your eyes perceive light at the wrong time you will wake up or sleep less deep.

An eye mask can reduce the amount of light that falls onto your eyes during the night.

An inexpensive must-have for everyone who wants to improve their sleep.

If your room just has too much light coming through your windows at night, you might want to do that little extra to make sure you’re getting all the quality sleep you deserve.

In that case these blackout shades could be a game-changer. They also help you reduce the light that shines onto your skin at night, improving your sleep even more.

3. Blue light blocking glasses

Not all light is the same. It comes in different frequencies. Human eyes perceive these different waves as different colors.

Not all different colors are equally present during the day. In a natural setting, early in the morning blue light is a lot more present. In the evening red light.

Humans have an internal system that observes how late in the day it is by seeing how much of each kind of light is present. This system is partly responsible for waking you up in the morning and preparing to go to sleep in the evening.

The problem for your sleep is that humans have created all these sources of light without taking these things into account. So many lights and screens emit excessive blue light throughout the whole day.

blue light blocking glasses to improve sleep

Blue light isn’t something bad in itself but it’s a sign to wake up. This becomes bad in the evening when your body needs time to get into sleeping modus.

Luckily, the world is starting to pay more attention to this. Most devices and screens now come with built-in blue light filters. However the thing most people forget is that their regular lamps also emit more blue light than you would encounter in nature. Another danger to your sleep quality.

This makes it a lot harder to escape blue light waking up your body. You could potentially replace the light bulbs in your house with ones that emit less blue light in the evening. However, this can be expensive and a lot of work.

Another convenient option to reduce the amount of blue light reaching your eyes is getting a pair of blue light blocking glasses.

These glasses stop the blue light waves from reaching your eyes while still letting through the light waves that don’t mess up your sleep that much.

There is a wide variety of blue light blocking glasses. A general rule in terms of quality is the more yellow/orange they are the more blue light they block.

4. Temperature control

Temperature affects sleep in an enormous way.

The only reason this one is lower on the list is because it is a bit pricier. This might make it less available to some people. However the impact of temperature is mind blowing.

For some parts of the world it’s standard to have an airconditioning system in that case you should put the temperature at 60°F-68°F (15.5°C-20°C) at night for optimal sleep.

However for a lot of people it’s not worth it to get an entire airconditioning system to use a few weeks a year. In that case you might want to get a smaller less expensive system.

You can get a chili pad mattress pad. This is a kind of matress pad with water at your desired temperature going through it.

Sleep is extremely important for your health, productivity, happiness, weight and many more things.

These 4 tools to improve sleep are the most important things you can do for your sleep in this modern day and age. The first 3 are absolute must-haves and the temperature control is completely worth it if you have the budget and need for it.

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